Top 20 Largest Stadiums in the World 2024 [Updated]

Which are the largest stadiums in the world? Sports has been made enjoyable to spectators through well-structured sports buildings or facilities, this houses many sections of which the spectators stay, sports officials, pitch, stores, e.t.c.

Aside from the beautiful and modern structures stadiums serve a whole lot of purposes be it outdoor sports, concerts, and events, it has a structure in which spectators can conveniently sit and at the same time watch what is going on.

The 20 Largest Stadiums in the World

There have been some arguments on which stadium is the largest in the world and when talking about large it means a wide space will be utilized considering the number of spectators intended to accommodate.

In this sense, we will be taking the seating capacity and standing areas in total, never forget stadiums are convertible based on the kind of events that will take place there.

For this, we will exclude temporary seating or standing space like spaces for concerts or crusades.

On this list we have excluded the inactive parts of the stadiums, race tracks, closed areas and so on, we are going to base this on the number of sitting spectators.

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The 20 Largest Stadiums in the World

Below is a table showing the top biggest stadiums in the world:

1.Narendra Modi StadiumIndia132,000
2.Rungrado 1st of May StadiumNorth Korea114,000
3.Michigan StadiumUnited States107,601
4.Beaver StadiumUnited States106,572
5.Ohio StadiumUnited States102,780
6.Kyle FieldUnited States102,733
7.Neyland StadiumUnited States102,455
8.Tiger StadiumUnited States102,321
9.Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial StadiumUnited States100,119
10.Bryant–Denny StadiumUnited States100,077
11.Melbourne Cricket GroundAustralia100,024
12.Camp NouSpain99,354
13.FNB StadiumSouth Africa94,736
14.Sanford StadiumUnited States92,746
15.Cotton Bowl StadiumUnited States92,100
16.Rose BowlUnited States90,888
17.Wembley StadiumUnited Kingdom90,000
18.Ben Hill Griffin StadiumUnited States88,548
19.Jordan–Hare StadiumUnited States87,451
20.Bukit Jalil National StadiumMalaysia87,411

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