young man allegedly shot by Abia vigilante personnel in Umuahia

A young man identified as Onyedikachi Ahia is currently receiving treatment at the Federal medical Center Umuahia after he was allegedly shot by a member of the Abia Vigilante group (Bakassi).

The victim was reportedly leaving the Latinos lounge and bar in Umuahia on Monday, on May 1st at about 2am and greeted the Bakassi personnel, who was attached to the place. To his shock, the security personnel walked up to him from behind and shot him on the leg…

He then walked up to him again while the victim was on the ground writhing in pain and pointed the gun to his stomach to take another shot before the people around grabbed and disarmed him. It is totally unclear why he shot him.

The suspect has been arrested and detained at Police state CID in Umuahia where the case is being investigated.

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