50 Most Valuable Companies In Africa – (Updated List)

What are the most valued companies in Africa? This article is centered on the 50 most valuable companies in Africa currently. As every continent of the world is striving to escape the negativity that comes with the pandemic some have dropped out of business while some are still waxing strong, this leads us to the topic and the reason why we need make quality research on the most valuable companies in Africa.

Africa is globally seen as a struggling continent as there is a high level of poverty ravaging countries in Africa, this wasn’t so in the 90s but lately, there has been a lot of negative reports coming from Africa, poverty, underdevelopment, lack of stable electricity in most countries, wars and many more.

All the mentioned issues cant make a company thrive and even with this some companies in Africa were able to stand out, there has been some increase in growth for some companies and these companies will be mentioned based on rankings focused on the most valuable.

Market capitalization is the current market value of publicly-traded company’s outstanding shares, the shares are equal to the share price multiplied by the number of the outstanding shares.

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Without further ado, below is the table showing the top 50 most valuable companies in Africa.

50 Most Valuable Companies In Africa

RankCompanyCountryMarket cap
1.ProsusSouth Africa$119.14
2.NaspersSouth Africa$62.26 billion
3.Financière RichemontSouth Africa$28.00 billion
4.Anglo AmericanSouth Africa$22.62 billion
5.Anglo American PlatinumSouth Africa$13.05 billion
6.FirstrandSouth Africa$12.55 billion
7.Vodacom GroupSouth Africa$12.48 billion
8.Maroc TelecomMorocco$11.08 billion
9.Standard Bank GroupSouth Africa$10.12 billion
10.SafaricomKenya$9.97 billion
11.AngloGold AshantiSouth Africa$8.76 billion
12.South32South Africa$8.36 billion
13.MondiSouth Africa$7.68 billion
14.SanlamSouth Africa$7.11 billion
15.Attijariwafa BankMorocco$6.99 billion
16.Capitec Bank HoldingsSouth Africa$6.82 billion
17.Kumba Iron OreSouth Africa$6.11 billion
18.Commercial International BankEgypt$6.06 billion
19.Gold FieldsSouth Africa$5.49 billion
20.MTN GroupSouth Africa$5.33 billion
21.Dangote CementNigeria$5.19 billion
22.Sibanye-StillwatersSouth Africa$4.90 billion
23.MTN NigeriaNigeria$4.77 billion
24.Bid CorpSouth Africa$4.59 billion
25.Impala Platinum HoldingsSouth Africa$4.57 billion
26.RemgroSouth Africa$4.30 billion
27.RMB HoldingsSouth Africa$4.11 billion
28.Banque Centrale PopulaireMorocco$4.07 billion
29.Shoprite HoldingsSouth Africa$4.05 billion
30.B2Gold CorpNamibia$3.79 billion
31.Absa GroupSouth Africa$3.70 billion
32.Clicks GroupSouth Africa$3.64 billion
33.DiscoverySouth Africa$3.30 billion
34.BUA CementNigeria$3.11 billion
35.Nedbank GroupSouth Africa$3.07 billion
36.Old MutualSouth Africa$2.95 billion
37.Airtel AfricaNigeria$2.92 billion
38.Bidvest GroupSouth Africa$2.91 billion
39.Tullow OilGhana$2.89 billion
40.LafargeHolcim MarocMorocco$2.81 billion
41.Aspen Pharmacare HoldingsSouth Africa$2.74 billion
42.SasolSouth Africa$2.57 billion
43.Mediclinic InternationalSouth Africa$2.57 billion
44.Qatar National Bank AlahlyEgypt$2.47 billion
45.AssoreSouth Africa$2.43 billion
46.Vodafone EgyptEgypt$2.39 billion
47.Northam PlatinumSouth Africa$2.30 billion
48.Growthpoint PropertiesSouth Africa$2.29 billion
49.SonatelBRVM$2.17 billion
50.Exxaro ResourcesSouth Africa$2.16 billion

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