Iyare Motors Price List 2024 Updated: Terminals & Contacts

Iyare Motors is an indigenous transport company in Nigeria, in this article you get updated information about Iyare Motors price list, Iyare Motors terminals, Iyare Motors price online booking and other services offered by Iyare Motors.

As a popular name in the Nigerian Transport Industry, you must have been contemplating trying out Iyare Motors transport for your journey this is why we have taken our time to publish this review about Iyare Motors Price List for 2024.

As mentioned earlier Iyare Motors is a very popular transport company in Nigeria and is currently ranked as one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria with good success stories, positive reviews and years of quality service being rendered to their customers. The company is a top Nigerian transport company and now a household name in Nigeria.

Iyare Motors Price List: Terminals & Contacts
Iyare Motors Price List | Terminals & Contacts

Nigerian Transportation Sector has grown over the years to be the leading force in Africa and this feat was made possible with efforts made by top Nigerian transport companies like Iyare Motors, Peace Mass TransitABC TransportGUO Transport, Ifesinachi TransportGod is Good Motors, Young Shall Grow Motors, Agofure Motors, and many other popular transport companies in Nigeria.

The business of transport in Nigeria has taken a new leaf and this is now where some business-minded people shift their focus as the transport companies topped as one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria one can invest in earning a mouthwatering return on investment (ROI).

With over 210 million population of Nigerians, there is a huge demand for commercial transportation and this contributes to the economy of the country.

Iyare Motors has made it easier for people to quickly book a bus without stress, no need to stay on queue as there are different avenues to book a ticket likewise there is more than enough buses to cater for their customers.

Without taking much of your time let’s dive into the topic of the day where we let you know about Iyare Motors, Iyare Motors terminals, Iyare Motors online booking, Iyare Motors transport logistics, Iyare Motors Transport/Haulage and many more information about Iyare Motors.

About Iyare Motors

As far as transportation is concerned in Nigeria Iyare Motors comes to mind, this has been a preference for most people living or working in the southern region of Nigeria all through to the middle belt of Nigeria.

Their head office is sited at No 25 Urubi Street, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Over the years Iyare Motors has been providing the best transportation services in Nigeria with their state-of-the-art transport basically conveying commuters or travelers from Benin to Lagos State and also from Lagos State back to Benin.

Nevertheless, Iyare Motors also ply major federal and state roads to other states and cities of Nigeria and has been providing not only the normal transportation but also offer other transport services.

Services Offered By Iyare Motors

Aside from conveying passengers to their destinations safely Iyare Motors also have other services they provide which range from:

  • Courier & Haulage Services
  • Hire Services & Care Leasing
  • Inter-State Transport
  • Intra-State Transport
  • Inter-City Services

Iyare Motors Terminals/ Parks

After making a decision to patronize Iyare Motors you definitely need to see the routes Iyare Motors plies and also Iyare Motors Terminals around you.

It is important to let you know that Iyare Motors only have 2 main terminals, though there are other bus stops or parks you can find them, below are the two terminals:

1. Benin Terminal

Address: 25, Urubi Street, Benin City, Edo State.
Contact: 07086561145

2. Lagos Terminal

Address: 51, Ikorodu Road, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State

Iyare buses Buses from Lagos to Benin do have bus stops and drops where travelers can easily stop some of them are Mile 2, Ajah, Alaba, Iyana Ipaja and Yaba.

Iyare Motors Routes

  • Abuja to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin, Lagos and Warri
  • Onitsha/ Asaba to Abuja, Benin, Lagos and Warri
  • Asaba to Abuja, Benin, Lagos and Warri
  • Warri to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and Port Harcourt
  • Benin to Lagos [Alaba International Market, Ajah, Empire (Surulere),Iyana Ipaja, Maza Maza, Mile 2,Volks and Yaba]
  • Benin to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Lagos and Warri,
  • Lagos-Ajah to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and Warri
  • Lagos-Empire to Abuja, Asaba /Onitsha, Benin and Warri
  • Lagos-Maza Maza to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and Warri
  • Lagos-Mile 2 to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and Warri
  • Lagos-Volks to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and Warri
  • Lagos-Yaba to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and Warri
  • Ikorodu Terminal Iyare Motors Group Of Company 51, Ikorodu road Fadeyi, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State Nigeria

Iyare Motors Price List 2024

 Terminal / Route Price
 Benin to Lagos or Lagos to Benin (Non AC bus)₦7,000 - ₦9,000
 Benin to Lagos or Lagos to Benin (AC bus)₦7,000 - ₦9,000
 Lagos to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and Warri Contact customer care:07086561145
 Lagos to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and WarriContact customer care:07086561145
 Benin to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Lagos and WarriContact customer care:07086561145
 Warri to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin and Port HarcourtContact customer care:07086561145
 Onitsha/ Asaba to Abuja, Benin, Lagos and Warri Contact customer care:07086561145


For online bookings, terminals or parks ticket bookings and through phone calls bookings you can reach Iyare Motors via their Benin and Lagos Head Office and within a minute you have everything sorted out.


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  1. Good afternoon guys please i want to confirm if iyare motors gets to Auchi Edo state and what the current price to board for the trip?

    Please urgent response.

    Thanks i wait response

  2. Pls i will like to take iyare from lagos to benin city.
    26th of december 2023.Am at surulere lagos how can i make it?
    I want to leave before 8a.m.

  3. Hello Isaac,

    Please, I will need to book a full bus from Lagos to Benin on the 28th of November.

    From Ikeja terminal to Benin.

    What is the current price please?

    The last time I used your company, a man called Saheed was the manager then, but I misplaced his number.

    Is Saheed still working with your company? If he is, please help me with his number or someone who could help.

    I like your services.

    Thank you…

    1. The current transport price is unstable due to the fuel issue occurring recently but try prepare your budget around ₦7,000 – ₦9,000. We advise you try ask about Mr. Saheed when you get to the park.

      1. Good morning, please what is your current transportation fare from Lagos to Benin from Iyanakpaja park
        A/c Bus please
        Non A/c Bus

    1. From Lagos to Benin is currently between ₦7,200 – ₦8,800, we cannot predict what the price will be in December as many factors come to play for changes in transport fare.

  4. Pls my vendor took goods to iyare post at ikorodu since August 27 2022 and since yesterday we have been calling the drivers number and a gal has been picking saying d driver is her uncle nd she doesn’t have his number. Okay den my vendor went back to d park to complain they gave her another number and has been switched off. I got ur customer care number nd have been trying it but it’s still switch off. I don’t understand is that how you guys operate pls oo I need my goods.

  5. I have a problem, l sent out a item(Laptop) today which is Tuesday dated June 21th 2022 at about 10am at your park in Urubi, l gave out the item to a driver whose name is Peter with the vehicle no ABH605XA, and phone no is 08073973324, since morning l have been trying to call him but his number isn’t going through. I have called over 1000 times still the same. Now l am confused.

    1. If it is difficult reaching the driver kindly visit the park and inform other Iyare Motors driver, they will be able to help you out.

  6. Pls i forgot my goods coming from Lagos at the Benin park .
    Being calling this number 07086561145 but switched off.
    Pls can you help me .

  7. Pls I’ve been trying to locate you guys address from Abuja to Benin but it’s not coming up
    Kindly help pls

  8. Please have been trying to book a bus ticket from Lagos to benin but I’m not still getting it,can I walk into the park without booking online?? I’d be glad if you can respond as soon as possible cause I need to leave for Benin today 19/3/2023

  9. Greetings, please one Mr Osaze
    the driver (Iyanapaja Lagos to Benin ) is not taking his calls. My customer and I are worried because its an expensive market. He supposed to deliver yester Friday 25th February 2022, he hasn’t delivery, called nor pick up his calls.
    He gave me his call card

    1. We currently don’t have an updated price for that due to the festive period we are in, all prices have been changed.

  10. Hello, good evening to whom it may concern,
    My package was posted, I mean my package was given to one of iyare bus driver since on Friday 10th December 2021,, but up till nw today been Sunday, his number is switched off, pls kindly email me to know d where about of my goods. Thanks

    1. We advise you to call the driver of the bus or go to the terminal/park where the package was given to the driver.

          1. I don’t know the reason why you people gave out number that you can’t pick up if customer calls,trying to reach iyere no one is picking my calls

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