Ibrahim Chatta Net Worth & Bio: Latest Movies and Facts

Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta popularly known as just Ibrahim Chatta is a well-known and celebrated Yoruba actor who has starred in many popular movies. Born on the 13th of October, 1970.

The actor hails from Kwara state and belongs to the Tapa or Nupe tribe. He is currently married to Lizzie Berry but has had two previous marriages which ended in divorce. Ibrahim Chatta is reputed to have a net worth of over $2 million.

Ibrahim Chatta Net Worth & Bio: Latest Movies and Facts

Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta has craved a name for himself as a successful Nigerian actor, producer, and director in Nollywood. Before his rise to fame, Ibrahim Chatta played theater and school dramas where his talent shone. He attended primary and secondary school but dropped out before the completion of his secondary education.

Ibrahim Chatta’s breakthrough into the Hollywood industry was with the film “Aiyekooto” which showcased his raw charm and cast him as a top actor.

Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta has also diversified into the music industry and is using his entertaining Yoruba to sing and release Yoruba songs with some of the biggest artists in Yoruba music such as Alhaji Abdulkadir Alayande (Ere Asalatu) and many more.

Ibrahim Chatta Net Worth: Cars, Houses & Latest Movies

Ibrahim Chatta Net Worth

Ibrahim Chatta is reputed to have a net worth of approximately $2 million. He is one of the most influential and richest Yoruba Hollywood actors. His substantial net worth can be attributed majorly to his job as an actor since the age of 15.

He has also established himself as a producer and director and earns a reasonable income from producing and directing movies and this adds to his net worth. The actor has also sung and released many songs for Nollywood movies and this has brought in income contributing to his net worth.

Ibrahim Chatta is also a well-known actor and celebrity with a notable following on social media which had brought him brand deals such as sponsorships, endorsements, and ambassadorship. This adds to his substantial net worth.

Ibrahim Chatta Cars

Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta recently bought a Chevrolet Camaro RS Sports Car which costs N18 million. The sports car is an American brand sports car with a good reputation.

The actor posed with his brand-new car on Instagram saying it was a good way to start the year. If Ibrahim Chatta has other cars, they have been kept private.

Ibrahim Chatta Houses

Ibrahim Chatta currently lives with his wife, Lizzie Berry, and their daughter in a private residence. with his net worth it is no wonder that for privacy or security reasons, the exact location of Ibrahim Chatta’s house is not known. However, he is the landlord of his house and probably enjoys a luxurious setting with his current net worth.

Ibrahim Chatta Latest Movies

Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta although Tapa or Nupe by tribe, the actor rose to fame due to his acting talent and the interesting and captivating way he uses the Yoruba language to entertain his audience.

Here are some of his latest movies for you to watch

1. King of Thieves (2022)
2. President Kuti (2021)
3. Ogundabede (2021)
4. Olokiki Olu: The midnight sensation (2019)

Other famous movies Ibrahim Abiodun Chatta has starred in include:

Aye Dudu, Omoyagba, October 1, Mafisere, Eberu Adigun, Mafi Won, Òréré layé, Atini O’go, Olo, Awure Eni, Omin, On Baku, Irawo Oke, Leyin Igbeyawo, Akisa, Aiyekooto.

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Ibrahim Chatta might have been a school dropout Tapa or Nupe boy from Kwara state but his raw talent for acting and Yoruba language has pushed his success.

The actor who has decided to step back from acting is enjoying the fruits of his talent and is an encouragement to young actors chasing their dream.

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