The 10 Richest Men In Zimbabwe (2024 Updated)

Want to meet the Richest Men In Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe is a South African country largely known for its national parks, terrestrial wildlife, vegetative landscape, and waterfalls. The capital of this country is Harare which is also rated as the largest and most populous city in Zimbabwe.

The country has experienced stringent political situations and diverse monetary crises since its existence. The country currently has a GDP of $28 million which is a testimonial of the improving economy of the country.

The explorative industries in the country are the mining, tourism, and agriculture sectors. The richest men in Zimbabwe and some of the richest billionaires in Africa continue to rake millions into the country’s economy in other to sustain its progression.

The mining industry is a major contributor to the nation’s economy. This is evident with the Marange fields which is the largest diamond-producing field in the world. The largest Platinum reserves are also resident in this country to give a clear picture of how lucrative the mining industry in Zimbabwe is.

Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, but despite the tribal and language differences of the citizens in this country, they continue to co-exist in harmony to ensure the continual development of the nation. We have detailed the top ten richest persons in Zimbabwe under this post.

List Of The Richest Men In Zimbabwe

1. Strive Masiyiwa

Net worth: $860 million

Strive Masiyiwa is a London-based entrepreneur born on 29th January 1961. This successful businessman is the richest person in Zimbabwe currently. He is the Chairperson and founder of “Econet Wireless”; a company that deals in telecommunication.

The Zimbabwean richest man was not in for games when he began investing in some of the highest-paying jobs in South Africa. This company has gained an international presence and currently operates in about 20 countries both within and beyond Africa.

With the affluence he has gained over the years he is a philanthropist and humanitarian in Zimbabwe, providing over 100,000 students with scholarships.

2. John Arnold Bredenkamp

Net worth: $793 million

This is one of the richest people in Zimbabwe that pursues a career in sports. He was formerly a rugby player in Zimbabwe before he ventured into business. He had a humble childhood as an early orphan. He began working in a tobacco company just after he graduated from school.

He founded his own company – Caselle Group Of Companies in Belgium after many years of hard work and persistence. The company majors in tobacco production and marketing. With his wealth, he invested in the diamond mining industry and sports marketing which contributes immensely to his net worth.

3. Nicholas Von Hoogstraten

Net worth: $750 million

This Zimbabwean entrepreneur was born in England into a humble home. He started striving at the early age of 11, selling stamps to local collectors from his collections. He joined the Merchant Navy at 17 but lasted there only a year before he entered into the property business.

He was rated as the youngest millionaire in Britain at 28. It was then that he immigrated to Zimbabwe, establishing several companies in over 1600 sq. miles of land. He is a successful businessman that owns most of the mines in the Democratic Republic Of Congo and one of the richest people in Zimbabwe.

4. Billy Rautenbach

Net worth: $740 million

Billy Rautenbach is the fourth richest man in Zimbabwe. While under the government of Mugabe in 2014, he made a shady deal that landed him $75 million in just three weeks. Though the business was not an honest one, there was no roof of its illegality.

He is a rich tycoon that invests in lots of profitable businesses both within and outside the borders of Zimbabwe. The main business of the financier is the sales of trucks, car manufacturing, agriculture, and the mining industry.

5. Zed Koudounaris

Net worth: $734 million

Zed is a mega-rich mogul, Zimbabwean businessman, and entrepreneur who co-founded Innscor African Limited alongside Michael Fowler. His company is one of the most successful fast-food brands in the country.

There were also reports that Zed engaged in some illicit businesses by the Zimbabwean law. After the Panama leaks, it was exposed that he wired funds to his different companies based in Britain which were illegal in the country.

6. Kenneth Raydon Sharpe

Net worth: $690 million

Kenneth Raydon Sharpe professionally known as Ken Sharpe is one of the richest men in Zimbabwe and the founder of West Group of Companies. He started a confectionery business in 1990 which later evolved into the West Group.

He is one of the richest people in Zimbabwe with a ton of luck and miracles. He survived a 60% brain cavity after a skiing injury and woke up from a coma on his daughter’s birthday.

7. Samm Levy Family

Net worth: $677 million

Sam Levy Family is the property developer that constructed the shopping mall – Sam Levy’s Village. The businessman is one of the richest people in Zimbabwe who earned their wealth through discipline and hard work. He founded a supermarket in 1960, “The Macey’s store limited”.

He has a lifetime achievement award and is recognized among the most successful and influential entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

8. Michaell Fowler

Net worth: $645 million

Michael Fowler is another Zimbabwean entrepreneur on our list that co-founded Innscor Africa Limited alongside Zed Koudounaris. This company used to be a chicken store before it was reformed into a manufacturing and sales company.

The company gained an international presence and alongside his partner Zed Koudounaris, they were both implicated in illicit financial transactions in Britain. He is yet regarded among the richest Zimbabweans despite his crimes.

9. Ian Saunders

Net worth: $590 million

The current chairman and founder of Falcon Gold Limited are the ninth on our list of richest men in Zimbabwe. The entrepreneur and multimillionaire mogul founded the New Dawn Mining Corporation in 2008. He has been in the mining business for over 20 years in counting and continues to break new ground in the industry.

He is currently a board member of the five major mining companies in Zimbabwe, of which New Dawn Mining Corporation is a party. The successful and influential businessman is one of the richest people in Zimbabwe currently.

10. Charles Davy

Net worth: $540 million

The tenth richest man in Zimbabwe owns over 1300 sq. miles in the safari for the sole purpose of hunting. He gained affluence through his hunting business which he began in the late 1990s. He has over 600 employees currently working under him from black African homes.

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Africa used to and still is referred to as the poorest economy in the world. But from the past few years, the continent has birthed lots of billionaires whose input in the economy of their nations accounts for large progress in Africa.

The richest men in Zimbabwe are not just wealthy to stock their pockets and flaunt their fame. Most of the richest men in Zimbabwe are business persons, owners of conglomerates, and oil magnates; which are the major contributors to the Gross economy of the country through the deposits, and turnover estimated from those industries and numerous ventures.

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