The Best Photography Schools In The World 2024 [Updated]

Are you interested in being a professional photographer? If yes then you must be looking for the best photography schools in the world which is the reason for this article.

Photography is the art of capturing precious snapshots that are becoming more and more fashionable. The reason is that today everyone has a camera, even if it is only the ones that are integrated into mobile phones, which are getting better and better.

But the true lovers of photography have not left aside the traditional camera: the typical SLRs with their tripods. In them, thanks to their various objectives, techniques and lighting, true works of art with images are achieved.

The Best Photography Schools In The World

Although many people are self-taught, photography is learned in specialized image schools and that we can currently find all over the world. 

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If you want to look through an object and capture the perfect photo, we show you the best photography schools in the world, so that you become an expert.

List Of Best Photography Schools In Europe

1. Royal College of Art, England

The Royal College of Art is rated as one of the best photography schools in Europe, it is located in this country and is one of the most acclaimed schools in London. Its photography program requires two years of study to complete, and its values ​​are based on a tradition of innovation and excellence in creative education.

2. Rhode Island School of Design, USA

In the United States there are many schools and universities where you will be able to study photography.

At the Rhode Island School of Design, founded in 1877, you have a four-year undergraduate degree and a two-year graduate degree to specialize in photography, specifically Fine Art.

Also, Parsons School of Design is located in the heart of New York and is one of the best-known in the entire city. With his photography school, you will learn to take successful photos, with his techniques so that the execution is the most correct.

The New York Institute of Photography is another of the institutions where you can train as a photographer thanks to its online and accredited courses. The purpose of these is that you can do them from the place you prefer, adopting your working hours and organizing yourself to work on subjects such as photojournalism and wedding photography.

The SAIC or School of Art of the Institute of Chicago has specific training in photography, starting from its history and reaching the understanding and implementation of exercises and techniques. All this is taught by expert teachers.

Columbia College Chicago has a faculty of photographers where you can train in fashion, commercial or fine art photography. Once your training is finished, you will have the opportunity to make a final exhibition at the Columbia Urban Art Festival.

Another institution worth naming is Kent State University, one of the best photojournalism schools in the United States. Many students carry out their studies at this university so that their training in photography is as complete as possible.

3. College of Art of Paris, France

Since 2010, the College of Art of Paris awards individual titles that have a training and study time of 4 years. You can obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and also in Fashion, courses with which you can specialize in a specific subject or in general photography.

On the other hand, the Spéos photography academy, founded in 1985, has turned 35 years old. All these years endorse it, since it teaches a multitude of photography courses so that students can specialize in the chosen subject. Among the most demanded are photojournalism, fashion photography and sports photography.

Upon completion of these programs, students receive diplomas from the French National Commission for Professional Certification.

4. Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, Spain

The Barcelona School of Design and Engineering is also known as ELISAVA. In it, all students will be able to train with their university studies of Degree, Master, Postgraduate and specialized courses.

To carve out your future as a photographer, you can study the Master in Photography and Design. With it you will learn practical, technical and theoretical knowledge of advanced photography, taught by prestigious professional photographers.

Upon completion of these programs, students receive diplomas from the French National Commission for Professional Certification.

5. Köln International School of Design, Germany

The Köln International School of Design, or KISD, offers a wide variety of photography courses. They combine different approaches, practices and design techniques.

6. Vevey Vocational Education Center, Swiss

In Switzerland there is the Vevey Vocational Education Center, or CEPV, with which you can train in photography and even specify yourself in a specific sector. The programs cover a period of two, three and four years.

7. Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam

The Rietveld Academy is another of the institutions where you can study photography and train in this broad field of study. In this school you can specialize in fashion photography, after completing a year of general photography studies.

8. Zokei University, Japan

Tokyo Zokei University has numerous study programs through various faculties and majors.

The photography studies that you can study at this institution are documentary, creative and photography in contemporary society.

9. Gandhinagar National Institute of Design, India

In India we can find two schools dedicated to the field and study of photography. On the one hand, the Gandhinagar National Institute of Design, where you can study how photography evolves with technology.

On the other hand, we have the Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai. In this institution, founded in 1935, the academic offer of photography is based on specific courses.

10. Reyerson University, Canada

This North American country also has a wide range of training in photography, taught by different universities and institutions. These three are worth naming:

Canada’s oldest digital photography and film school is Reyerson University. This institution has undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the related disciplines of cinema, photography and digital, as well as sports photography and advertising.

The University of Ontario College of Art and Design was founded in 1876 and is also known as OCAD U. Its photography program is one of the best in the country. It has a dark room in color and black and white to be able to work and develop the photographs.

And finally, in Canada, specifically in Vancouver, is VanArts, whose studies focus on an intensive learning program. This is one year long, and with it, you will gain hands-on experience and learn from successful photographers.

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Now that you know the best photography schools in the world we hope you are able to make the right selection, we wish you well in your photography career.

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