The 10 Best Paint Brands In Nigeria [2024]

This article provides in-depth information on the top ten best paint brands in Nigeria for the year. Building a house, an office, a school, a place of worship, a hospital, and other structures in many parts of the country today isn’t considered complete without painting them, because paints bring out the beauty of any magnificent edifice through specific colors that come alive in the mind of the viewer or beholder, and there are just the right brands that are very popular among Nigerians.

True, many paint businesses are present across the federation, particularly in Lagos State, Nigeria’s commercial hub, but not all can claim the level of patronage enjoyed by the major paint brands on our list.

The 10 Best Paint Brands In Nigeria

This is a tribute to their excellent quality and durability in the Nigerian paint industry throughout the years, earning them a greater position in the hearts of many Nigerians than other brands.

The various types of paints available on the market can be divided into two categories: decorative paints and industrial paints. Decorative paints are primarily used for painting the interior and exterior of a home, while industrial paints are used for a variety of purposes, the most common of which is industrial painting.

Still, ornamental paints include emulsion, gloss, silk, or satin, whereas industrial paints include, to name a few, motor vehicle paints, marine paints, wood, road markings, bright aluminum, and bituminous.

All of these are made by some of the greatest paint companies in the world, and we urge you to keep reading to learn more about the top paint companies in Nigeria today.


These are the top ten most popular and best-selling paint brands in Nigeria, in no particular order:


Berger Paints is without a doubt one of, if not the finest, paint companies in Nigeria today. The brand is of the highest quality, and it is well-known in Nigeria today.

Berger Paints manufactures a variety of paints to meet the demands of different people based on what they desire, such as Luxol Emulsion, Fire Resistant Texcote, and Luxol Gloss, among others.


Dulux Paints is another high-quality paint brand in Nigeria. Dulux is a worldwide brand that operates in Nigeria through CAP Plc. Dulux Paints, like Berger Paints, is a pioneer in the country’s high-quality paint manufacturing revolution.

The brand provides unrivaled durability and beauty, and it distributes its products to wholesalers and retailers across the federation through its color centers, which were created in 2015.

Dulux Paints has over one hundred and twenty (120) color schemes to choose from, all of which can be applied quickly and precisely. Dulux should be at the top of your list when choosing a paint brand for your next major construction job.


Meyer Paints is currently one of Nigeria’s most popular paint companies. The firm has been in the paint business since 1960 and has progressively improved its image as one of the country’s leading makers of high-quality paints throughout that period.

Meyer Plc produces and sells high-quality paints and adhesives, including architectural paints, wood paints, auto refinishes, industrial and marine, road lining paints, roof coatings, tube coatings, HP coatings, and adhesives. Their products are skillfully designed, long-lasting, and robust, with a high spread in coating and a wide range of colors.


Chemstar Paints Ind. (Nig.) Ltd, the manufacturers of Finecoat Paints, one of Nigeria’s best and most popular paint companies, was founded on May 23, 1995, and began producing and distributing high-quality paints and associated goods from a leased one-room and shop flat at 26, Kayode Street, Ijaiye, Ogba.

Chemstar Paints Ind. (Nig.) Ltd has subsequently relocated to KM 32, Finecoat Bus Stop, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Alagbado, Lagos, where they now have their ultramodern Corporate Headquarters.


President Paints is a pioneer of Nigeria’s indigenous and leading paint manufacturing industry. The firm, which is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, and has development facilities and over 500 retail outlets around the country, is the country’s market leader in the paint sector.

They manufacture high-quality paints ranging from wall satin to water-based varnish, as well as vinyl silk emulsion, emulsion, wood finishes, marine coatings, and other sorts of paints.


Eagle Paints is a Nigerian decorative paint manufacturer that was founded in 1979. This company sells a variety of paint products in a variety of colors. In Nigeria, the brand is a market leader, identified with excellent quality and exceptional value for money.

Eagle Paints views itself as a worldwide manufacturer and provider of decorative paints and solutions for surface treatments, with over 30 distribution locations in the country and exporting to the West African market.

Eagle Paints is one of Nigeria’s direct sales success stories. Emulsions, glosses, eggshells, textured coatings, color consulting/painting/product guidance, and interior/exterior coatings are just a few of their specializations.


Portland Paints and Products Nigeria Plc began as a minor branch of West African Portland Cement, a big cement manufacturer (WAPCO). In 1985, it became a limited-liability corporation (LLC).

In 2004, Portland Paints and Products Nigeria Plc became an independent business, and on April 24, 2008, it became a public corporation. On July 9, 2009, it was listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. After UAC of Nigeria Plc purchased a 51 percent equity share in the firm in June 2013, the company became a subsidiary of UAC of Nigeria Plc.


IPWA Plc, previously International Paints West Africa Limited, is one of Nigeria’s oldest paint manufacturers. It began operations in 1961 and is the country’s second paint business. Their paints come in a variety of colors and are made to international standards. IPWA Plc has a long history of providing high-quality paints for the markets listed below:

Marine and protective coatings, industrial paints, wood finishes, architecture/building paints, packaging coatings, and automotive refinishing are just a few examples. Essentially, this paint firm caters to the upper echelon of the paint industry, where product quality is the most important factor to consider when making a purchase.


Premier Paints is one of Nigeria’s most popular paint brands. Decorative paints, vehicle refinishes, wood finishes, industrial coatings, marine, and protective coatings, to name a few, are among the company’s offerings. The firm is based in Ogun State and sells its goods all throughout the country.


Intercolor Industries Limited has been in business for over 16 years and is one of Nigeria’s top paint companies. The firm is a major and inventive high-end paint producer in Nigeria, with a number of product innovations to its name.

Interior and exterior paints, enamel paints, screeding paints, and specialty paints are among their offerings.

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So, when you are about to buy paint for your next project, you may consider any of the listed top 10 paint brands in Nigeria.

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