Zlatan Stole My Song Upcoming Artiste KeanzoAbami

Zlatan Stole My Song Upcoming Artiste KeanzoAbami…
An upcoming Afrobeat Artiste based in Ibadan by the name Keanzo Abami has come out to cry that Zlatan cheated him. He claims Zlatan’s upcoming song ‘For My Life’ belongs to him. According to him, he released the song in 2019. Zlatan sampled it without his consent. If Zlatan wanted to sample it he would have contacted him. Here is what he wrote through his official twitter handle @KeanzoAbami :

“I am a single father trying to erk a living from music, but @zlatan_ibile has decided to take my content without my permission. I sang “My Life” in 2019 and in January 2021, Zlatan is using my intellectual property without reaching out to me. #ZlatanCheatsKeanzo.”


Zlatan Stole My Song Upcoming Artiste Keanzo Abami



“Can you help me beg Zlatan Ibile not to do this? This industry really has a long way to go with the way IPs are being used without consent. This is really unfair. #ZlatanCheatsKeanzo.”


Zlatan Stole My Song Upcoming Artiste KeanzoAbami


Zlatan Stole My Song Upcoming Artiste KeanzoAbami…
Some days ago, Zlatan released a snippet video of his yet to be released song ‘FOR MY LIFE’ on his official Instagram page @zlatan_ibile with the following caption:

“I’m about to drop a quick reminder on why you shouldn’t give up just yet, no matter what you’re going through now. As its commonly said, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. ©2021.”


Keanzo Abami must have seen the snippet video or someone close to him that know his songs must have seen it and broought it to his notice.

Zlatan on his part has not said anything about Keanzo’s claims but a thorough observation of the videos Keanzo attached to his tweets, in comparison to the snippet video of his upcoming song Zlatan released on his official Instagram page @zlatan_ibile shows the rhytm Zlatan used on his upcoming song ‘FOR MY LIFE’ is the same as that of Keanzo’s song ‘MY LIFE’ that he is acusing Zlatan of copying without his consent, although the lyrics are different .

Zlatan Stole My Song Upcoming Artiste KeanzoAbami…
A lot of twitter users tweeted reactions to Keanzo Abami’s claims. Here are a few i picked out:

“yo_demiii – Why on earth would @Zlatan_Ibile just take up someone’s finished project apnd claim it, Imagine the song “My Life ” sang by @KeanzoAbami
is what he is claiming to be released of recent as his own song #ZlatanCheatsKeanzo”

“@BhadmusAkeem – Why does he like stealing people’s songs without giving them credit for their intellectual property? 2019, you stole Jaywon’s “This Year” (Even though that one too is a debtor. Still owing me N80k since 2016). Now its “My Life” by @KeanzoAbami ? Ah dey fear God #ZlatanCheatsKeanzo.”


“@Hanskid7 – Same Rythmn, Same title…Nah it’s not even a coincidence

“@AdedokunZulqar1 – Can someone please explain what he said Zlatan really stole. “For my life o” Is the phrase copyrighted that another person can’t use it ni? Please if you understand better,you can please enlighten me.”


What do you think about this? Would you say Zlatan stole the song from the evidence given? Let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.








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