“You missed out in the fun”, Tony threw his napkin at Thomas for his statements “What fun?”, Timothy looked at his brother, pissed already. Thomas ignoring his expression moved on.. “Well, you missed your breakfast, it was so delicious, I ate extra plates”, Tony cuts in “Becky is quite a […]

Later, in the mid-afternoon, Tony and Thomas were out in the fields. Rebecca was planning to make something light for the boys then it struck her that Timothy haven’t come downstairs to eat breakfast. She gasped….has he fainted in his room and nobody seems to remember him or….she gasped even […]

It was chilling as Rebecca woked up on the cold bed, then she remembered she left the window opened all night, stretching, she gazed at the clock hanging on the wall, it was 6:30 am, she enters the bathroom and turned on the shower, dressed in her knee-lenght skirt, revealing […]

Almost falling to the floor, Timothy reached out for her as he grabbed her before she falls. She was so soft and he breathe in the sweet fragrance of her in the lungs which sends tension. Sweet tension to his body as her soft breasts were touching his chest if […]

She fill in the empty wardrobe with her clothes and accessories in the bathroom closet, she took a nice shower, dressed in her uniform and head straight to the kitchen. She open the cupboard and checked the pots and she sets the burner on.. “What’s in for dinner?”, she turned […]

Rebecca wasn’t the least of happy when she found out she is going to be working as a maid in the famous Stephen’s house “What’s with your expression? Aren’t you happy?”, Anna, her best friend asked her “It’s not like that”, she couldn’t possibly explain herself “Then what is it?”, […]

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