Abdul Samad Rabiu Net Worth & Bio: Age, Fact, BUA Group

Who is Abdul Samad Rabiu? In this article, we reveal hidden information about BUA Group CEO Abdul Samad Rabiu net worth, biography, age, Abdul Samad Rabiu family, Abdul Samad Rabiu wife, Abdul Samad Rabiu children, Abdul Samad Rabiu daughters, career, businesses, his investments, and other facts you do not know about the 2nd richest Hausa man.

A lot of information isn’t made public about the industrialist and billionaire Abdul Samad Rabiu who happens to be the CEO and Chairman of BUA Group, we have taken our time to source those details and compiled accurate information about him.

If you really want to know about Abdul Samad Rabiu biography, Abdul Samad Rabiu current net worth and other details about him make sure you meticulously read this article to the end.

Before we dive into the full biography of Abdul Samad Rabiu, let us quickly take you through Abdul Samad Rabiu profile.

Abdul Samad Rabiu Profile

Full Name: Abdul Samad Isyaku Rabiu
Popular Name: Abdul Samad Rabiu
Date of Birth: August 4, 1960
Age:61 Years
Place of Birth:Kano State
Nationality: Nigerian
Wife/Spouse (Name): N/A
Education:(Economics) Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, USA
Children: Isyaku Rabiu, Junaid Rabiu, Rukkayah Rania Rabiu and Khadijah Rabiu
Profession: Businessman
Net Worth: $7.2 billion

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Abdul Samad Rabiu Net Worth & Bio: Age, Fact, BUA Group
Abdul Samad Isyaku Rabiu – CEO of BUA Group


Abdul Samad Isyaku Rabiu was born on the 4th of January 1960, his father is Khalifah Isyaku Rabiu one of the top industrialists in Nigerian the 1970s and 1980s though now late, his father was an entrepreneur who got his wealth through sales of commodities and Abdul Samad Rabiu father influenced him which is one of the reasons why he is also one of the richest men in Nigeria currently.

He was born in Kano State and had his childhood there, Abdul Samad Rabiu had his basic education in Kano state before proceeding to the United States to bag a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the Capital University in Colombus, Ohio, USA before he later returned to Nigeria.

At age 24 Abdul Samad Rabiu came to Nigeria to handle his family business when his father got detained by General Muhammadu Buhari for allegedly not paying import duties of rice he imports from abroad.

Abdul Samad Rabiu isn’t the only child of his father as he has 42 siblings who are also doing well in their respective businesses. Some of the popular siblings of Abdul Samad Rabiu are Nafiu Rabiu and Rabiu Rabiu who happen to be the chairman of IRS Airlines.

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From then till this moment Abdul Samad Rabiu has achieved a lot, he is the founder and Chairman of BUA Group, a Nigerian conglomerate that has various companies under it, the group is into infrastructure, agriculture, logistics, manufacturing, port operations, and real estate. Aside from the mentioned Abdul Samad Rabiu is also the current Chairman of the Nigerian Bank of Industry.

Abdul Samad Rabiu Family

Who is Abdul Samad Rabiu married to? Abdul Samad Rabiu wife name is not made known to the public but it is a known fact that Abdul Samad Rabiu is happily married and blessed with children. Some of his children are; Isyaku Rabiu, Junaid Rabiu, Rukkayah Rania Rabiu and Khadijah Rabiu.

Abdul Samad Rabiu Daughter

There have been so many questions on who Abdul Samad Rabiu Daughters are, probably by those who intend to ask for the hand of one of his daughters in marriage, Abdulsamad daughter Khadijah Rabiu also calledCookie” by her friends and family members is known to live a private life so in this case there is no much information gathered about her.

Khadijah Rabiu - Abdulsamad daugter

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Business & Entrepreneurial Journey

As stated earlier Abdulsamad Rabiu career as a businessman started when he was at the young age of 24 when there is a need for him to come down to Nigeria to oversee his father’s business when his father got detained by the government based on unpaid import duties on rice. Abdulsamad Rabiu was not experienced but he was able to handle his father’s business during his absence with good turnaround of the companies operation.

With the gathered experience he had while handling his father’s business he was able to start up his own business in 1988 named BUA International Limited and through the years this company has grown into a conglomerate.

BUA International Limited was into importation of rice, edible oil, flour, steel, and iron, in 1990 Delta Steel Company which is owned by the government had a contract with BUA with the agreement set on BUA supplying raw materials in exchange for finished products and this fetched BUA a huge income which was then used to start manufacturing and also expand in the importation of other products. The company started construction of multiple rolling mills, production of billets and many more.

After there has been a massive constant success in the company BUA acquired Nigerian Oil Mills Limited which was the largest edible oil processing company in Nigeria, later on, the company started building flour-milling plants in Kano State and Lagos state, it also commissioned the second-largest sugar refinery in Sub-Saharan Africa.

That wasn’t enough as the company also took a move to start a cement plant in Edo State worth $900 million. Now BUA boasts of the following subsidiaries; BUA Oils, BUA Ports & Terminals, BUA Sugar, BUA Cement, and also BUA Estates.

Philanthropy of Abdulsamad Rabiu

Abdulsamad Rabiu is a philanthropist right from his youth days, he is a kind-hearted man who has decided to give back to society and he is doing this well through BUA Foundation, this is a foundation created for the purpose of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) i.e the foundation goes around to develop talented young athletes and provide all that is needed.

Aside from the CSR aspect the foundation also gives support to the health sector with various donations of medicine, healthcare equipment e.t.c. it also gives support to people who need medical assistance and other foundation like the Daniel Ogechi Akujobi Memorial Foundation located in Ogun State likewise the Cancer Centre in FCT Abuja.

Net Worth

Abdul Samad Rabiu net worth is currently estimated at $7.2 billion, his earnings are attributed to income from his various companies and shares. He sees a rise in his worth from $1.9 billion to $7.2 billion after the listing of BUA Foods on the Nigerian Exchange on the 5th of January 2022, after it received the requisite approvals from the regulatory authorities.

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Awards & Recognitions

Abdul Samad Rabiu net worth and biography wouldn’t have been complete without mentioning his rewards for hard works, below are his awards and recognitions:

  • In 2011, Commander of the Order of the Federation, Nigeria
  • In 2012, The Sun Newspaper Business Person of the Year Award
  • In 2015, Vanguard Newspaper Lifetime Achievement Award
  • In 2015, Forbes’ Africa’s 50 Richest
  • In 2016, West Africa Industrialist of the Year by CNBC, All Africa Leaders Award
  • In 2016, Forbes’ Billionaires
  • In 2017, Silverbird Group – Silverbird Extraordinary Business Achievement Award

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