The United States President Donald Trump has now vacated the White House, with his family, after four years in office as the President of the most powerful country in the world. Trump was defeated in an election two months ago by the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who will be sworn […]

The federal government has suspended the enrolment of National identification number due to overcrowding. The agency was forced to shut down some of its enrolment centres on Monday, December 21 after they were overcrowded by Nigerians who were desperate to have their data captured in exchange for their NIN. The […]

The Redeem Christian Church of God has embarked on a 63 days fasting and prayer starting today; and divided into 3 phases of 21 days. In the guideline released by the Church, the 21 days will revolve around thanksgiving, the second 21 days will revolve around prayers for mercy and […]

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