How to Become an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria (2024)

Are you interested in becoming an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria? Read this article completely to learn about how to start an Indomie wholesale business in Nigeria.

How Lucrative is Indomie Business?

Instant Noodles which is tagged as Indomie by many Nigerians is one of the most consumed food in Nigeria apart from Rice and Garri. Because it is fast food and easy to prepare, many busy entrepreneurs, and students prefer to cook noodles.

Being one of the most popular brands of Instant Noodles, Indomie is the chosen brand for many. With its popularity, it is easy to sell a large number of indomie noodles using the brand logo, name, and visibility. This is because Indomie spends a lot of money on advertising hence its popularity.

How to Become an Indomie Distributor in Nigeria

So for those seeking answers to how profitable the Indomie business is. This is to tell you that becoming an indomie distributor in Nigeria is highly profitable. With the large population of Nigeria and the number of people that can not do without instant noodles.

You can take advantage of this business opportunity to make more money. With the right strategies and effort, starting an indomie distributorship business can give you a huge profit within a short time.

How Do I Become Instant Indomie Noodles Distributor in Nigeria?

Becoming an Instant Indomie noodles distributor in Nigeria is easy and simple, so far you have the capital to kickstart the business. Below are the steps you need to run a successful Indomie Distributorship business in Nigeria.

1. Conduct Research

Irrespective of the business you intend to start, learning the ropes is important for it to be successful. That is why you need to conduct your research before you become an Indomie Noodles distributor in Nigeria.

Research, in this case, means finding out from other Indomie Noodles distributors in Nigeria about the process of becoming one. Doing various studies on the different Indomies distributors in Nigeria and suppliers to avoid falling into prey to fraudsters. Knowing where and who your target audience is and so much other information.

2. Get Registered

The next step to becoming an Indomie noodles distributor in Nigeria is to get registered. Ensure you register with the company to give you the right to distribute their products.

You can contact the Indomie Noodles manufacturer, Dufil Prima Foods PLC by visiting their head office at 44, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria. Also, you can contact them via their customer care representative at +2347000888888 for more information about it.

Registering as an Instant Indomie Noodles distributor in Nigeria requires a huge sum of money. You will require at least N2 million to get started. This is what will set you up for a huge profit because as a distributor, you sell in bulk and get it at a cheaper rate directly from the company.

For people who do not have up to this amount, you can start as a Sub distributor and grow from there to a distributor. The difference here is that you will need to buy directly from a distributor instead of the manufacturing company. Although the price may not be cheaper compared to buying it directly from the manufacturer, it will require less capital to start.

3. Rent a Warehouse

Of course, to become a successful indomie noodles distributor in Nigeria, you will need to rent a warehouse. Your warehouse must be large enough to occupy the goods you order for.

Also, the warehouse must be located in a good and strategic location. This is part of the reason why we recommend that you research before investing in the Indomie distributorship business. With excellent research done, you will be able to figure out where your target audience is and where the warehouse should be located.

A warehouse located in a good and strategic place in this situation will be located in a safe and secure environment. The road to such a warehouse will be motorable and more importantly close to a town or city that the target audience can easily reach.

4. Buy Delivery Truck and Vehicles

To become a successful Indomie distributor in Nigeria, you need to get delivery trucks as well as other vehicles like vans. This is to facilitate the distribution process to different customers who may need your products.

5. Advertise your Goods

Once you have successfully become an indomie noodles distributor in Nigeria, the next is to advertise your products. Fortunately, you don’t need to create your logo or brand as the Indomie brand logo is there to rub its visibility on your business.

List Of Indomie Noodles Distributors In Nigeria

Now that we have discussed the steps to become an indomie noodles distributor in Nigeria, find below the list of Indomie Noodles distributors in Nigeria.

1. DUFIL Prima Foods
Physical Address: 39, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone Number:+234-17742063

2. De-united foods industries
Physical Address: Km 4 Idiroko Road, Sango, Ogun, Nigeria

3. Tolaram Group of Companies
Physical Address: 38, Eric Moore Road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone Number: 08077099450

4. Pure Flour Mills
Physical Address: 68b Uniport Raod, Choba, Rivers, Nigeria
Phone Number: +234-84480098

5. La Sam Chi
Physical Address: Shop 172, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone Number: 08165015598,

6. Dynamic Agro Foods Distributors
Physical Address: A82, Iloromu Quarters, Ile Ife, Osun, Nigeria
Phone Number: 07068203768

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7. ARL Distributors
Physical Address: No 3 Ede Anabor Street, Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria
Phone Number: 08036636088

8. Abuka And Partners
Physical Address: 8/10, Broad Street, Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria

9. Mole Food Link
Physical Address: 6, Samson Dada Street, Igando, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone Number: 09036243235, 09093835441

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