Best Banks in Florida United States [Top 5]

You will always find a variety of banks that will offer different types of services, but how do you know if they really meet up? Well, we have here the best banks in Florida, United States. 

Banks have grown over the years and have now become part of every individual and business, the bank is useful in many ways like obtaining loans, making transactions, keeping valuable items and so many other things.

The main issue which determines the effective performance of those banks is based on the bank board and leverage on technology. Some still use old technology while some operate on new and super fast and complex technologies.

Each has their merit and demerits but seems banks with most customers tend to have issues with their rendered services although some has been a blessing to the world entirely. Whichever way it is we have some that have been so exceptional in their services and we just have to stick with them.

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Are you a foreigner? Don’t worry, we are going to offer a list of the most recommended financial institutions in Florida this year.

The Best National Banks In Florida

In Florida, there are a large number of banks to choose from, and the question is to know which ones are the best and for this you have to consider your financial needs so that they provide you with: Solidity, stability, trust, flexibility, customer service and ease of opening.

Wells Fargo

In the first place, we have Wells Fargo, which by far is considered the best for the number of branches it has and for the access to foreigners who want to open it.

A $25 deposit is required and fees range from $5 to $10. In addition, if you are a student (17-24 years old) then they offer you a visa debit card with an online payment method. However, if you are an applicant, take into account that you must have a physical address in the country.

J.P. Morgan Chase

A favorite among foreigners as it has more than 5,000 branches all over the country and offers easily obtainable online accounts, mobile banking and Visa cards.

Chase, unlike other banks in the state, allows its clients to open accounts without being physically in the country, you only have to present the ID and passport of your country of origin. In addition, if you are a student or a legal person, it also provides payment facilities and benefits, such as: students enjoy 5 years of free use of the service and companies 500 free transactions per month.

Bank Of America

This bank is considered one of the best for its ease in opening accounts in Florida, for those who do not have their residence in the country. You only require $25, passport with visa and physical residence in the United States.

Best Regional Banks In Florida

When we talk about regional we refer to the local level and one of the most prominent is BankUnited. Its interest rate is 0.05% of the total and it offers different types of accounts for its clients, such as savings, credit and health, each with minimum amounts and payments.

Another equally good bank is PNC Bank, popular in Tampa for its virtual wallet where customers can increase and invest their money with different virtual tools. However, although a negative aspect is their customer service and interest rates.

Another equally valued bank is Suncoast Credit Union, although it works more like a cooperative than a financial institution.

From high encryption protection on financial data, interest rates of 0.05% and student programs. The only requirements are to have a home in Florida or on the Gulf Coast state of Mexico, be a student, or receive a referral from a Suncoast customer.

Best banks to Open a Bank Account

To consider a good bank in terms of opening we can mention Capital One, not only is it ideal for the benefits it offers financially speaking, but the ease of opening is just as good. All you need is: Personal information, social security ID, address, email, cell phone and current employment status.

Another option is Chase, an entity that allows you to open an account with a minimum of difficulty, offering its new clients a bonus of $150 for those who maintain balances of more than one thousand dollars in 3 months. The only requirements are: physical address, passport and $25 deposit.

If you are looking for a bank that is easy to open for Hispanics, TD Bank will be the idea for you. Although this entity has a high minimum deposit ($100), the requirements are few. The only thing they require is to be resident or living in the US and a passport.

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Best banks to Save in Florida

Ally Bank is considered the king of savings to manage your money, for what reason? for their customer service and for their lack of fees and interest per month. Members can also withdraw cash and make use of more than 43,000 ATMs throughout the country. However, this entity does not have branches, everything is managed through virtual banking and applications.

Another bank is CIT Bank, ideal for saving money when it comes to interest rates. It is considered one of the safest financial entities because it is protected by the Federal government. However, as in the previous case, it does not have physical branches to consult.

The third option is BBVA, a bank that offers applications for inquiries, low-interest rates for just a monthly deposit of $25. It is considered an entity that offers the basics, debit cards, online bill payment, check cashing and reimbursements for the use of ATMs.

Best banks to Invest in Florida

The use of the word invest refers to banks that have a high-interest rate or that have applications such as a virtual wallet to increase profits.

One of them would be Goldman Sachs Bank USA, who offers a high rate of 2.05% with only a $1 minimum deposit. What does that mean? That you could earn money while keeping your money in the bank for the future.

Morgan Stanley is another perfect example to invest because it is not only a multinational but also offers specialized investment brokers. It provides advisory services, banking operations and market analysis at an international level.

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Have you tried any of them? Tell us your opinion and which one to consider the best bank in Florida to invest, save and grow.

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