Insurance Companies In Ghana – 2024 List

Ghana has lots of insurance companies that are in good standing in the country. The National Insurance Company (NIC) is the supervisory and regulatory body responsible for insurance companies in Ghana. Ghana has a total of 3 reinsurance companies, 22 life insurance companies, and 29 Non-life insurance companies.

When going to investments in a life Insurance Company, it is usually advised that you go for a fixed deposit investment. You also make benefit from the Mutual funds, shares, treasury bills, and bonds of the insurance company.

Insurance Companies In Ghana

The oldest insurance company in Ghana is Enterprise Insurance Company. Enterprise Insurance Company was founded in 1924 and has a subsidiary, the Enterprise Group, which was incorporated on November 24th, 2008, as a holding of the company’s main body. Enterprise Insurance Company is the leading Life Insurance company in Ghana just as it is the oldest.

List Of Insurance Companies In Ghana

List Of ReInsurance Companies In Ghana

  1. Ghana Reinsurance Company
  2. GN Reinsurance Company Limited
  3. Mainstream Reinsurance

List Of Life Insurance Companies In Ghana

Life Companies

  1. A-Plus Life Assurance Company
  2. Africa Life Insurance Companies in Ghana
  3. Allianz Life Insurance Company
  4. Beige Assurance
  5. Donewell Life Insurance Company
  6. Enterprise Life Assurance Company
  7. First Insurance Company
  8. Ghana Life Insurance Company
  9. Ghana Union Assurance Life Company
  10. Glico Life Insurance Ghana Limited
  11. GN Life Assurance Company Limited
  12. Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited
  13. Metropolitan Ghana Life Insurance Company Ghana
  14. Old Mutual Assurance Limited Ghana
  15. Phoenix Life Insurance Companies in Ghana
  16. Prudential Life Insurance Company
  17. Quality Life Assurance Company Ghana Limited
  18. Saham Life Insurance Company Limited
  19. SUC Life Insurance Company Ghana
  20. Starlife Assurance Company Ghana Limited
  21. UT Life Insurance Ghana Company Limited
  22. Vanguard Life Assurance

List Of Non-Life Insurance Companies In Ghana

Non Insurers

  1. Activa International Insurance Company
  2. Alliance Insurance Company Ghana
  3. Best Assurance Company Ghana
  4. Donewell Insurance Company Ghana
  5. Enterprise Insurance Company Ghana
  6. Ghana Union Assurance Company
  7. Glico Life Insurance Company
  8. GN Insurance Company Ghana Limited
  9. Heritage Energy Insurance Company Ghana
  10. Hollard Life Insurance Company
  11. Imperial General Assurance Company
  12. Loyalty Insurance Company Ghana
  13. Millennium Insurance Company Ghana Limited
  14. Multi Insurance Company Ghana Limited
  15. NSIA Life Insurance Company Ghana
  16. Phoenix Life Insurance Company
  17. Prime Insurance Company Ghana Limited
  18. Priority Insurance Company
  19. Provident Insurance Company
  20. Quality Life Insurance Companies Ghana
  21. Regency NEM Insurance Company
  22. Saham Insurance Company
  23. SIC Insurance Ghana Limited
  24. Serene Insurance Company
  25. Star Assurance Company
  26. Unique Insurance Company
  27. Vanguard Insurance Company
  28. Wapic Insurance Company
  29. SUNU Assurance Company Ghana

List Of Life Insurance Companies In Ghana Based On Turnover and Life Shares

Life insurers in Ghana

Enterprise Life

Turnover: GHS 436,674

Life shares: 26.43%

SIC Life

Turnover: GHS 354,583

Life shares: 21.47%


Turnover: GHS 260,937

Life shares: 15.80%

Glico Life

Turnover: GHS 120,454

Life shares: 7.29%

Prudential Life

Turnover: GHS 116,113

Life shares: 7.03%

Old Mutual

Turnover: GHS 82,113

Life shares: 4.97%

Metropolitan Life

Turnover: GHS 70,110

Life shares: 4.24%


Turnover: GHS 48,636

Life shares: 2.94%

Ghana Life

Turnover: GHS 21,167

Life shares: 1.28%

Saham Life

Turnover: GHS 19,850

Life shares: 1.20%

Phoenix Life

Turnover: GHS 18,978

Life shares: 1.15%

Allianz Life

Turnover: GHS 18,557

Life shares: 1.12%

Quality Life

Turnover: GHS 18,013

Life shares: 1.09%

Vanguard Life

Turnover: GHS 17,459

Life shares: 1.06%

Donewell Life

Turnover: GHS 16,155

Life shares: 0.98%

GUA Life

Turnover: GHS 10,518

Life shares: 0.64%

GN Life Assurance

Turnover: GHS 9,715

Life shares: 0.59%

Hollard Life

Turnover: GHS 6,283

Life shares: 0.41%

First Insurance

Turnover: GHS 3,119

Life shares: 0.19%

Exceed Life

Turnover: GHS 1,893

Life shares: 0.12%

From the above, the total life market value is GHS 1,651,886 with 100% shares.

List Of Non-Life Insurance Companies In Ghana Based On Turnover

SIC Insurance

Turnover: GHS 211,514

Life shares: 11.53%

Enterprise Insurance

Turnover: GHS 207,059

Life shares: 11.29%

Hollard Insurance

Turnover: GHS 123,560

Life shares: 6.74%

Star Assurance

Turnover: GHS 121,653

Life shares: 6.63%

Glico General

Turnover: GHS 113,795

Life shares: 6.20%

Vanguard Assurance

Turnover: GHS 104,730

Life shares: 5.71%

GUA Insurance

Turnover: GHS 92,491

Life shares: 5.04%

Activa International Insurance

Turnover: GHS 74,353

Life shares: 4.05%

Donewell Insurance

Turnover: GHS 58,439

Life shares: 3.19%

Phoenix Insurance

Turnover: GHS 52,694

Life shares: 2.87%

SUNU Insurance

Turnover: GHS 47,528

Life shares: 2.59%

Quality Insurance

Turnover: GHS 44,352

Life shares: 2.42%

Allianz Insurance

Turnover: GHS 38,040

Life shares: 2.07%

Saham Insurance

Turnover: GHS 34,092

Life shares: 1.86%

Prime Insurance

Turnover: GHS 33,816

Life shares: 1.84%

RegencyNEM Insurance

Turnover: GHS 30,162

Life shares: 1.65%

Providence Insurance Company LTD

Turnover: GHS 27,669

Life shares: 1.51%

Heritage Energy Insurance

Turnover: GHS 24,140

Life shares: 1.32%

Hapic Insurance

Turnover: GHS 23,290

Life shares: 1.27%

Priority Insurance

Turnover: GHS 17,403

Life shares: 0.95%

Millennium Insurance

Turnover: GHS 16,929

Life shares: 0.92%

NSIA Ghana Insurance

Turnover: GHS 13,816

Life shares: 0.75%

Unique Insurance

Turnover: GHS 13,555

Life shares: 0.74%

Best Assurance

Turnover: GHS 13,153

Life shares: 0.72%

Imperial General

Turnover: GHS 10,689

Life shares: 0.58%

Loyalty Insurance

Turnover: GHS 8,137

Life shares: 0.44%

Serene Insurance

Turnover: GHS 6,130

Life shares: 0.33%

Bedrock Insurance

Turnover: GHS 2,313

Life shares: 0.13%

Multi Insurance

Turnover: GHS 2,073

Life shares: 0.11%

Estimating from the above values; the

The total turnover of Non-life companies in Ghana is 1,567,575

The total turnover of the Ghana Oil and Gas Insurance Pool (GOGIP) is 266,930

The total turnover of Non-Life Markets in Ghana is 1,834,504

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