Yobe electricity consumers attack YEDCO over high voltage


Business operators and residents of Damaturu, the Yobe state capital, have faulted the Yola Electricity Distribution Company (YEDCO) for supplying them with a high voltage of electricity that is damaging their electrical appliances.

Some shop owners, who spoke to us correspondent, stated that the anomaly has forced them to shut down the cold drinks unit of their businesses as their refrigerators and electricity regulators have been damaged due to the high voltage.

Solomon Zakariya, a shop owner said, “the compressor of my refrigerator plus voltage regulator were affected by the high voltage.”

He added that he is now out of cold drinks business due to the problem that affected his electrical gadgets.

Zakariya, however, stated that all the wiring system in his shop is intact, disclosing that, “my shop is properly wired with quality electrical wires. I am appealing to the management of YEDCO to look into our plight and rectify the problem quickly.”

Another shop owner, who goes by the name: Samaila Kwada told DAILY POST, that, “my refrigerators sparked when electricity supply was restored last night and all of a sudden they stopped functioning.”

He urged YEDCO to remedy the anomaly as his business is now gradually recuperating after years of insurgency.

Another resident testified that her television set, standing fan, blender, microwave and electric bulbs that illuminate her house and surroundings have been destroyed by the high voltage, hence she and her family now live in total darkness and without a television set.

Engineer Usman Wakta is the District Manager, Yola Electricity Distribution Company, Damaturu business District, and he explained to DAILY POST that Damaturu and environs are connected to the newly-completed 330 KVA electricity station to boost supply.

He said that “the new station now supplies 200-220 voltage of electricity as shown by our monitoring device and that is the standard voltage, unlike before when we were having low voltage”.

Engineer Watka refuted claims by some consumers that the electricity supply is damaging their appliances.

“If the problem is from us (YEDCO) it affects the whole of a particular area, but if the problem is only restricted to one or two houses within an area then the fault may be as result of wrong electrical connection,” he stated.

Watka also urged those complaining to reexamine their internal wiring system and should not hesitate in making a distress call whenever there is an electrical problem in their areas.




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