The 10 Biggest Churches in United Kingdom [2024 Updated]

Do you want to know the biggest churches in the United Kingdom? People usually think of churches as places to worship, but most times being connected to a big church is essential.

You may wonder why. In a moment, we’ll get to that, but first, here are a few facts about big churches in the United Kingdom that you should know.

  • They have a firm conviction in the reality of a God who is interested in interacting with humanity, and they understand their existence to be God’s. 
  • They believe their success is from deep and passionate commitment to prioritizing God above all other concerns.

Now, here’s why being connected to a big church is essential.

The 10 Biggest Churches in United Kingdom

Though most big churches hold the view that God, and not church membership, is the means by which lives are transformed. 

The truth is, big churches are often a good place for people who are new to a town or country to meet people and make friends.

They also provide instruction in a wide variety of related fields, such as management, oratory, culinary hygiene, and education.

The development of an entrepreneurial spirit is another benefit of these being connected to a big church.

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Are you looking for a big church in the United Kingdom to be connected to? If yes, this article is for you. keep reading because we’ve got you covered.

10 Biggest Churches in United Kingdom

Here’s the list of the 10 largest churches in the United Kingdom.

1. Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC)

Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) is the biggest church in the United Kingdom, located in London, England and was established in 1992 with two hundred adults and one hundred youngsters.

Matthew Ashimolowo serves as the pastor of the church. For nine years, it stood on a plot of land measuring 9.5 acres (38,000 square meters) in Hackney, London, not far from Olympic Village.

Eventually, the church bought and relocated to its current, larger location, Prayer City, in Chatham, Kent, although it still maintains its Walthamstow location.

The main church currently sees upwards of 12,000 visitors each Sunday.

2. Kensington Temple

In 1849, the Hornton Street Congregational Church in Notting Hill began using what was then known as Horbury Chapel.

In 1930, George Jeffreys bought the building. In 1935, it morphed into the Kensington Temple Church of the Foursquare Gospel, but in the early 1900s, it was known as the Bible-Pattern Church Fellowship, Elim’s church. 

In the early 1960s, the building was once again used for Elim Church purposes, and in 1965, the church as it is today was established by Elim minister Rev. Eldin Corsie. 

The church’s membership increased from 600 in the late 1960s and early 1970s, when he was pastor, to several thousand people when Rev. Wynne Lewis took over.

The church currently sees 7,000 worshippers every Sunday making it one of the 10 biggest churches in the United Kingdom.

3. Holy Trinity Brompton

HTB is the initial of the church whose full name is Holy Trinity Brompton an Anglican church in London. 

The church has six locations: Holy Trinity Brompton on Brompton Road, Holy Trinity Brompton on Onslow Square (formerly St. Paul’s, Onslow Square), Holy Trinity Brompton on Queen’s Gate (formerly St. Augustine’s, South Kensington), Holy Trinity Brompton on Courtfield Gardens, Holy Trinity Brompton on St. Francis Dalgarno etc.

It is one of the most important churches in England and also one of the 10 biggest churches in the United Kingdom. The weekly Alpha course alone draws several hundred people each week.

The church currently sees more than 4,500 worshippers each Sunday.

4. Life Church UK

Bradford, England, is home to the Christian megachurch LIFE Church UK, formerly known as the Abundant Life Church. They call themselves “one church, three locations” because they also have a location in Warsaw (Bradford, Warsaw, and Online). 

Regular online broadcasts of Sunday services are available. Over 2,000 people showed up in 2003, and over 2,800 showed up in 2006. 

The Charismatic Restoration movement founded by Arthur Wallis serves as the foundation for LIFE Church. 

In 1976, Bryn Jones, an early leader in the Restoration/British New Church movement, merged three small Bradford churches: the charismatic Brethren Assembly, which met in the Bolton Woods Gospel Hall; the independent charismatic church, which was made up primarily of former Baptists who had been expelled from their church due to their charismatic beliefs; and the New Covenant Church, a fellowship originally under the apostolic leadership of G. W. North. 

It was first called Church House because it used to meet in the Anglican Church House.

After a period of being called Abundant Life Church, the name was changed to LIFE Church in 2012 to reflect a transition into a new era under different leadership.

Regular radio and TV broadcasts have helped spread the word about LIFE Church since the year 2000. All over the world, you can catch these shows on stations like God TV, United Christian Broadcasters, and the Australian Christian Channel.

The church currently sees over 3000 worshippers each Sunday.

5. Hope City Church

Hope City Church was formerly a multisite church until 2021. It’s a charitable church made up of six separate churches in the UK. Hope City Church is one of the 10 biggest churches in the United Kingdom.

Dave and Jenny Gilpin, Australians who saw the Hillsborough disaster and decided to move to Sheffield, launched the church there in 1991. 

It’s a church that was born out of tragedy and a church that is based around one crucial four-letter word “hope”

The church gained widespread attention after it launched a massive advertising campaign that featured billboards and bus sides proclaiming the church was not your typical church.

Hope City Church.has established itself in Leeds, Newcastle, Sunderland, Birmingham, Lancashire, Ghana, Frankfurt, Germany, Darmstadt, Germany, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and London. 

They’ve grown to be 3,000 strong across 11 different countries.

6. New Wine Church

The New Wine Church, or Gateway House as it’s more commonly known, is a big church in Southeast London that welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds. 

The first church gatherings took place in a rented building. Next, they acquired one of Woolwich’s four movie theaters and revamped it. 

The church currently sees over 3000 worshipers each Sunday. It is located in the old Coronet Theater building, which has a view of the Woolwich Ferry.

7. Freedom Church

With the mission to “Connect Anyone, Anywhere, to a Life Changing Relationship with Jesus Christ,” Freedom Church is an international, non-denominational, evangelical Christian congregation with branches in more than 40 countries.

Back in 1988, Pastors Gary and Heather Snowzell started what was then called New Life Church, which later changed its name to Freedom Church. 

Originally called Leominster Church, the church relocated from Herefordshire to Hereford around 2005 and adopted the current name, Freedom Church. 

Throughout Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe, it has established a physical presence.

Freedom Church joined forces with the South Carolina-based Southern Baptist megachurch NewSpring in 2011. 

The two groups came together to aid Freedom Church in its mission of global church planting but, in December of 2017, the arrangement formally ended.

Freedom church usually sees 2800 worshippers on Sunday.

8. All Souls Church

Located at the northern end of Regent Street in the Marylebone neighborhood, All Souls Church is a conservative evangelical Anglican church in the heart of London. 

It was built by John Nash in his signature Regency style and opened in 1824.

John Nash, King George IV’s favorite architect, was responsible for the design of the church. 

All Souls Church had continued to grow since its establishment making it one of the 10 biggest churches in the United Kingdom. The church currently sees over 2,300 visitors each Sunday.

9. KingsGate Community Church

The KingsGate Community Church began in Peterborough, England, and has since grown into a massive Christian congregation. 

In 1988, Dave and Karen Smith founded what was then called Peterborough Community Church. 

In 1988, when services were first being held, only nine people showed up at the house where it was held.

The congregation relocated to its new £7 million, 84,000-square-foot building in 2006. The building features an auditorium with a capacity of 1,800 people, as well as meeting rooms, offices, kitchen facilities, and children’s rooms.

KingsGate Community Church has four locations. KingsGate opened a new facility in Cambridge in September 2010. KingsGate opened its newest facility, in Leicester, in February 2014. They later opened their fourth London facility in October 2018. The church currently sees over 2,200 worshippers each Sunday.

10. Hillsong Church UK

The United Kingdom branch of the charismatic Christian non-denominational church Hillsong Church was originally established in 1992 as the London Christian Life Centre by Gerard and Sue Keehan, the church later changed its name to Hillsong Church London in 2000. It is located in Western Sydney, Australia.

Tim and Nicola Douglass, formerly of the Melbourne Hillsong church, were appointed as pastors of Hillsong London in February 2021. 

After Australian senior pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston stepped down from international responsibilities, Gary and Cathy Clarke were promoted to take their place. 

Hillsong Church is also among the 10 biggest churches in the United Kingdom. It currently sees over 2,000 worshippers every Sunday.

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Where is the biggest church in the United Kingdom located?

The biggest church in the United Kingdom is located in England.

Which Church is the biggest church in the United Kingdom?

Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) is the biggest church in the United Kingdom.

Which church has the most members in the United Kingdom?

Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) has the most members in the United Kingdom.

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