5 Top IT Companies in Nigeria (2024 Updated)

The coming of the internet and the establishment of various IT companies in Nigeria have contributed immensely to the eradication of some of our ways of life in Nigeria. No doubt about it. But that doesn’t mean the internet is bad in its entirety. Its advantages even outweighed its disadvantages. Hence, the honor is to some top IT firms in Nigeria.

informatively, Nigeria is blessed with a lot of companies providing internet services to its nationals. In the beginning, MTN was one of the IT pioneers in Nigeria before others joined.

As such, ever since then there are plethora numbers of IT companies operating in major cities across Nigeria.

These popular firms provide healthy competition to one another in cities like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Portharcourt, Ibadan, and the like, and as such, efficient internet usage is bound among their respective users.

Top 5 IT Companies in Nigeria

This article will, however, mirror down the best and most popular IT firms in Nigeria


MTN is a multinational IT firm having many subsidiaries offices across African countries with its head office based in South Africa.

Regardless of the present situation of MTN Nigeria, it is still the best and highly patronizes operating IT firm in the country. The history of MTN Nigeria could be traced back to 2001.

That was when the NCC first gave the company its GSM license prior to giving out some other inevitable services to their faithful subscribers.

However, MTN Nigeria stands out among its competitors as the best telecom service operator in the country today. Its head headquarters in Nigeria here can be found at the Golden Plaza, Ikoyi Lagos.


The first telecommunication company to be owned by a Nigerian is Globacom limited and it’s one of the tops and most highly patronized IT firms in the country.

Glo headquarters is situated in Lagos State, Nigeria and it has other branches in some West African countries. Among these countries are Togo, Ghana, etc.

Accordingly, Glo provides Internet connections to its home users and it is also extended to all West African countries where it suffices.

Similarly, this indigenous-owned telecommunication company’s major services include providing telephony and affordable data ( now 4GLTE) services.


The Etisalat telecommunication company began its operation in Nigeria around 2008; a telecommunication firm that is an extension of the United Arab Emirates.

Ever since its introduction in Nigeria, Etisalat has been competing with other front runners in providing a better value to Nigerians.

With Etisalat’s head office in Lagos State, Nigeria too, Etisalat’s major services include GSM operation, data services, and international roaming services.


This telecommunication company is also owned by a non-native of Nigeria. It is an extension of the Indian national telecommunication firm and operates in several parts of the world.

In addition, Airtel officially started its operations in 2010 after an ownership transition from Zain Nigeria.

However, Airtel Nigeria no doubt has one of the largest internet subscribers in Nigeria.

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The world-leading search engine is Google, there is no point disputing that. Being a multinational search engine company, Google is believed to be worth billions of dollars.

Google promotes information technology in Nigeria and in some other sides of the world and its Nigeria head office is based in Ikoyi, Lagos State.

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