How to Set Up a Car Wash Business In Nigeria [Easy Guide]

People who do not have any knowledge in this direction think that there is nothing simpler than doing this business.

But this is far from true, because in this direction, as in other types of business, there are many pitfalls.

Starting a successful car wash is not without meaning, despite the high competition in this type of business, the number of cars annually only increases, which is naturally only a plus for this business.

How to Set Up a Car Wash Business In Nigeria [Easy Guide]

Where to place a car wash

There are two main options for the development of events:

1. On a stretch of road where there is a heavy traffic flow;

2. Placing a sink in a residential area with relatively quiet traffic.

You need to clearly understand that in different places of car wash points, different customers will visit you.

Regarding the first option for the location of the car wash:

You will be visited by customers who visit you very rarely. After washing the car at your service, most likely they will no longer use your services, as in your city, travel.

All they need to do is wash the car quickly and continue on their route. Such a sink should have the necessary number of stations so as not to create difficulties and inconveniences for visitors. Such a wash requires a large number of workers.

The second option for placing a car wash:

Another thing is the second option, there should already be a special approach to the client. This is a business located near a residential area in which the main customers will be local residents.

A lot depends on the quality of the services you provide, the approach to the client, and, most importantly, the discounts for regular customers.

Since the car wash is located in a residential area, you need to “fill” your regular customers.

Car wash business staff

The choice of personnel should be treated with great responsibility, your income will directly depend on this.

It is problematic to find suitable workers.

Few people want to work in such conditions, for such little money, so the great turnover and staff is constantly changing.

How to advertise a car wash

So, everything is ready, it remains to tell about yourself, to advertise:

You can place an ad in newspapers or on a local TV channel, using the services of the nearest radio station.

All of the above methods are good, but the main priority should be – the Internet!

A step-by-step plan for opening a car wash

Before drawing up a draft of a future business plan, you must choose what type of car wash you want to open. There are 4 types of them in Nigeria: mobile, portal, self-service, and manual. Each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

After choosing the type of car wash, you can proceed to the preparation of production and organizational plans, as well as preliminary estimates. A phased business plan for opening a car wash is as follows:

1. Rent and create of carwash platform, preferably next to the highway.

2. Obtaining the necessary permissions and documents.

3. Purchase and installation of necessary equipment.

4. Acquisition of detergents, wax, and other raw materials.

How much can you earn

The proceeds from car washing will directly depend on the established prices and the flow of customers.

How much money is needed to start a business

To open a car wash you will need to spend on:

a. Territory rental and decoration.

b. Purchase and installation of necessary equipment.

c. Communications for the supply and discharge of water.

d. Improvement of the territory and the creation of a convenient entrance to the car wash from the side of the road.

e. Registration of permits.

In addition, the businessman also expects monthly expenses:

a. Remuneration of staff.

b. Rental of premises.

c. Communal payments.

d. Additional cost fund.

What equipment to choose for a car wash

The choice of equipment for a car wash will depend on its type. For automatic car washes, stationery boxes are used, the advantages of which are the speed of service and the minimum number of staff.

They have a relatively low cost, ease of maintenance, and savings on consumables. For contactless car washes, it will be necessary to purchase a foam generator, a compressor, as well as high-pressure equipment.

What tax system to choose

A simplified tax system will do.

Do I need permission to open

It will be necessary to conduct an examination of the project and obtain permissions for the following services:

1. Fire department

2. Labor protection and nature protection.

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Business technology

The most popular among drivers are manual types of car washes, which should be taken into account when opening such a business. This option is also the least expensive since it requires only one operator and a high-pressure apparatus.

In the first stages of business, you also can not do without advertising. It should be given in auto magazines and newspapers, and also to install advertising banners on the highway. Separately, it is worth considering the list of services provided, cleaning the interior and pumping wheels.

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