The 20 Best Universities In Europe [2024 Ranking]

In this article, we have made a compilation of the 20 most prestigious universities in Europe. As always, this ranking has been based on a study of the presence, impact, openness and excellence of each of them, carried out by the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities initiative.

The 20 Best Universities In Europe [Ranking]

With this compilation, you will be able to find the institutions of different European countries, which are the following:

20. University Of Warwick

Composed of four faculties: Science, Medicine, Arts and Social Sciences, the University of Warwick was founded in 1965. It currently  has undergraduate, undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

19. Delft University Of Technology

Founded on January 8, 1842, this university has 8 faculties that study Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Industrial Design Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Technology, Politics and Management, Sciences Applied, Mechanical Engineering, Maritime Materials.

18. University Of Oslo

It is the most prestigious university in Norway. Its foundation dates from the year 1811 and it has the faculties of Theology, Law, Medicine, Humanities, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Dentistry, Social Sciences and Education.

17. Ruprecht Karl University Of Heidelberg

It is also known as the University of Heidelberg, where around 30,000 students currently study.

It is currently comprised of the faculties of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Informatics, Humanities and Theology, Law, Economics and Social Sciences, and Medicine. This university was founded in the year 1386, making it the oldest in Germany.

16. Ludwig-Maximilians- University Of Munich

With more than 500 years of tradition, the also known as LMU was founded in the year 1472 and has around 50,000 students , being one of the most prestigious universities in Germany and Europe.

Its academic offer is made up of 18 faculties and composed of numerous studies that cover the branch of humanities and cultural studies through law, economics, social sciences, medicine and natural sciences.

15. University Of Helsinki

Founded in 1640, this university is the largest in Finland and currently has 4 campuses where the branches of arts, educational sciences, law, theology and social sciences are studied.

14. University Of Glasgow

It is one of the oldest universities in Scotland due to the year it was founded, in 1451 .

It currently has 10 faculties in which the studies of arts, mathematics and physics, medicine, engineering, law, finance, veterinary medicine and education stand out.

13. Catholic University Of Leuven

It is the oldest university in Belgium, since it was founded in the year 1425 has undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

Its 15 faculties are organized into 3 study groups: Human Sciences, Sciences and Technology, and Biomedical Sciences.

12. King’s College London

This university was founded in the year 1829 and is also known as KCL. In its study program, the branches of Humanities, Law, Health Sciences and Social Sciences stand out.

11. University Of Copenhagen

With a total of 6 faculties, the University of Copenhagen was founded in the year 1479. Today it is the oldest and largest university in Denmark.

The studies that can be taken at this institution are Humanities, Law, Natural and Life Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Theology.

10. Federal Polytechnic School Of Lausanne

This Swiss institution was founded in 1853 and is currently made up of 5 faculties and 3 colleges where you can study Natural, Architectural and Built Environment, Computer Science and Communications, Basic Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Technologies, Life Sciences, College of Humanities, College of Management and Middle East.

9. University Of Amsterdam

This University has 7 faculties that are: Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Business, Science, Law, Medicine and Dentistry.

Its foundation dates back to 1632 and it is one of the oldest universities in its country.

8. University Of Manchester

The University of Manchester was founded in  1824 and currently comprises the faculties of Art and Design, Health, Psychology and Social Work, Humanities, Law and Social Sciences, Science and Engineering, and Education. It is the largest institution in that city.

7. Utrecht University

With almost a total of 30,000 students, the University of Utrecht was founded in 1636. Its academic offer is divided into seven faculties and it is one of the oldest in the Netherlands.

6. Imperial College London

This British university was founded in 1907. Within its faculties you can study different university careers related to the branches of science, engineering, medicine and business sciences.

5. Zurich Federal College Of Technology

Founded in 1855, ETH currently has two campuses that offer a wide academic offer made up of 23 majors and 41 master’s degrees focused on the branch of science and engineering, social sciences, and administration studies.

4. University Of Edinburgh

Founded in 1582, the academic structure of the University of Edinburgh is based on 3 colleges containing a total of 20 schools.

In this university, you can study the branches of arts, humanities and social sciences, medicine and veterinary medicine and sciences and engineering.

3. University College London

Also known as UCL, its foundation dates back to 1826 and you can study Medicine, Law, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business Administration and Education here.

2. University Of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has a total of 31 colleges in which the subjects to be studied include Arts and Humanities, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Technology. This institution was founded in the year 1209.

1. Oxford University

It is the oldest English-speaking university in the world and, although the exact date of its foundation is not known, there is evidence that it was in 1096 when classes were already being taught.

With a total of 38 colleges, this university stands out for being a pioneer in the area of ​​science and medicine studies. She is also recognized for her studies in biological sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.

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