The 10 Best Countries For Plastic Surgery 2024 Ratings

Care to know the best countries for plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is an operative or surgical procedure that involves the reconstruction, restoration or alteration of the human body. This procedure is carried out in several countries across the world and our concern in this article is to provide you with the World’s Best Countries for Plastic Surgery.

If for one reason or the other you want to undergo plastic surgery and you are interested in knowing which country can offer you the best plastic surgery meeting your specification, then you are reading the right article that comprises the best places for plastic surgery abroad.

The 10 Best Countries For Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is continually on the increase with many individuals patronizing it for medical or personal reasons. We have provided in this article the 10 countries in the world we believe offer the best plastic surgery services. Without further ado, take a glance below.

Top 10 Best Countries For Plastic Surgery

These are the countries that are at the top chain of plastic surgery in the world:

#1. United States of America

Sitting at the top of the list is the United States of America coming in at the first spot among the best countries for plastic surgery. The U.S is the top destination for those who want to perform plastic surgery such as breast-augmentation surgeries, abdominoplasty (belly tuck) and liposuction, as well as a steady increase in buttock augmentations.

With over 1 million plastic surgeries performed yearly, this country indeed is one of the Best Places for Plastic Surgery Abroad. Besides, the United States is also at the forefront in terms of non-surgical procedures botox, HA, laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation.

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#2. Brazil

Taking us further in our discussion in this article is Brazil coming in at the second spot and known for plastic surgery such as blepharoplasty (surgical modification of the eyelid) and rhinoplasty (nose job). Also, surgeries such as vaginal-rejuvenation surgeries and buttock augmentations are performed in the country.

More so, there is the full Brazilian wax and hair transplant which is also popular in the country as well. The country is now a hub for medical tourism making this country one of the Best Places for Plastic Surgery Abroad.

#3. Mexico

Mexico is not left out among the top countries for plastic surgery occupying the third spot on our list. Mexico also performs plastic surgeries such as breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and rhinoplasty just to mention a few.

However, when it comes to less expensive plastic surgery procedures, experienced doctors which are seen from the over 1 million patients attended to annually, as well as conducive location, Mexico is the place to visit. The country is rated among the World’s Best Countries for Plastic Surgery

#4. Germany

Next on our list is Germany, also one of the leading plastic surgery centers in the world, offering different plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. Germany is visited for plastic surgery because of the proximity and low transportation fare; also, surgeons provide high-quality service.

Germany is famous for pen1le enlargement which makes it the pen1s-enlargement capital of the world. However, Breast augmentation with an implant. Eyelid lifting, Liposuction, Neck, Forehead, face-lift, Breast lifting, Abdominoplasty, Lip reshaping, and Breast augmentation with own fat butt-augmentation is also performed in the country.

#5. Spain 

Spain also finds itself among the leading destination in the world for plastic surgeries of top quality and excellent procedures. Plastic surgery, as well as plastic surgery products in this country, is low budgeted and affordable and because it is close to many European countries, the country is highly patronized for plastic surgery procedures.

The majority of Spaniards have undergone plastic surgery because they are keen on their looks and outward appearances.

Among the numerous plastic surgery procedures performed in the country includes abdominoplasty, ear surgery, otoplasty, face and neck lift, nose surgery, eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, gynecomastia, Hymenoplasty, labiaplasty, etc.

#6. Colombia

Still in our discussion of the best countries for plastic surgery in the world, we have Colombia another popular place for plastic surgery in Southern America. The country is a hub for medical tourism making it one of the Best Places for Plastic Surgery Abroad.

One of the driving factors why many persons go to this country for plastic surgery is the low cost of the procedures when compared to places like Mexico or the United States and Canada. More so, the country is swamped with great plastic surgeons nonetheless, you have to make your findings pronto to get the best and not counterfeit.

Besides, Liposuction (removal of fat from specific areas of the body) is the dominant surgery in Colombia among the significant other procedures that are carried out.

#7. Italy 

The next country on our list is Italy, another European country known for quality plastic surgical procedures. Italy is known for anti-aging surgeries which keep you forever young. This procedure includes enhancing eyebrows, chin, and cheek as well as giving fine lines by removing wrinkles.

Over 800,000 anti-aging surgical procedures are performed annually. Also, the country performs a high number of Botox and injectable filler, as well as liposuction, are among the top surgical procedure that causes many individuals to visit this country.

#8. Venezuela

As we gradually come to the end of our discussion, the next country on our list is Venezuela, one of the top destinations for the most individuals when it comes to plastic surgery. It is interesting to know that despite the challenges faced in the health sector of Venezuela, plastic surgery is thriving and expanding.

This is due to the devaluation of Venezuela’s currency and high demand for the dollar, the amount for plastic surgery in this country is not expensive when compared to other countries on this list and also one of the major reasons why many people especially from Brazil, U.S., and the U.K travel to this country to undergo the procedure.

Plastic surgery procedures performed in this country include a tummy tuck, breast-augmentation, and liposuctions are the popular ones carried out in this country.

#9. Argentina

We move over to Argentina where plastic surgery is currently in high demand and increasing with many persons touring the country to undergo the procedure. The country is regularly visited by thousands of individuals from across the world to undergo one procedure or the other making this country one of the Best Places for Plastic Surgery Abroad.

More so, the major reason for this is the low cost of plastic surgery which is two or three times less than the cost in the United States or Europe, as well as a swamp of experts. More so, the common plastic surgery performed in this country includes liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, and eye lift among others.

#10. Iran

The list of the best countries for plastic surgery in the world can never be complete without mentioning Iran which is the last country on our list, rated among the top countries that perform the best plastic surgery.

I know this may hit you as a surprise, but it is what it is and the country occupies the tenth spot on our list. However, surgeries performed in this country are not much compared to other countries on this list.

Also, the dominant surgery in this country is rhinoplasty. Also, breas1-augmentation and pen1le-enlargement operations are done but it is not as pronounced compared to rhinoplasty. Also, Iran is home to experts and the best doctors in plastic surgery procedures.

They also offer free consultation and the amount paid for is not pricey. Notwithstanding, the country does not receive lots of visitors who come to perform plastic surgeries meaning that its citizens are the ones who patronized the surgeons.

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Plastic surgery is expensive and tends to be a rigorous process that is why if you will be going for the surgery ensures you are well prepared. Those are the World’s Best Countries for Plastic Surgery where you can undergo high-quality plastic surgical procedures with minimal or no side effects.

Regardless of whichever plastic surgery procedure you need, you can always get them done in any of these countries listed in this article. Also, from our list you can see that these countries are present in Europe and Southern America with just a few countries on the list falling outside the location.

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