The 6 Best English Schools in Australia 2024

Planning to study in Australia? Stay here and discover the best English schools in Australia. Australia is a huge country, with many options of cities and schools to study English. We know that choosing both the city and the school is not an easy task as there are many options.

Firstly, it is important to know how to choose an English school in Australia, that is, what criteria you should analyze to make that choice.

Choosing an English school in Australia is very important due to several factors such as academic quality, mix of nationalities and immigration score for the visa application. 

Choosing a better quality school will certainly help you achieve your exchange goals faster. After all, one of the main objectives of doing an English exchange in Australia is to improve the language, right?

The 6 Best English Schools in Australia

That’s why we’re here If you’re planning a short-term exchange or still want to study and work in Australia, Naijaxtreme helps you choose your school to do this exchange and really improve your English.

Discover the best English schools in Australia now.

Greenwich English College

Greenwich English College has study centers in the cities of Sydney and Melbourne. It is a modern school with excellent infrastructure and academic quality. In both cities, the school location is excellent.

The great highlight of the Greenwich College English school is the flexibility of schedules and course options. Students can choose to study in the morning or evening and at both times, practically all courses are offered for all levels of English.

The school offers numerous English course options such as General English, IELTS exam preparation, Cambridge exam preparation, Business English, English for academic purposes. All this for the same price, meaning you can change your study focus as your level of English improves.

Another great advantage is that this institution also offers VET courses, which are Australia’s technical courses. After improving your English, you can go on a technical course in Australia.

Greenwich English College is definitely on our list of the best English schools in Australia.

EC English School Australia

Another school that is on the list of the best English schools in Australia is EC English.

EC English is a network of English schools with study centers in several cities around the world. EC English was born in Malta, a small country in the Mediterranean and has expanded its educational quality to the 4 corners of the world.

EC schools follow a quality standard and have a mission to help their students be successful in a global community. The EC student is at the center of everything the school does, which means the focus is always on the student.

EC has study centers in the main cities in Australia. It is in Melbourne in the south of the country and considered the most cultural city in Australia. EC is also in the beautiful and multicultural city of Sydney. For those who want to enjoy the famous surfing beaches, EC has a study center on the Gold Coast. And finally, it is also present in Brisbane, the capital of the state of Queensland.

All EC schools follow the same high quality standards and focus on providing relevant and engaging material in a friendly and inclusive way. The schools are beautiful, comfortable and modern.

Browns Gold Coast And Brisbane School

Browns English Language School is also considered one of the best schools in Australia. The school has study centers in the cities of Gold Coast and Brisbane, both in the state of Queensland.

The big difference between Browns school and its wonderful locations is that its academic curriculum is based on the internationally recognized Common European Framework, the so-called “Common European Framework – CEF”. English courses are of high academic quality with core and elective classes focused on individual language skills.

And don’t think that because it’s a good school the fees are very expensive. The school often offers very attractive promotions for Brazilians. Because of this, you can study at a very good school at a good price.

In the same way that the Browns school has academic quality, it offers a great infrastructure in a modern and pleasant environment and with students from different parts of the world.

Escola ELC – English Language Company Sydney

If Sydney is your choice of city, it’s worth getting to know ELC – English Language Company.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that ELC is one of the most awarded schools in Australia as it has been voted many times by the Study Travel Magazine awards, the so-called “Oscars” of schools, as the best English school in the southern hemisphere.

ELC, in addition to having good academic quality, is known for having a great mix of nationalities and a good percentage of Europeans.

If you are thinking about taking a higher education course in Australia, but need to improve your academic English, ELC is a good choice. This is because it has a great Pathway program, which is an English course that prepares the student to enter an Australian college or university. The school thus has partnerships with the best higher education institutions in Australia.

Another big highlight of the school is the job search help program, called the Work Ready Program. The school has a department that helps students on an Australian student visa prepare to work in Sydney. The program includes guidance, preparation and assistance in finding a job.

ELC is located right in the center of Sydney, 5 minutes from the famous Darling Harbor. The school has a very pleasant environment, is spacious and very well equipped.

Langports School Australia

The Langports Australia school has been nominated for the “Study Travel Star Awards” for the last 7 years, the so-called Oscar of international education, as the best English school in the southern hemisphere.

The Langports Australia school has study centers in 3 Australian cities: Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. All centers are well equipped and have central city locations.

The big difference of the Langports Australia school is its teaching methodology. For those who want to take a general English course, the methodology is called UFO which means: USE, FOCUS & OPTIONS. These are the 3 components of the school’s daily timetable available for beginner to advanced levels.

The Langports school’s UFO methodology combines everyday general English classes, a focus on macro skills, as well as elective subjects in the afternoon. Classes are structured according to the student’s strengths and weaknesses. The cool thing is that the student can change their level of English according to the skill being developed. This means that the student will always be in the correct classroom for their level of English.

For students with specific goals or who need certification, Langports offers preparation for the Cambridge, TOEIC and IELTS exams. In any of the course options, classrooms have a maximum of 16 students.

Additionally, the school offers support when looking for part-time work in the city where you are studying. The school offers a workshop called “English for work in Australia”, thus helping in the search for paid work.

Kaplan School Australia

For those who don’t know, Kaplan International is one of the largest school networks in the world, 80 years old and with schools in 10 countries around the world. In all centers, the school receives around 50,000 students of 150 different nationalities annually. Additionally, 97% of Kaplan students recommend the school.

In Australia, the Kaplan network has 6 schools spread across the country, in the following cities. The centers are in the cities of MelbourneSydneyBrisbanePerthCairns and the most recent in Adelaide.

Each school offers a range of courses including General English, Business English and Exam Preparation. Classes at Kaplan schools are dynamic and study materials are exclusive. The K+ school methodology system that combines learning with technology. The method helps students develop English quickly in the classroom, on their cell phones and at home.

Another difference at the Kaplan school is the team of teachers who come from different countries. The teachers are international and therefore know how to better deal with the difficulties and needs of students who are also from different cultures.

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