10 Best Catering Schools in Abuja and Fees [2024]

Are you interested in improving your culinary abilities and would you like to know the top 10 best catering schools in Abuja? Then read through this article. Being a chef or caterer may be hard, just like any other profession, especially once work starts flooding in.

Additional difficulties may include those related to customer service, marketing, and other crucial business issues.

However, your life will improve and you’ll get closer to your goals if you enroll in a catering program. Catering schools make the job a bit easy because during classes, you will be thought some skill hacks and how to do things more efficiently.

10 Best Catering Schools in Abuja and Fees

You just need to stand out by getting the right training then, you can be sure of advancing into your ideal catering position. In this article, we have prepared a comprehensive list of the Top 10 best catering schools in Abuja.

When you get enrolled in one of the best catering schools in Abuja, there are certain meals you can anticipate. They include Afang soup, Abacha, Ekpang Nkukwo, vegetable soup, Fish and goat meat Pepper soup, Fufu, Jollof and fried rice, seafood, etc.

Most of these catering also teach how to bake quality bread, or make other various pastries. So, which are the 10 best catering schools in Abuja city?

Top 10 Best Catering Schools in Abuja

1. Chef’s Academy Abuja

There are several risks in the baking and cooking industries, some of which can be very expensive if you do not know how to prevent them. Starting out as a chef might be challenging, just like anything else, but as long as you have someone to help you, it doesn’t have to affect your career.

One of the 10 best culinary schools in Abuja, Chef’s Academy Abuja, has been around for about ten years and has assisted thousands of individuals in beginning their careers.

When you join their program, you’re learning how to cook from passionate, experienced, and professional chefs. Chef’s Academy offers training in the culinary arts as well as in restaurants and hospitality. They also offer a modern curriculum that prepares students for careers in food production or service.

The baking and catering programs at these cooking schools in Abuja are excellent. The tuition fee is between ₦180,000 and 365,000 and the registration fee is ₦5,000 

2. Red dish Chronicles Culinary School

This is one of the best catering schools in Abuja, and they provide their students with a top-notch culinary education. The red dish is run by a seasoned baker who recently finished a specialized degree at one of the most prestigious culinary institutions in Europe.

There aren’t many other baking schools in Abuja that can compete with this level of skill. Red Dish Chronicles not only teaches its students how to bake and cook but also assists students in finding employment in Abuja’s restaurants and bakeries when they complete their curriculum.

3. Abuja Culinary School

Abuja culinary school is among the best catering schools in Abuja that provides outstanding programs to aspiring and seasoned chefs seeking more education is Abuja Culinary School. Some of the programs they provide are as follows:

  • online culinary arts course for three months
  • two-month culinary and pastry skills program
  • For individuals looking to become chefs, a one-month cooking course
  • courses in a variety of exotic cuisines for one month.

4. Mastermind Catering and Culinary institute limited

This is one of the catering, cooking, and baking schools in Abuja with great programs to help you master your passion. They offer a 1-year full-time diploma in culinary arts and also various evening courses ranging from 3 months to 12 months.

They specialize in job placement after graduation while helping you master your chosen field of study. Their fee is usually between ₦50,000 and ₦420,000.

5. QMDCI Kitchen and Hospitality training Abuja

QMDCI is considered one of the best catering schools in Abuja, which offers training in:

  • Pastry and culinary arts.
  • hospitality administration
  • food and drink
  • food expertise
  • Safety and cleanliness
  • cocktail making and serving
  • food plating
  • public speaking
  • Skills in customer service and presentation

When you enroll in this institution, you’ll not only learn culinary arts but also other job-related skills that can improve your personal development.

6. New and brisk Culinary and food

This school provides a unique program for various types of people who want to produce good, outstanding, and healthier results in the kitchen.

For students interested in pursuing careers as professional chefs, they provide a well-structured and full-time educational program. Instructors provide students with the experienced supervision they need to master useful skills.

7. Topkraft Culinary Academy

The Topkraft Culinary Academy provides excellent instruction and practical training in the culinary, baking, and pastry arts as well as hospitality management. Course Fee is usually N100,000 plus N2,000 as the Registration Fee

8. Royalty Culinary Academy

The team at Royalty Culinary Academy is very competent and professional, and the school’s tuition is reasonably priced. They are one of the best catering schools in Abuja that provide students with a wealth of materials, including a professional kitchen and bookstore, to help them improve their culinary abilities.

Without a doubt, Royalty Culinary Academy is one of Nigeria’s best catering schools in Abuja in terms of culinary schools.

9. Culinary Mastery Academy

The Culinary Mastery Academy provides instruction in cake baking, pastries, drinks, and desserts as well as knowledge of international and regional cuisine.

The level can be changed from beginning to advanced for courses in catering, depending on the student’s choice.

10. Merchant Vessel Culinary Art

The most significant aspects of their programs—entrepreneurship and a network of support—are mostly the training and guidance provided. Programs range from cake designing and pastries to preparing, cooking, and delivering meals.

They are offered both indoors and outdoors. Merchant Vessel Culinary Art is also one of the best catering schools in Abuja and they also offer services for birthday celebrations, weddings, business meetings, and other private occasions.

Other Best Catering Schools in Abuja:

  • Big Jayz Chef School
  • AAA Events Academy Abuja
  • De Praise Catering Services School
  • Hand Catering Training school
  • Owende Catering School
  • Prestine Catering School
  • Abuja Culinary school
  • Joeskem Training School
  • A.M Bakers Concept Confectionary School
  • Envoy and Hotel Management Institute
  • Oceanic Catering Nigeria Limited
  • Dot Deejah Catering Academy
  • Vios Catering Academy, Abuja

The fees of these catering schools are determined by the services they provide. The main factors that make up the tuition or admittance fee may include student housing, the environment, the professionals in charge, and training materials.

If you want to attend a cooking school with a positive environment, top-notch training, and sufficient textbooks or supplies, then go for one, not really minding the cost.

Generally, the fees demanded by these catering schools in Abuja vary by institution. But the price range for catering schools in Abuja is usually between N30,000 and N250,000. Also, it is always advisable to get in touch with them and visit their sites to know about the school’s precise charges and fees.

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You must have selected an exclusive catering school after reading the article. More even, instead of relying exclusively on catering, you should learn to broaden your horizons and become knowledgeable about related topics such as decorations, setups, music, and lighting. You would definitely stand out in your field if you did this.

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