How To Join A Political Party In Nigeria [Detailed Guide]

Want to join politics and wondering how to join a political party in Nigeria? For the positive-minded people who do not intend to join mainly because of the money or connection involved in it, we have outlined the necessary steps to follow to join politics and make the right decision for your people.

Joining politics and the ability to vote or be voted for is one of your fundamental human rights as a Nigerian, you are open to limitless opportunities, and decision-making for your local government, state, and up to the federal level.

How To Join A Political Party In Nigeria [Detailed Guide]

There is no doubt about it, being a politician in Nigeria has been a lucrative thing to do, you have the right connections, and also you can intercede for the less privileged, though being lucrative has been a problem for Nigeria as a country as most people only join for their selfish interest. We hope you ain’t reading this post because of that.

You have the right to belong to any political party of your choice according to the Nigerian constitution in Section 40 backed by law.

So if you want to hold a political office the prerequisite is for you to first belong to a political party, if you have been so confused about this then here you have a full guide to help you.

If you have been asking about how to join politics in Nigeria, you are in the right place but make sure you read this piece about how to join a political party in Nigeria in full, you need every bit of information we have in this article.

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Mind you, it is very easy to join a political party in Nigeria and we will take you through every bit of it, just take your time to digest it and take the necessary steps we will outline here.

What Is A Political Party?

A political party is an association of people with a similar public interest that represents and transmits the requests of citizens and promotes their participation in the democratic activity.

In other words, a political party is a group of people that have a similar idealogy or views on how to govern their people and also make the needed demands for the benefit of their people.

Also, political parties are the mediators between society and state entities, they express pluralism and the will of citizens, therefore, they are an important instrument for political work. However, it should be remembered that political parties do not have public or organic power but they do have public relevance.

About Political Parties In Nigeria 

Nigeria is operating on a multi-party system level and we currently have 91 fully registered political parties in Nigeria. These parties are approved by the board in charge of electoral activities in Nigeria INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission).

We also know that among the 91 parties the most popular and sought after are just two, they are great rivals, the two parties are APC and PDP, so for you to make progress you have to belong to the winning party which is one of these two but if you have a plan or strategy to make another party well recognized in Nigeria then you can follow other parties or set up a new one according to the constitution.

It is the norm for most citizens to point accusing fingers at the leaders of the political parties or those that hold strategic political offices but you should know that it isn’t easy to lead and also make decisions that will affect a lot of people isn’t easy too.

This is why most parties have their framework, they have plans already set aside for every office holder to follow so as to make things go on smoothly and avoid chaos in the party and also in the offices they hold.

And if you feel those that hold political posts in Nigeria are not doing what is expected of them then why not step in and be the change people really want? This means you are a patriotic citizen willing to make life better for everyone with any resources left.

You might be interested in joining right from the onset but maybe you have been thinking it is difficult to do then you refused to join. If you do not take a step moving forward and achieving greatness might be so difficult and to make joining a political party easy for you see below how to legally join a political party in Nigeria.

How To Join a Political Party In Nigeria (Steps and Requirements)

Make sure you follow the below steps to become a member of any political party of your choice:

1. Make Sure You are at Least 18 Years of Age

To start making decisions you have to be considered mature enough so you should be at least 18 years or above to join any political party in Nigeria. You must also be a citizen of this country.

2. Choose a Political Party of Your Choice

You must have studied the political parties and have one in mind you really want to join, from the huge number of political parties in Nigeria you have to select one and do not because we have two major political parties in Nigeria then you squeeze yourself among them, take your time to choose the best for you and also your presence there might turn the party around.

3. Visit The Ward/Headquarters of The Political Party

Most of the political parties in Nigeria or probably all of them have a website, for the party, you have chosen, head to their official website to retrieve the ward/headquarters physical address and also a phone number to call. You will need to notify them about your personality and also you will be properly briefed.

4. Obtain a Form, Fill it and Get Register

You might need to buy the party application form, which can be obtained from the ward secretary, after getting the form you need to fill it with the right and accurate details coupled with other personal documents they might ask for. You might need to spend days or weeks based on the registration process adopted by the political party.

5. Collect Your Membership Card

Once your form has been filled and submitted, you will be approved and granted a membership card which will indicate that you are a registered member of the party.

6. Fulfill Your Commitment to the Party

Now that you are a member and card-carrying member of the party, you have your responsibility, you have to always attend the party meetings and campaign gatherings. Also, you must be committed as this will be the reason for the party to throw in their support when needed.

Mind you, your application can be rejected, this is a decision by the party board members, they might decide to reject your application based on many factors that are not in line with the party.

How To Be A Successful Political Party Member

Build a Good Name

You have to be well-cultured, be of good attitude towards party members and also once there is an opportunity to show the type of person you are, make sure you let them know you are from a good home and a responsible person.

Get Involved in Party Activities

You are expected to always attend party activities and ward meetings, your involvement is very important, pay party dues, and once there is a need to raise funds for the party or party members make sure you also contribute to that.

Reach Out to Like-minded Individuals in The Party

By doing this you should be careful not to step on the party’s toes, your meeting with people should be for the benefit of the party and not because of selfish interest. You try to mingle with the cliques that are always looking for the best they can do for the party.

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Associating With Party Leaders

The help of party leaders is very crucial for any member that is very ambitious, you need to mingle with them, accord the respect they deserve to them, and show them you are a committed member through your deeds. They will be the ones to help propel you when you need support.

Once all these are done, over time you will be seen as someone worthy and this can even make them nominate you for good opportunities even when you didn’t show interest.

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