The 10 Best Night Clubs in Lagos [2024]

There are many nightclubs in Lagos that any party freaks and clubbers can visit to enjoy their weekends and free time. Lagos which is known for its usual bustling provides a lot of enjoyment during the nighttime.

There are many clubs, parties and other activities going on at night. No wonder, Lagos is referred to as the city which never sleeps.

We have compiled the list of the best night clubs in Lagos, Nigeria for you to visit during your weekends. Some of these night clubs can be found on Lagos Island while some are on the mainland.

The 10 Best Night Clubs in Lagos

If clubbing and partying has been something you have always enjoyed, you can visit any of the night clubs on our list of best clubs in Lagos today.

List of Best 10 Hottest Night Clubs in Lagos, Nigeria

1. Quilox

This is one of the top hottest night clubs on Lagos island. It’s located in a cool and serene environment around Ozumba in Mbadiwe Road on victoria Island, Lagos. The Lagos nightclub is big and very spacious to accommodate a huge number of clubbers.

It is a neat and lavish nightlife spot with a lot of activities being carried out. Ranging from Drinking in the club bar to eating in its restaurant as well as hitting the dance floor. Depending on your choice, you can choose VIP or VVIP treatment in the club.

2. Escape Nightlife

This is a hub of nightcrawlers as well as one of the top nightlife spots in Lagos. The club is good for fun as well as networking because of different calibers of customers patronize clubs in it.

Escape Nightlife is located in a cool and calm environment with many exquisite facilities and various forms of liquor. Music can be heard blasting in the club by wild DJs. The clubhouse is located at 254B on Adeola Odekin street in Victoria Island.

3. Prive Lounge

As the name implies, the clubhouse provides classic and private lounge services. The popular nightlife spots reek of styles and luxury. Ranging from its bar to restaurants to lounge and even its cigar room.

There are also provisions for yummy food including Prive Sea Food Pasta and so on. It opens every day from 12 pm to 12 am except on Friday which is from 12 am to 3 am. You can visit Prive Lounge at 5b Karimu Kotun Street on Victoria Island, Lagos.

4. Virus Lagos

With the quality clubbing services and fast food offered, no doubt, Virus Lagos Club is one of the top hottest night clubs in Lagos. The club offers every necessity in organizing a hot party.

This includes a spacious and slightly dimly lighted room with a lot of girls in attendance. The club dance floor is mostly filled with people on Wednesday and Friday as songs are being blasted by DJs.

Virus Lagos is one of the popular night clubs in Lagos. True to its name, it has infected and spread its quality clubbing activities to the Lagosians.

5. Club Vegas

This is also one of the best night clubs in Lagos Mainland. Club Vegas is mostly filled with the Lagos big boys and girls as well other fun lovers. The club is stylish and it also provides a quality clubbing experience and facilities. For instance, the dance floor has acoustic which prevents external noise.

Club Vegas drinks and food are also affordable to average Lagosians. You can visit Club Vegas at Sheraton Link Road, Opebi in Ikeja, Lagos.

6. Velvett Club

Velvett club is located on Ideto street in Victoria Island where most Lagosians can be found during the weekend. It is a perfect home for nightcrawlers and party lovers as there is no dull moment in the club. It’s one of the best night clubs on Lagos Island.

7. Club Temptation

This is another Lagos club that is found on the mainland that offers a good and quality clubbing experience to clubbers. The clubhouse drinks and food are affordable an average Lagosians.

Club Temptation is located on the street of Adeniran Ogunsanya in Lagos State

8. Nitro Nightclub

Nitro Nightclub is perfectly fit for clubbers and party freaks as they provide good music with other quality clubbing services. They also provide one of the best Champagne, Cognac, Cocktail, and so on. The interior design is made of a mix of red and black which ignite a cool and fun environment.

Even though most fun-seekers that patronized Nitro Nightclub are big boys and girls, it is also open to all sundry. Nitro Nightclub is located at 14, Adeola Hopewell street in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

9. Garage by Caliente

If you are a fun seeker, looking for a bustling club with affordable drinks and food, Garage by Caliente is your best bet. It’s located on the island with various calibers of guys and babes in attendance. They also play quality music with wild vibes from different DJs.

It’s located on Goriola street in Victoria Island, Lagos. Garage by Calient is also one of the best nightclubs in Lagos.

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10. Club 57

Club 57 which is previously known as Bacchus club is open every day to clubbers. They offer different clubbing services to different customers with exquisite music, meals, and cocktails at affordable prices. The Clubhouse is around Awolowo Road in Ikoyi, Lagos.

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