The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in England

With their castles, world-famous universities, great shopping and iconic monuments, British cities are not short of charm and diversity. Are you heading across the Channel soon for a holiday or long weekend? Discover the 10 most beautiful British cities to visit during your trip. 

If you want to know more about how to plan a trip through the towns of England, breaking away from clichés, you need to read this through.

The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in England

London, the capital

The British capital needs no introduction. Easily accessible with a plane ticket to London, the city known as the “world city” is fascinating in many ways. A week in London is not too much time to see all its iconic sites, such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, the British Museum, the famous Hamleys store and Buckingham Palace. 

It is impossible to get bored in the British capital, especially since access to its public museums is completely free.

Birmingham, the second largest city in England

Birmingham, the second largest city in England after London, although it remains relatively untouristy, due to its more remote location in the West Midlands. However, this multicultural destination has many surprises in store for its visitors, with its charming canals, its famous and majestic cathedral, its museums, its large green parks and other shopping centers. 

The Cadbury World Museum is a must-see for food lovers and will immerse you in the magical world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Bath and its Roman baths

Almost 200 kilometers west of London, in the county of Somerset, the city of Bath is one of the historic jewels of England. A World Heritage Site, it has numerous ancient vestiges, including fabulous Roman baths

The newer baths have the advantage of being open to the public and offer visitors a moment of relaxation after their visit to the Royal Crescent and Bath Museum of Architecture

In addition, it is a very interesting place to learn about the lavish architecture of the English 18th century and also highly recommended for admirers of Jane Austen., author who maintained a very special relationship with this city.

Canterbury, a medieval gem

Canterbury invites you to a moment out of time. This pleasant little tourist town is famous for its typically British pedestrianized center and majestic cathedral. Just stroll along High Street to feel the timeless atmosphere that intoxicates visitors. Everywhere, the brick and half-timbered facades transport us to the past. And the best, the jewel in the crown: Canterbury Cathedral, a true masterpiece of European Gothic.

Oxford and its university

If Oxford, located northwest of London, is known beyond the borders of England, it is above all for its emblematic university. But that’s not all, since the city is also one of the main filming locations for the Harry Potter saga. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to tour part of the university, explore its botanical garden, immerse yourself in the city’s history at the Ashmolean Museum… And, of course, discover the Harry Potter filming locations during a guided tour.

Cambridge, Oxford’s little sister

Also known for its prestigious university, the city of Cambridge has welcomed famous students over the years such as Alan Turing, the creator of the machine that managed to decipher Enigma during World War II. 

A pleasant student city, Cambridge has many surprises in store for you, with its walks along the River Cam, its churches and chapels, its museums, its independent shops and its lively pubs at all hours.

Bristol, capital of street art

Bath’s older sister is much more modern and raw. An emblematic city of street art throughout England and beyond, Bristol is full of beautiful murals. In fact, this is where the famous Banksy was born! And beyond his works of art, Bristol is also home to attractions such as Castle Park, Brandon Hill, the British Museum and Art Gallery and a superb cathedral. And at night, it’s the perfect place to party with the students!

Brighton, coastal and festive

The city of Brighton seems to be partying at all hours. Both day and night, the Pier is the fashionable place. The pier is home to a permanent amusement park, where locals and tourists come to relax with thrilling rides, a Ferris wheel, arcade games, trampolines and much more. Brighton also has a pleasant pebble beach and a charming town centre. 

Head to North Laine to see for yourself, a quintessentially British area with plenty of independent shops.

Glastonbury, the mystique

Best known for its music festival, the town of Glastonbury is a place full of myths and legends. Between dream and reality, it reveals a very special atmosphere… Out of time, many inhabitants and walkers stroll barefoot, without forgetting to stop at the surprising esoteric shops in the small city center. 

It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the Arthurian legends by visiting the tomb of King Arthur and, above all, to honor the place by climbing its emblematic hill: Thor.

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Liverpool, the industrial city

If you like football, the Beatles or both, Liverpool is a must-see on your trip. Find a cheap flight to Liverpool and discover a city that is both melancholic and progressive. You can trace the history of Britain’s most famous band in The Beatles Story, take a ride on the unusual Yellow Duck Marine along the River Mersey, visit the Tate Liverpool Museum of Modern Art and meet the best-known artists in the world. And don’t miss a visit to the Metropolitan Cathedral either, an architecturally impressive cathedral!

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