Who are the richest men in Africa? Africa is one of the continents where business thrives as the continent is blessed with manpower, informed people and intelligent minds. Checking across the world wherever you see Africans you see the spirit of hardworking people and smart individuals, all this amount to […]

What are the best Japanese car brands? The Japanese are the leaders among all car manufacturing industries though there are other good car brands in the market, among them, we find German and Korean manufacturers, among many others. The manufacturers of Japanese car brands, for many years, have stood out […]

Which is the best brand, Audi or Mercedes Benz? Audi and Mercedes-Benz are European luxury car brands with a storied rivalry that extends to the earliest dates of motorsport. Established by August Horch in Zwickau, Germany in 1910, Audi derives its name from a translation of its founder’s Latin middle […]

Which is the best brand, Toyota or Mazda? Consumer Reports recently updated its list of the most trusted car brands with Mazda leading the way. Consumer Reports reliability ratings demonstrate how well vehicles have lasted and the likelihood that owners will experience an increase in problems and repairs. Essentially, Mazda has become […]

The Nissan vs Honda brands have features and capabilities that vary by model and year, but both are recognized for making cars that are energetic and enjoyable to drive, and both seek to win over drivers in different ways. However, expert car-building designers try to make theirs the best. Find out here which of the […]