The 10 Richest Indians In Canada [2024]

The richest Indians in Canada are not only there to flaunt their wealth; they make significant contributions to the growth of the country’s economy. Some of these successful individuals are philanthropists and giving back to society and humanity as a whole has created more job opportunities in Canada.

There are many successful persons in India, and this nation has some of its citizens that are residents in other countries like Canada. There are lots of factors that can cause these Indians to be residents of Canada. Such as industrialization, a quest for adventure, and tourism. Some of the richest celebrities in India that reside in Canada gained their affluence from the economic opportunities in Canada.

The 10 Richest Indians In Canada

There are also lots of opportunities for success in Canada as some Indians are noted to thrive in Canada. Some of these Indians have become the richest Indians in Canada and we have detailed some of the top ten in this post. So who are the richest Indians in Canada?

Top Ten Richest Indians In Canada

Below are the top ten richest Indians in Canada;

Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian in Canada. Much of his wealth is pooled from the Energy sector. He is rated by Forbes to have a net worth of $84.7 billion. He skillfully manages his company with sagacity and is rated among the richest directors in the world.

His industry – “The Reliance” has been noted to have gained a global scenery thus providing tons of jobs to various Canadians and Indians likewise.

L N Mittal

L N Mittal is not only one of the richest Indians in Canada but also he is rated among the richest persons in the world. His current net worth is estimated to be $18.9 billion. He is applauded and recognized at different levels to be among the most popular billionaires in the world with a net worth estimated at $18.9 billion.

Mittal is one of the richest Indians in Canada that became wealthy through hard work and resilience. He used to be a scrap metal dealer but after he rose to his prime, he founded his steel-producing company – ArcelorMittal.

Dilip Shanghvi

Dilip is the third richest Indian that resides in Canada. His company “The Sun Pharmaceuticals” earned him his first billions and has landed him a net worth of about $12 billion.

Sun Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest pharmacies in India and also in the world. The pharmacy is rated to be the top medical drug-producing firm in all of Asia. The firm makes provisions for medicines and other health benefits for the citizens.

Steve Gupta

Steve Gupta is the fourth richest Indian in Canada with a net worth of $350 million. His impressive net worth came from stringent hard work and discipline.

He is currently one of the richest persons in the world on the Forbes list. Steve Gupta used to work in Canadian factories and also in insurance companies to raise money. He worked diligently and also partook in other ventures to raise more income.

With a big dream, he reached his goal and is currently a developer and owns several establishments. He earned an award in 2013 from the Royal Bank of Canada as one of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrants. He tagged Canada as his “new adopted country” because of the extent of success he reached while in the country, thus one of the richest Indians in Canada.

Surjit Babra

Babra is an Indian immigrant in Canada. He capitalized on the available opportunities in the country to earn a fortune for himself. He is currently the fifth on the list of the top wealthiest Indians in Canada having amassed a net worth of $300 million.

In 1979, he started a career in the travel business in the United Kingdom before moving to Canada. He currently owns a firm that also specializes in freights and travel; The SkyLink Travel Group.

Through his firm – SkyLink, he displays his philanthropism by providing the necessary resources to support irrigation farming in India. He is esteemed as one of the most influential people in India.

Ramesh Chotai

Ramesh Chotai was born in Asia, then he moved to Britain to pursue a career in Pharmacy before relocating to Canada in 1972. He currently runs Biomed Pharmaceuticals as the chairman. He also creates businesses for Indians in the sales of medical and healthcare products in different parts of the world.

He gets his import products for the production of pharmaceuticals from India and is now in the business of job creation. He is surely one of the most successful philanthropists in the world which earned him a position as President of The Hindu Mandir and Cultural Centre.

Vasu Chanchlani

Vasu is the seventh on the list of the richest Indians in Canada with a net worth of $7 million. He is a wealthy businessman that owns lucrative businesses and firms; both large and small which have earned him a fortune over the years. The billionaire established the Chanchlani Foundation which aims at inspiring and rewarding persons for global excellence.

Asides from his Group of Companies, he is also a philanthropist that endeavors to meet up with the bilateral interests of his home country especially the Indians in the Diaspora and Canada. He invests a lot in health and public policy research to promote entrepreneurship. He was also rated as one of the Top 25 richest Canadian Immigrants with a net worth of about $7 million.

Barj S. Dhahan

Barj S. Dhahan immigrated to Canada in 1967 and obtained a degree from Regent College and the University of British Columbia. The businessman is a wealth creator through his firm – Sandhurst Group of companies that are involved in commercial real estate development and hospitality services.

His company has been rated to have established the most expensive hotels in the world. Some of his projects have been very beneficial to both Indian and Canadian citizens since the 1980s.

Asa Johal

Asa Johal was a Canadian immigrant in 1924. He earned his wealth through his business ventures which have now made significant contributions to Canada’s economy.

He started pushing towards attaining wealth when he was a teenager and now, he is one of the richest Indians in Canada and the world.

Harbanse Singh Doman

Harbanse Singh Doman is popularly known as Herb Doman. The Canadian Forestry industrialist was born on 18th August 1932. He founded Doman Industries before his death on 26th July 2007.

Even at his death, he is still rated among the richest Indians in Canada because of the affluence he has gained over the years.


There are lots of Indian immigrants in Canada; poor and rich immigrants alike. We have successfully listed some of the richest Indians in Canada who have progressed over the years. We also added details on their net worth and top-earning assets.

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