Full Biography Of Iyabo Ojo & Net Worth: Career, Assets and Family

Iyabo Ojo is a household name as far as it has to do with Nollywood movies. She is an A-list actress and one of the most prolific actresses Nollywood has ever produced. We have full information about this great icon and we wish you can take your time to read this article till the end and get familiar with the full biography and net worth of Iyabo Ojo.

Iyabo Ojo Profile

To quickly take a peep at Iyabo Ojo’s bio, we have created a table below showing brief information about her.

Full Name:Alice Iyabo Ojo
Popular Name:Iyabo Ojo
Date of Birth:21st, December 1977
Place of Birth:Lagos State
Native language:Yoruba
EducationLagos State Polytechnic
HusbandNone (Divorced)
ChildrenFelix Ojo and Priscilla Ajoke Ojo
Occupation:Nollywood and Yoruba actress, TV personality, director and a philanthropist
Net worth:$600,000

Iyabo Ojo Biography

Alice Iyabo Ojo well Known as Iyabo Ojo is a Yoruba and Nollywood movie producer, actress, director and businesswoman, Iyabo Ojo was born on the 21st of December 1977 and she is the last born of her family and third child having two elder brothers.

Iyabo Ojo is originally from Ogun State, Abeokuta precisely but was born in Lagos state. She is a famous actress and all these began when she was little before reaching stardom.

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Early Profile

Iyabo Ojo started her career right from secondary school, she participates in different drama groups and this is definitely the reason why she is so experienced and talented.

Iyabo Ojo was married and now divorced, she claimed the reason why there are issues in her marriage is mainly that she got married at an early age.


As stated earlier, Iyabo Ojo was married to Mr. Ojo, he is a key player in the Nigerian movie industry “Nollywood” and he is also a movie marketer based in Lagos State.

Iyabo Ojo career actually started fully with the help of her husband who has always been so supportive of her and their marriage. The union was blessed with two kids, a boy and a girl “Felix Ojo and Priscilla Ajoke Ojo“, both born in 1999 and 2001 respectively.

Iyabo Ojo Children

The family was blessed and doing fine not until 2013 when the media space got filled up with the divorce stories and Iyabo taking steps to change her movie production company from Iyabo Ojo Films Production to Fespris Production.

Their divorce was related to early marriage and she claimed her husband wanted to be married and still live a bachelors lifestyle while she wanted him to stay home and quit such life, she made it known that there are some things she found missing in him and some he found missing in her so to cut the long story short they are both not compatible.

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Iyabo Ojo had her primary education, secondary and tertiary education in Lagos state. Her basic education took place at the National College, Gbagbada, after graduating from secondary school she decided to further her education and then she studied Estate Management at the Lagos State Polytechnic.

She said she had to quit school so as to focus on her kids, that was when she got pregnant and had to get married so their children will not be born out of wedlock.


Though Iyabo Ojo has been acting since her secondary school days and also got some assistance from her husband but she actually became famous after the divorce.

Iyabo Ojo’s career officially started in 1998 when she featured in the movie “Satanic”, this movie gave her the podium into greatness, from then other movie producers started featuring her and she is a member of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

Since her start as an official actress till today she has acted in over 180 movies of which she had over 14 movies of her own, she has also been in the movie industry for over 2 decades now.

Her first movie was titled “Boluwatife” and after that, she had Esan, Ololufe, Bofeboko and many more which are top class movies that are one of the most-watched Nollywood Yoruba movies, she also acts in Nollywood English movies.

Aside from being an actress Iyabo Ojo is also a movie producer, scriptwriter, director and also a philanthropist, she launched her NGO which she named “Pinkies Foundation”, the foundation is specially launched in 2014 for African children who are less privileged and mostly for the children with special needs.

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Awards and Recognition

Iyabo Ojo is no doubt one of the best actresses in Nollywood, she is a successful actress also and also one of the most beautiful actresses with sauce. She is very talented and hardworking as you see her feature in almost all the Yoruba movies released.

Her hard work has immensely contributed to the success and growth of Nollywood and this calls for a reward. She has received a lot of awards and endorsement deals.

Iyabo Ojo House

Iyabo Ojo some months back published on her social media account that she just acquired her home. She owns a mansion in the Lekki area of Lagos state.

She has other houses in Lagos state and in some other states in Nigeria, as we all know Iyabo Ojo loves to call the shots and she loves exotic houses, luxury and comfort.

Iyabo Ojo Houses

Iyabo also own an Abula Spot building which is worth 200million Naira where she sells the Yoruba local delicacy Amala, this is also one of her numerous assets and business.

Iyabo Ojo Cars

We said it earlier than Iyabo Ojo is a lover of comfort and you can see that from her house interior and the class of mansion she built recently. She also has the eyes for quality and exotic cars, she has a great taste for cars.

She had her own cars and also was gifted some, she was actually gifted a Range Rover by her goddaughter Lolade Abuta.

Iyabo Ojo Cars garrage


Below is the list of some of the blockbuster movies Iyabo Ojo featured in:

  • Satanic (1998)
  • Agogo Ide (1998)
  • Baba Darinjinwon (2002)
  • Okanla (2013) Silence (2015)
  • Beyond Disability (2015)
  • Black Val
  • Arinzo
  • Apo Owo
  • Awusa (2016)
  • Tore Ife (Love)
  • Trust (2016)
  • Ore (2016)
  • Ipadabo (2016)
  • Twisted Twin (2016)
  • Kostrobu (2017)
  • Gone to America (2017)
  • Divorce Not Allowed (2018)

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Net Worth

Iyabo Ojo’s net worth is estimated to be over $600,000 with classic cars and beautiful houses. Her wealth is attributed to income generated from acting, directing and production of movies likewise endorsement deals, she also owns food restaurants and other side businesses.

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