The Best Schools to Learn English in South Africa

In this article, we will introduce you to the best schools to learn English in South Africa, one of the destinations that is gaining popularity in recent years not only for its excellent educational programs and highly qualified teachers, but also for its focus on providing a comprehensive experience that Combine English learning with cultural immersion and outdoor adventure.

South Africa, a country full of diversity and cultural wealth, is another destination where you can learn English abroad. In fact, it is quickly positioning itself as one of the most attractive destinations for young people looking not only to improve their English, but also to live an exciting and unusual experience. 

The Best Schools to Learn English in South Africa

Have you ever imagined studying English in the morning, then going out to explore nature reserves with lions, giraffes and elephants in the afternoon, and ending the day relaxing on a paradisiacal beach or enjoying a delicious braai under the stars?

South Africa’s vibrant cities, such as Cape Town and Johannesburg, are the perfect setting for total immersion in the English language. Here, you will find a wide variety of high-quality schools that offer English programs adapted to all needs and levels

However, what really sets South Africa apart as a study destination is the incredible mix of cultures, the friendly spirit of its people and, of course, the chance to experience unique adventures, from safari to surfing, in one place.

HLI (Home Language International)

This school to learn English in South Africa is somewhat special. And, if you choose it, you will stay in the home of a teacher. So the immersive experience is more than assured. This school works with many teachers, which means that each student receives exactly the tutor she needs depending on her particular case.

That is, they will assign you a tutor depending on whether you want to improve your level of English, obtain your certification at a certain institute or simply be able to function in an English-speaking country. 

You will not lack experiences of all kinds, since, externally, you will be able to participate in meetings, excursions or even festive events. Additionally, the school is accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC). That means you won’t have to fear whether the teacher is qualified or not. This seal ensures it.

UCT English Language Center

This English learning school is located right in the center of the Hiddingh Campus in Cape Town. This means that you will have a young environment where you will not lack anything to learn and also have a good time and meet people. It has free bus service, library, cafeteria and even sports clubs.

Regarding the study offer, it is focused on the academic area and the business area. That is, it prepares you both for student life and life outside of it, in the workplace. As a special note, if you are looking to take courses to be your own foreign language teacher, you can also find it here.

EC English Cape Town

With this school to learn English in South Africa, it is located in Cape Town, very close to the leisure and cultural attractions of the area and best of all, with views of Table Mountain that, yes, may distract you. with its majesty while you teach in its fully equipped classrooms. 

In addition, it offers a study area, free Wi-Fi and a living room. Everything to share moments and also, leave South Africa having learned a language that will open the doors wide for you.

Regarding the study offer, this school offers business courses, English for work, exam preparation or even…Immersive Safari! A two-day experience where in addition to learning English, you can enjoy a personalized safari.

International House 

This school is located in Cape Town, right in the center of the city and surrounded by all kinds of leisure areas such as gyms, cinemas or restaurants. Furthermore, very close to it, you can find one of the large shopping centers in the area. 

This school offers a wide variety of courses: from group courses to private classes or English classes focused on business. It is an option that, although it is not as economical as others, does offer you unmatched quality.

Alpha International

This school to study English is located in Pretoria. A school very close to the city and with shopping centers and leisure areas around. In addition, very close you can enjoy the Art Museum and the Gardens of the Unión Buildings, perfect for walking in your free time. Another of its advantages is that it is located near the airport, just half an hour by car. That means you can easily receive visitors…If you want!

This school offers courses for both students and people who want to prepare to teach English. From general English, to focused on business or preparation for IELTS, TEFL and TESOL exams

Alpha International English School

This school is located in one of the most popular destinations in the country, Port Elizabeth. A destination where you will not lack sun, sea and sand. An explosive combination that will make you want to spend the rest of your life in this place. The best of all is that the beach is only 120 meters away. Its facilities offer you all the luxury of comforts: from a garden, a seating area to a cinema room or even a garden where you can enjoy your free time with your colleagues.

This school offers a large selection of courses: from intensive courses to long-term, specialized or business courses. It also offers preparatory courses for exams such as FCE, CAE, CPE or IELTS. An experience from which you will leave with an excellent level of English.

Eurolingua Cape Town

One of the best known in Cape Town. It is located near the Botanical Garden and the promenade, so the views and the cultural and leisure offer are guaranteed. This school offers language immersion programs that cover all types of courses: from general English to English focused on obtaining an accreditation certificate.

On the other hand, its teachers are highly qualified and, according to the reviews obtained, they are not classical teachers. They strive to provide the student with resources through modern and innovative methodologies.

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Getting To Know English Center

Located in Pretoria, this school to learn English in South Africa is located to the west of the city. In a student environment, given its proximity to the city’s university, you can find all kinds of amenities nearby and also very good access to go to other places. Regarding its study offer, it offers English as a second language classes, preparation for exams such as IELTS and TOEFL or specialized English in business administration.

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