NIMASA Salary Structure For 2024; Function & Salary Scale

Want to know the current NIMASA salary structure? The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, commonly known as (NIMASA), is an organization set up by the Nigerian government.

It was established primarily to enforce and regulate all foreign and local trade in the country. Aside from this function, the agency is also a large employer in the country, having recruited several thousands of employers across Nigeria.

If you are looking forward to knowing the salary structure for NIMASA, you’d be getting all the needed information in this post. Here, we will carefully explain NIMASA’s salary structure for 2024, as well as the agency’s objective in the country.

NIMASA Salary Structure For; Function & Salary Scale


NIMASA is a government agency in Nigeria, and its main duty is to enforce and oversee foreign and local trade in the country. Since its establishment in 2006, it has been fulfilling its core objectives in the country, ensuring that foreign and local trade is carried out appropriately without breaching any rule laid down by the government.

As a large employer in the country, NIMASA has and keeps providing jobs to thousands of Nigerians. If you intend to work in this agency, or you are simply curious about its salary structure, the information in this post will give you the necessary insight.

NIMASA Salary Structure

If you have been looking for a big agency in the country that offers decent pay, you might want to delve into NIMASA’s salary structure to feed your curiosity. At NIMASA, employees’ salaries are determined by their expertise, level of experience on the job, as well years spent working in the agency. Just like every typical civil service, NIMASA salary scale is determined by the grade of the employee.

Below, you will find the current NIMASA salary structure. We have been able to compile this information based on the earnings of various levels of staff in the agency:

  • Entry-level Salary – NIMASA pays between ₦100,000 – ₦150,000 per month to entry-level employees. Hence, it’s safe to say that one’s annual salary at this level can amount to 1.8 million Naira, including other employee benefits. When compared to other government agencies in Nigeria, this salary for entry-level staff is pretty decent.
  • Grade Level 7 – Staff at this level, earn a monthly salary of ₦90,000. This means that the annual salary would amount to over a million Naira.
  • Grade Level 8 – employees at grade level 8 receive a monthly salary of ₦103,000. Hence, the annual income would amount to over 1.2 million Naira. Unlike some other government agencies, this salary is not bad.

The NIMASA salary structure explained above is what is used to pay most of NIMASA’s employees. The aforementioned salary structure comes before taxes and other important deductions.

Further Details on NIMASA Salary Structure

In as much as NIMASA employees are being given bonuses and other additional allowances, the aforementioned salary structure is the paying scale used by the agency to pay its staff. It’s important you know that the agency can decide to update its salary structure by making some changes. There could be increments or decrements in the NIMASA salary structure.

Having known the salary structure of NIMASA, let’s delve into the core functions of the agency in Nigeria, and why it’s a highly recognized agency in the country.

Functions of NIMASA

Here are some of the main functions of NIMASA:

  • NIMASA regulates and supervises seafarers and shipping licenses certifications
  • The agency improves and enhances the regulatory and shipping matters associated with seafarers’ shipping and merchants.
  • The agency ensures safety standards and also organizes maritime training for newly recruited officers.
  • When required, NIMASA provides rescue services and maritime search.
  • NIMASA regulates the safety of shipping and averts maritime pollution.
  • The agency carries out important tasks related to all ports and flag-state.
  • Lastly, the agency ensures that there is growth and development of local capacity in terms of supervising, owning, and constructing ships and other related amenities.

Job Requirements at NIMASA

If you are thinking of finding employment at this agency, you need to know the necessary requirements that can make you a qualified applicant.

Here are some of the prerequisites that must be met before you can be employed by NIMASA:

  • Applicant must have a degree closely related to the role he or she is applying for.
  • The applicant must have recent paperwork, medical fitness certificates, as well as other valid certificates.
  • If you are applying for an engineering role, you must present a certificate of competency from a recognized university.
  • NYCS certificate
  • Applicants must not be older than 35.
  • Candidate must be computer save


Does NIMASA employ undergraduates?

NIMASA only employs candidates with at least OND. Thus, you must have completed a degree.

Does NIMASA have offices outside Nigeria?

NIMASA does not have any offices located outside the shores of Nigeria.

How long has NIMASA been in existence?

Founded in 2006, NIMASA has been existing for about 16 years.

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Final thoughts: Salary Structure Of NIMASA

NIMASA is among the top 100 government entities in the country, as well as a key contributor to the nation’s economic development and growth. Finding employment at this agency would not only mean that you work for the government, but it also means you have job security. Every civil servant has that. Moreover, this post has also informed you of the agency’s salary structure and job requirements in case you have any intentions of applying for a job at the agency.

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