How To Start A Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria (Step-by-Step)

Do you need the basic steps to profitably start a poultry farm business in Nigeria? If yes, you need to take your time to master every single step to be explained in this article as every step really counts.

In the agricultural sector and livestock niche, the poultry farming business has been tipped as the most stressful and lucrative business niche in Nigeria today. This livestock niche doesn’t require much investment capital, to begin with, and to be on neutral grounds, the following are the basic steps to starting a poultry farming business in Nigeria profitably.

How To Start A Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria (Step-by-Step)

Step by Step Guide to Start a Poultry Farm Business in Nigeria

Step 1 – Define Your Poultry Breed

The first thing expected of you before starting the poultry business fully is to determine the class of poultry bird you’ll be rearing. Let your poultry farm be defined, choose whether to breed broilers or layers or Cockerels. And you can go for all if you have the financial strength.

Step 2 – Pick a Suitable Location

After you must have identified the varieties of chicken you are going to breed, the next cause of action is to look for a suitable location to set up your farm. After all, without a site location, there’s no poultry.

In essence, the size of your poultry farm will determine by your financial capacity and you may want to consider your backyard if it is spacious and the bird you’ll be breeding isn’t that much.

Step 3 – Provide Adequate Shelter

Since the issue of the location has been solved now, providing the necessary shelter should be your focus now. You need to make the housing a very cool and conducive place.

It has to be protected and secured from external attack and the housing has been built by the variety of the poultry birds you’ll be breeding.

Step 4 – Feeding Your Poultry Birds

After the birds’ houses have been furnished and ready, you’ll want to get all their foods and drugs ready. Since you’re starting the poultry farm for commercial purpose, good quality and highly nutritious feed are what you need to get ready.

Quality and highly nutritious chicken feed mills will keep the poultry bird strong, healthy always and very productive. It should be kept clean and dry, as contaminated feed mills could harm the bird.

Step 5 – Start Rearing the Chickens

After you must have got a perfect location, develop it and have the feed mill ready, what is next in your agribusiness sojourn is to get the business rolling. You might also want to keep check of common poultry diseases that may try to infest your birds.

Step 6 – Marketing Your Chickens

Poultry farming is lucrative and profitable and the goal of every farmer is to have an amazing harvest. Hence, pay adequate attention to farm marketing and ensure the birds are having good care and attention.

Give the poultry sales and operational aspects the same attention, never ignore one for the other as they are both important. You can sell eggs and chicken likewise in your merchandise

Conclusion: Poultry Farming Business

With adequate planning and proper care and maintenance of your farm, you stand the chance to have an interesting harvest that will rake in enough income into your pocket. Every single step is very important in poultry farming, never ignore one for the other.

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How much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Nigeria?

To start a poultry farm business in Nigeria on a large scale, say, 300 to 500 birds, you would need a start-up capital between Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) to One Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N1,500,000)

How do I start a small chicken farm?

A small chicken farm can house between 10 to 50 chickens. For this business, you would need start-up capital of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) to Hundred Thousand Naira (100,000).

This amount would cover the costs for building the chicken cages, purchasing the chicks and buying a few bags of feeds, feeders, and drinkers for the birds

Which poultry is most profitable?

Chicken is the most profitable poultry bird to breed for a business. Turkey comes second because even at their tender age, they still need to be guided by the chicks on how to peck their feeds. That is why turkeys are initially bred together with the chicks

Is poultry farming a good investment?

The poultry farming business is a very lucrative one. There are lots of benefits to be derived here. From the chicken meat to the eggs they lay plus the layer breeds would always provide chicks necessary for the continuity of the business

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