The 7 Best Water Parks in the United States

Do you want to visit the best water park in the United States this vacation? If you are looking for a vacation with lots of water, sun, slides and fun, the United States is the ideal destination for you.

The North American nation is number one in this type of entertainment. Therefore, here you can find water parks that adapt to all your needs, and especially if you go with the little ones in the house.

Fortunately, you will not have to research various websites to choose the most suitable water park for you in this country. In this post we have prepared a top of the best 7 water parks in the USA.

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The Best Water Parks in the United States

Ready to take advantage of the best summer vacations in the United States? We have selected for you the best water parks of all. Each one with its very attractive special characteristics and the best of all is that its prices adapt to any budget.

#1. Noah’s Ark. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Dells is world-renowned for its impressive water parks. The most incredible of all is Noah’s Ark Park, as it is the largest in the entire country. It has more than 70 acres of sites with water attractions, 10 waterslides, roller coaster, swimming pools, boats, rivers, areas for young children and theater. The black Anaconda roller coaster reaches 30 mph and you have 6 climbs. Its entry price is around $35.

#2. Raging Water Los Angeles. San Dimas, California

If you are going to spend your holidays on the West Coast, you cannot miss this water park. Raging Waters is the largest water park in the entire territory. The most striking and extreme attraction of all is the Honolulu Half Pipe slide.

This has a 4-story high tube that gives visitors a feeling of free fall. This site also has even taller slides like the 6-story Cliffhanger. The estimated price of this water park is $39, but if you buy the tickets in advance you will have a great discount.

#3. Blizzard Beach Typhoon Lagoon. Orlando, Florida

These parks are ideal for those who want to have a feeling of being in contact with nature. These water parks are the most visited and it is not for less, because they belong to Disney. Blizzard Beach Park creates the feeling of a ski resort and Typhoon Lagoon resembles a tropical paradise.

Among its many attractions are its incredible slides, the raft ride, an area for young children and a surf pool. It also has a 120-meter long aquatic roller coaster. This is located in Walt Disney World Resort. The cost of entry to these parks is $65.

#4. Splashin’ Safari. Santa Claus, Indiana

This park is the most attractive for children, as it has huge slides with bright colors. It also has the longest water roller coaster in the world and several areas to enjoy a delicious meal. Another advantage of this water park is that by purchasing the entrance ticket you can also use it to access the traditional Holiday World theme park. The cost to spend a day of fun in this attractive park is $49.

#5. H2OBX. Powells Point, North Carolina

This incredible water park is the perfect option to enjoy with all the members of the family. Its various attractions are adapted to all ages, therefore, this site seeks to give its visitors the feeling of being on a beach.

Among its most prominent attractions is the Rogue Wave, which sends users’ rafts down a large parachute. In this park, you can find various ticket offers, with discounts for those who are staying in the town, local residents and the military.

#6. Aquatica Orlando. Orlando, Florida

In this water park, every minute is of extreme fun, where it has a colorful and tropical aspect. Each of its attractions are named after animals, therefore, they are easy to know. In addition, it has characteristics related to these names, for example, the Dolphin Plunge ride is a water tube that sends visitors to an area full of beautiful dolphins. The price of your ticket is approximately $50, but if you buy your ticket online and days in advance you can have a discount of up to 30%.

#7. Kalahari Resort Poconos. Pocono Manor, Pennsylvania

If you want to enjoy a more private and exclusive water park, this will be your perfect option. This is one of the most attractive indoor water parks in America. It has approximately 24 slides and many additional attractions. It also has various areas for competitions and special areas to taste a delicious meal.

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The cost of entry to this park is approximately $70. Although its price is a bit higher than other water parks, you can enter for free if you stay in one of the guest annexes.

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