15 Youth Empowerment Programmes in Nigeria – Govt & Private

If a country is to grow stronger or become a developed country, the growth depends on efforts made by the youths of the country as regards aiding the economy of the country.

There are millions of youths out there today who has got the skills and potential to help curb the rate at which poverty spreads in the country and all they need is just a push and the finance needed to make things right, but here is the question, are there really any sort of empowerment programmes put in place to aid the youths in curbing economic poverty?

15 Youth Empowerment Programmes in Nigeria - Govt & Private

Today, we bring to you the top Youth empowerment programmes in Nigeria that are known to assist youths in making headway.

Youth empowerment programmes are programs that help the country alleviate poverty up to some extent, imagine if about half of the youths of a particular country were empowered via any of these programs, he or she gets to utilize them in order to make a good living, feed, assist others and even invest future purposes, hence, assisting the national economy.

Sit back and read through carefully as we unveil the 15 best youth empowerment programmes in Nigeria.

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Best Youth Empowerment Opportunities in Nigeria

Over the years lots of youth empowerment programmes have existed in Nigeria, of which some of them are privately owned by some organizations and others government-owned. However, the youths tend to wonder if anything called Youth empowerment programmes really works or even exist.

Over the years, I have witnessed some youth empowerment programs that help in a way or another but the big problem is that the Nigerian Youths don’t have full information about most of these empowerment programs and due to the fact that there’s been a lot of scam activities going on in the country, about three-quarters of the Nigerian Youths if not all have lost hope in any form of Youth empowerment programs, which is why we have dedicated our time to help enlighten the Youths about the existing best Youth empowerment programs.

List Of Youth Empowerment Programmes In Nigeria

1. Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS)

The GIS is one of the best Youth empowerment programmes in Nigeria that has been around for a while, but unfortunately not even half of the youths know about it. This Youth empowerment programme is aimed at creating massive opportunities for 5000 eligible graduates across the country to help mobilize them as functional public/private sector firms and interns ineffective to help promote the development of manpower requirements in other to help drive the Country’s transformation Agenda and Vision.

2. New Era Foundation

Checking out the New Era Foundation, this organization has been around for a long period of time but surprisingly, not many people know about this but the foundation stills help.

The New Era Foundation was incorporated on January 17th of the year 2000 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). However, the launch of the programme and public presentation was held that same year on the 21st of March.

This empowerment programmes appears to be a privately owned empowerment program as the affairs of the foundation were conducted by men and women under the leadership of Senator Oluremi who appears to be the president and founder. The program is geared towards the empowerment of the youths within the family circle.

3. TEF – Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship program

The TEF program is a superb entrepreneurship program set up by a Successful Nigerian Entrepreneur known as Tony Elumelu which makes the organization a privately owned organization program.

This empowerment program is no doubt one of the best you could ever get as the program aims to motivate Nigerian Youths to come up with innovative business ideas that contribute to the growth of the society. However, the organization is set to offer grants to individuals to help bring those ideas to materialization of which after a business proposal is submitted successful participants are set to receive a fund of about ₦2 million.

4. Npower

The Npower program is no doubt one of the most popular Empowerment programme across the country if not the most popular. This empowerment program was practically set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the leadership of President Buhari. Despite the rate of unemployment across the country, the program could still savage up job opportunities for Youths across the country.

The Npower programme is divided into two different categories which are, the graduates and the non-graduates which gives everybody an opportunity to partake in the program.

You can visit the website for more information as regards application via https://www.npower.gov.ng

5. Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria

Similar to the N-Power program, Youwin is another great Youth empowerment opportunity in Nigeria aimed at empowering young Nigerian Youths across the country. This empowerment program was established by the former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan in other to provide financial support to individuals with amazing business plans as well as businesses that need financial support.

However, the organization renders her helping hands in form of grants of which beneficiaries are expected to have a business plan for a duly registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

6. Tradermoni

Here is another great Youth empowerment opportunity initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria launched under the Government Enterprise and Empowerment programme known as GEEP scheme.

This empowerment programme offers you access to interest-free loans targeted at Youths, petty traders, and Artisans across the country. The program is quite an amazing program that could help give your business the boost it requires to be a top business, you could get access to loans without having to worry about paying interest, there is practically no other place to get such an opportunity aside from Tradermoni.

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7. United Nations of Youth Network (Nigeria)

Here we have another superb organization that aims at empowering the Youths across the country for a positive change not only in Nigeria but across the world. This organization appears to be a non-governmental organization and really has the interest of the Youths at heart.

8. Young Entrepreneurs of Nigeria (YEN)

This is one of the most popular Youth empowerment schemes in Nigeria. This program is known to offer extensive leadership training seminars to empower the youths ahead of time. You might be wondering what the essence of this program is, well, this program is aimed towards helping the youths enhance their personal attributes and abilities. This program has been noted to have aided a lot of youths across the country thereby making them self-developed and self-sufficient.

9. Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria

This Youth empowerment organization is an organization known to partner with the Ministry of Communication Technology as well as the Ministry of Youth development function with the aim of encouraging and inspiring the youths that are entrepreneurs across the country.

This organization is known to encourage enterprise development amongst the Youths with the notion that when a youth develops an enterprise, more jobs are created.

10. DEEL –  Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has come up with a Youth empowerment programme that ensures that the youths are empowered with digital skills. The program is aimed at aiding people who are taken out by unemployment into a more profitable job.

However, there’s been a series of programs put in place under this Youth empowerment scheme, hence, the youths can apply for any of these listed programmes under the DEEL Empowerment program;

Work Experience Program (WEP) – The youths are offered an internship opportunity of 3 months for about 5,000 Youths across the country.

Mobile device training targeted for 100,000 youths.


Digital skills ranging from basic, intermediate, and advanced level training projected for 500,000 Youths across the country.

11. Leventis Foundation

Here we have a Youth empowerment foundation that offers a fully-funded one-year intensive Agricultural training for the Youths. This foundation believes in Agriculture as a substantial means of curbing poverty across the country. However, this foundation is also noted to offer varieties of consultancy services as well as targeted short courses in the Agricultural aspects which includes;

Vegetable production, Value chain mapping, Poultry Production, Honey production, Bee-Keeping, Mushroom Production, Fish Farming, and lots more.

The one year intensive training is aimed at exposing the Youths to diverse areas of agriculture and other farm-related businesses.  Meanwhile, admission is opened to both genders to apply, you have no need to worry about your feeding and accommodation as they are well taken care of by the foundation.

Here is where you can apply for the one year intensive program – https://leventisfoundation.org.ng

12. International Movement For Youth Actualisation

This organization is an international-based organization extending helping hands to Nigerian Youths. They are noted to engage in diverse Youth productivity programs that educate and aids the Youths and less privileged to develop themselves and become a useful asset to the Nation and the world at large.

13. Diamond Crest for Youth Education Foundation

This empowerment organization is aimed at enhancing and offering quality education to Youths across the country with the aim of promoting ideas for international and national units through the help of quality education.  More also, the foundation is known for its encouragement of good ad valuable social relationships among the youths through the aid of regular educational activities.

However, this organization makes provision for workshops and seminars in other to promote professionalism and efficiency amongst teachers and educators.

14. International Centre for Development Affairs

Here we have another great Youth empowerment program in Nigeria, though the organization appears to be an international-based organization, but thankfully they have decided to extend helping hands to the Youth of the Country. The organization is aimed at sustaining and leading civil society empowerment through the aid of development education and communication.

15. YISA – Youth Initiative for Sustainable Agriculture In Nigeria

Still on the best Youth empowerment opportunities in Nigeria, we have the YISA organization who has come up with an amazing empowerment scheme in Nigeria that targets the Youths in other to educate, encourage, inspire, support, and train the Youths in the line of agriculture.

Regardless of your educational level or background, the scheme always has something in stock for you. The organization has the notion that Agriculture is not just a development project, it should be seen as an enterprise. As a youth, if you are willing to take up this empowerment program, you can do so via;
Website: https://yisanigeria.org.


Most of the Nigerian Youths today have the notion that Empowerment programmes are programs you just randomly work into and they hand you a whopping amount of cash so you could vanish into thin air, but sincerely that’s not the point, some empowerment programs are meant to show you the way to go about developing yourself, no doubts, the country is economically down which leaves everyone stranded and takes every opportunity to try and get money. But here is the thing, the high time the Youths out there start taking steps to learn something new and develop themselves, the better the country becomes.

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What are Empowerment programmes?

Empowerment programmes are process by which young minds are encouraged to develop themselves and become better people in society.

How do Empowerment programmes work?

Empowerment programmes are put in place to help increase the access to resources to aid proper development of the Youths and society at large.

Are empowerment programmes real?

Yes, Empowerment programmes are real and have helped a lot of Youths across the country.

Are there any Empowerment programmes for 2024?

Yes, there are organizations/foundations out there Organizing Youth empowerment programs, all you need to do is apply via their various websites.

What are the youth Empowerment skills?

The Youth empowerment skills are of 5 types which are; communicative skills, Life Coping Skills, Manipulative Skills, Artistic Skills, and Intellectual Skills.

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