Full Biography Of Bobrisky & Net Worth: [Nigerian Cross-Dresser]

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju popularly known as Bobrisky is a controversial Nigerian male Barbie who loves social media attention and also has been a thorn on most Celebrities’ flesh. So much about his personality has made us write about the biography of Bobrisky, his net worth, businesses, education, family and many other kinds of stuff about him.

The name Bobrisky is a very popular name in Nigeria and this has to do with the kind of lifestyle he lives, he flaunts expensive flashy cars, new mansions, exotic gadgets, money and other material things.

What interests most people is how he was able to transform himself into a beautiful female which has some curiosities surrounding it ranging from plastic surgeries, bleaching creams, make-ups and many more.

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Before we dive into the full biography and net worth of Bobrisky, let us provide you brief profile information about Bobrisky.

Bobrisky Profile

Full Name:Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju
Date of Birth:31st, August 1991
Place of Birthn:Ebute Metta, Lagos
Married ToN/A
Education:University of Lagos
Occupation:Entrepreneur & Model
Net worth:$250,000
Social Contact:Instagram @Bobrisky222 & Snapchat Bobrisky

As a troublesome person that always finds his way to make news headlines, you will definitely love to read more about him and his interesting posts, follow me as I reveal the full biography of Bobrisky and all you need to know about him.

Biography Of Bobrisky

Who is Bobrisky? Bobrisky has been a household name and he is among the top trending name in Africa, he is known for his sexuality and also for his social media pots which drives huge fans to him making him a celebrity all of a sudden.

A lot is hidden about Bobrisky whether he is gay or not, this is because of his relationship with Tonto Dikeh, they have been best of friends ever since Bobrisky came out to reveal he is gay.

Bobrisky Before and After Photo

Bobrisky got the social media attention and came into limelight after revealing his sexuality of which he was arrested for it, not quite long he got released and from then he has been the talk of the moment up till today.

Early Profile

Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju was born on the 31st of August 1991 into a polygamous family, his father was married to three wives and he is the youngest of the family.

He lives his life as a normal kid while growing up but he has always loved mimicking the females which is seen as the result of him being a gay and male barbie as he is popularly called.


Okuneye Idris had his elementary education and he furthered his Secondary school education at the famous King’s College. After his secondary school education, he got admission into the University of Lagos popularly known as UNILAG.

At UNILAG he was fully engaged in student fun activities, he was a choreographer and this gave him the opportunity to learn dancing, he taught people on how to danced and also do attend various events at school which earned him some money.

As a fashionista with his sense of fashion, he won the award  “Best Dressed Male” at his faculty in UNILAG.

Personal Lifestyle

Bobrisky said he wanted to be female, he has been wanting to be a female right from his kid days and this attracted a lot of beating from his mom.

You need to see Bobrisky mom, a very elegant, beautiful and light-skinned woman, she never wanted this kind of lifestyle for his son but little could a mother do, he made his choice and this has been paying off.

Bobrisky was once based in Ogun state before moving down to Lags state where he started selling wears and fashion accessories. He started his journey on Snapchat and Instagram and has a huge fan base.

The Bobrisky we know is totally different from what we see now as he was dark-skinned before, when he made it known that he is gay the whole social media started bubbling and he became the most searched person on the internet.

His transformation has been the unbelievable one as he changed from being black to white. The secrete of his bleached skin got the attention of many most especially the females and they are interested in knowing what he actually used.

Bobrisky started his bleaching business on a full scale and also does other fashion business with it. His sense of entrepreneurship makes most people develop an interest in him while ignoring the negative side of him.

He deals in whitening body cream, for skin and palms and other things to tone your body completely. He has been a major competition in the bleaching cream business.

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He never denied being gay, in fact, he was so proud of it as he usually mentions his boyfriend who gave him 7million Naira and also bought him a Benz.

Bobrisky is known to roll with top-class personalities like the politicians, commissioners and so on, though this wasn’t made open. He has been in some brawl which made the social media boil. He is a lover of expensive gadgets and he is materialistic in nature, loves flashy things.

House & Cars

The biography of Bobrisky will not be complete without telling you about his wealth, cars and houses. Bobrisky owns a five-bedroom duplex in the Lekki area of Lagos State, the house is well furnished and the interior and furnishing alone cost about 12 million Naira according to him.  There is also a new update of another of his new house he is about to unveil.

Aside from his house, he also has a great taste for cars most especially Benz and Range Rovers. He is no doubt a wealthy person, he also claimed his store alone worth over 30 Million Naira and also having over 40 Million Naira in two different Nigerian banks.

With the love he has for business we cannot deny the fact that he is rich.

Is Bobrisky Gay?

Bobrisky himself has said this times without numbers, he transformed himself into a female, who does that if not a gay? Aside from the information circulating the internet about him we never can tell where he actually belongs.

He once claimed he is in a relationship with the fourth richest man in Africa who we know is married, after that, we also discovered he is in a relationship with Tonto Dikeh of which both of them kissed on many occasions and are always very close having each other’s back.

So we cannot really ascertain his sexuality as this remains sketchy.

Net Worth

Bobrisky net worth is currently estimated to be over $250,000, all these are attributed to the free money he gets from his boyfriends and his cosmetics and fashion business. He is also someone who loves to take advantage of opportunities.

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