The 10 Best Colleges In New York 2024 [Updated Ranking]

Care to know the best colleges in New York? New York is known for many things and currently, we are considering the top colleges established in this state. It is definitive that the Largest City in the United States is home to some of the Best Universities in the United States.

There are many colleges established in New York known to offer top educational services but we will compile the 10 of the Best Colleges in New York Latest Ranking.

Aside from the highly-rated higher learning institutions established in New York, it is home to many popular places and top tourist destinations in the World especially Broadway, Wall Street, Lady Liberty and more.

The 10 Best Colleges In New York [Updated Ranking]

If you desire to study in New York and don’t know which of the colleges to enrol in, you have come to the right place and we advise that you read through the article to the end.

Without further ado, we have provided some of the best colleges in New York City which you should consider enrolling.

Top 10 Best Colleges in New York

These are the colleges in New York that are rated to be the best:

#1. Columbia University

Columbia University occupies the number one spot on our list of best colleges in New York latest ranking. It is no surprise that this prestigious Ivy League rated among the Best Colleges in New York City. Columbia University is a private institution established and located in New York City, Columbia.

The institution operates three undergraduate schools which are the Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and the School of General Studies. More so, the college also runs some other graduate and professional schools, including Business School, Teachers College, Law School and College of Physicians and Surgeons. Among the university’s alumni is Barack Obama.

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#2. Cornell University

Cornell University is unmistakably one of the Best Universities in the United States and also among the top colleges established in New York. Cornell University is also one of the prestigious Ivy League group and the first US University to offer a degree in veterinary medicine.

Cornell University has seven undergraduate colleges and they admit their students independently and also provide its faculty, however, every graduate receives a degree from Cornell University.

The institution also has its branch extended outside of the United States-based in cities like Rome where students study art, architecture and urban planning, and a medical college at Education City in Doha, Qatar.

#3. New York University

Coming up in the third spot is New York University rated among the Best Universities in the United States. The institution is a top university not just in New York but also in the world. The institution has a strong international presence having many branches abroad offering different impressive programmes.

The university’s programme is spread across over 20 colleges and schools placed at 5 different locations in and around New York, including the ones at Lower Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. New York University is known for its incredible undergraduate and postgraduate programme in social science, dentistry, nursing and fine arts.

#4. University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is also considered as one of the Best Colleges in New York City. The institution is a private nonsectarian research university that provides educational training to approximately 11,000 students of graduate and undergraduate level.

Some of the prestigious and highly ranked programmes in the institution include William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration, Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Medical Center, Department of Political Science and Department of Economics among others. Also, the Institute of Optics is said to be the oldest educational program devoted to optics.

#5. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

Still, on our discussion on the Best Colleges in New York Latest Ranking, we move to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The school was founded to bring science to everyday life has a highly ranked engineering program.

RPI makes use of a semester-based academic calendar. The school offers unique programmes such as the B.S./M.D. Physician-Scientist Program, which can be completed within the period of seven years, and the B.S./J.D. in Science, Technology and Society Law, which takes up to six years to finish.

#6. Syracuse University

Taking us further in this article is Syracuse University, a private institution and makes use of the semester-based academic calendar. More so, the institution offers undergraduates a variety of study opportunities abroad.

Syracuse University has thirteen schools and colleges such as the Graduate School, the School of Information Studies, and the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics. Most of the educational programmes in this college are highly rated.

#7. Fordham University

Fordham University is another private school of higher learning established in New York and one of the Best Colleges in New York City. The university uses the semester-based academic calendar and has a total undergraduate enrollment of 9,645.

Fordham School of Law is one of the highly ranked programmes in the school. However, the institution has ten different colleges of which four are for undergraduates while six are for postgraduates.

These programmes are spread across the three campuses which are Rose Hill in the Bronx, Lincoln Centre in Manhattan and Westchester in West Harrison all in New York.

#8. Binghamton University

As we gradually close the curtain on our discussion, popping up on our list is Binghamton University which is also rated among the Best Colleges in New York Latest Ranking. The institution majors on liberal arts. The institution enrolls around 13,000 undergraduate and more than 3,000 graduate students. The institution educational pattern is modelled after the University of Oxford in the UK.

#9. University at Buffalo

University at Buffalo is a public research institution in New York and it comes in at the ninth spot on our list and rated among the top university established in New York. The University makes use of the State University of New York (SUNY) system and also operates with the semester-based academic calendar.

University at Buffalo has the highest number of students enrollment in New York with a total undergraduate enrollment of 21,607. This can be attributed to the fact that the institution offers over 100 undergraduate degree programmes, over 200 master’s degrees programme, around 84 doctoral degrees and 10 professional degrees.

These programmes spread across Buffalo’s 13 schools and colleges which are Architecture and Planning, Arts and Sciences, Dental Medicine, Engineering and Applied Sciences, Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Nursing, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Public Health and Health Professions, Social Work, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Graduate Division, a Graduate School of Education, a Law School, and School of Management.

#10. Stony Brook University (SBU)

Stony Brook University comes in at the tenth spot on our list as we wrap this discussion. SBU is a public research institution established in Long Island along with three other universities and it is rated among the Best Colleges in New York City. SBU comprises of 13 schools and colleges in total, including the Graduate School and Honours College.

There is provision for professional programmes as well offered in the school of Sciences with comprises of five schools including Dental Medicine, Nursing, Social Welfare, Medicine, and Health, Technology and Management.


New York has been a major location in the United States of America is home to over 130 institutions that run a four-year degree programme, which is the highest for any state in the country. We believe that you have been well informed concerning the Best Colleges in New York Latest Ranking which comprises of schools that are also rated among Best Universities in the United States.

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This higher schools of learning listed here offers the best and quality educational training you need and prepare you for the future. If you are preparing to enrol into a higher school of learning in New York and confused on which of them to choose, we believe that going through this article will ease your search. Therefore, ensure you go through the list and select the school that best suit you.

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