Full Biography Of Mercy Johnson & Net Worth: [Nollywood Actress]

The Nigerian entertainment industry is lucky to have an actress like Mercy Johnson on board, the biography of mercy Johnson also has a lot to say about her and this has been the reason why we at NaijaXtreme have taken our time to write on this wonderful and humble Nollywood actress.

Mercy Johnson was born in the year 1984 on August 28, she was born into the family of Naval officer Daniel Johnson and mother Elizabeth as her mother. Her family consists of 7 children and she is in the 4th position. Many information surrounds Mercy Johnson’s journey to fame and we will reveal them all in this article.

Before we dive fully into the full biography and net worth of Mercy Johnson, let us take you through her brief profile.

Mercy Johnson Profile

Full Name:Mercy Johnson Okojie
Popular Name:Mercy Johnson
Date of Birth:28th, August 1984
Place of Birth:Lagos
HusbandPrince Odianosen Okojie
Occupation:Nollywood Actress
Net worth:$400,000

Now that you have a brief idea on who Mercy Johnson is, you can read to know more about her as we reveal the full information about Mercy Johnson.

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Biography Of Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson Okojie is a Nollywood actress born in Lagos on the 28th, August 1984 by a Navy Officer, she originally hails from Kogi State Nigeria, though due to her father profession her family moves from one state to the other so she was born in Lagos state as a result of that.

Mercy is the 4th child out of 7 children, her passion for acting was kind of inbuilt as she has been developing an interest in acting right from her young age.

She attended her schools in Nigeria and started a booming career of which with her talent and skill she was able to attain success in her area of career.


As stated earlier, Mercy Johnson is a Nollywood actress, she has acted in hundreds of Nollywood movies and she has been on set with other prolific and veteran Nollywood actors and actresses.

Mercy Johnson’s acting career started when she tried to proceed to the higher institution but failed, then she wrote her UME(University Matriculation Examination) but she failed and then instead of staying at home she tried to do something with her life.

She started hawking sachet water, served as a housemade and even sold different kinds of things before finally making a decision to start a career in acting.

She auditioned for a movie titled “The Maid” which recorded success then and after that she also featured in some movies like Baby Oku in America, Hustlers, War in the Palace and many more.

Her contributions to these movies paved way for her as most movie producers started asking for her expertise in their movies. She mostly acts in a maid role or a poor lady role also an orphan role. She is so good at it and what makes her so unique is that she is so flexible and can interpret any role given to her effortlessly.

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For every hard work there should be a reward, Mercy Johnson has been privileged to win a lot of fans hear and this has resulted to her winning a lot of awards, getting recognition and endorsements. Below are some of Mercy Johnson awards:

  • Best Actress in a Supporting Role – 5th Africa Movie Academy Awards (2009)
  • Best Supporting Actress – Best of Nollywood Awards (2009)
  • Best Actress In Leading Role – Nollywood Movies Awards (2011)
  • Best Actress in Comedy – Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (2013)
  • Popular Choice-Female – Nollywood Movies Awards (2014)
  • Actress Of The Year – Eloy Awards (2018)

Mercy Johnson also had some endorsement deals to boast of, in October 2019, she signed an endorsement deal with the big and popular brand Chi the maker of Chi Evaporated Milk, Mercy Johnson was the brand ambassador for Chi Limited’s Prime brand. Her deal doesn’t stop there, she was also the brand ambassador of Pennek Nigeria Limited, Pennek is a real estate company in Lagos Nigeria.

Personal Life

In 2011, Mercy Johnson got married to her husband Prince Odianosen Okojie who is from Edo state and their marriage is blessed with three children namely Purity, Henry and Angel.

Since she got married she has stopped some roles which she described as not cool to play for a married woman also said she could give up acting for her husband and children. Mercy is a very coolheaded woman with a good heart.

There is no doubt that Mercy Johnson has done well for herself with her profession, she is a known figure and well respected Nollywood actress. She had her personal lifestyle just like every other person and thank goodness all that concerned her has been good news.

Mercy Johnson because of her love for humanity created a foundation which she named Mercy Johnson Foundation, the work of this organization is to support children and widows and even the less privileged at large.

She has stepped up her philanthropic game and we feel this is because she came from a poor background and she is trying to contribute her own quota to help the less privileged.

Mercy Johnson is an A-list actress and she can be compared with the likes of Ini Edo, Rita Dominic, Genevieve and so on. Her huge price for roles made her got a ban though this has been lifted. She is also a role model which upcoming actresses look up to.

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Net Worth

Mercy Johnson’s net worth is estimated to be about $400,000 dollars, she is one of the richest Nollywood actresses and her net worth is attributed to her acting profession and endorsement deals. She is a very influential personality and very jovial.


Below is the list of movies Mercy Johnson featured in:

  • The Maid (2004)
  • Into Temptation (2004)
  • House Party (2005)
  • Women in Power (2005)
  • Lost to Lust (2005)
  • Kill the Bride (2005)
  • Under the Sky (2006)
  • Under Control (2006)
  • Thanksgiving (2006)
  • Sweet Mama (2006)
  • Dear Mama (2006)
  • Pay Day (2006)
  • Painful World (2006)
  • One-Bullet (2006)
  • Oath of a Priest (2006)
  • Married to the Enemy (2006)
  • Last Kiss (2006)
  • Endless Night (2006)
  • Emotional Blunder (2006)
  • 19 Macaulay Street (2006)
  • Wealth Aside (2007)
  • Twist of Fate (2007)
  • The Scorpion God (2007)
  • The Last Tradition (2007)
  • Take Me Home (2007)
  • Look Into My Eyes (2007)
  • Sunny My Son (2007)
  • My Beloved Son (2007)
  • She is My Sister (2007)
  • Power of Justice (2007)
  • Kolomental (2007)
  • Keziah (2007)
  • Genevieve (2007)
  • Evil Agenda (2007)
  • Desperate Ladies (2007)
  • Crisis in Paradise (2007)
  • Breath of Anger (2007)
  • Area Mama (2007)
  • Tiger King (2007)
  • The Gods Are Wise (2008)
  • Tell Me Why (2008)
  • Soul Of A Maiden (2008)
  • Strength to Strength (2008)
  • Sin No More (2008)
  • Live to Remember (2008)
  • Kiss My Pain (2008)
  • Forest of Promises (2008)
  • Don’t Wanna Be a Player (2008)
  • Corporate Maid (2008)
  • Act of Faith (2008)
  • Tears of Hope (2009)
  • Royal Tears (2009)
  • Sound of Pain (2009)
  • Guilty Pleasure (2009)
  • Sexy Girls (2009)
  • Heat of the Moment (2009)
  • Entanglement (2009)
  • Clash of Twins (2009)
  • Beyond Desire (2009)
  • A Weeping Soul (2009)
  • A Cry for Justice (2010)
  • White Chapel (2011)
  • Where Money Sleep (2011)
  • Weeping Soul (2011)
  • The Seekers (2011)
  • The Code (2011)
  • Secret Code (2011)
  • Thanks for Coming (2011)
  • Gallant Babes (2011)
  • Mirror of Life (2011)
  • End of Mirror of Life (2011)
  • Jewels of the Sun (2011)
  • Heart of a Widow (2011)
  • Heart of a Fighter (2011)
  • Painful Victory (2011)
  • World of the Mind (2012)
  • My World (2012)
  • Mercy the Bus Driver (2012)
  • Heart of a Saint (2012)
  • Sins of the Past (2012)
  • Hand of Fate (2012)
  • Brave Mind (2012)
  • Deep Water (2012)
  • The Enemy I See (2012)
  • Power Of A Kiss (2012)
  • Baby Oku In America (2013)
  • Hustlers (2014)
  • Bloody Ring (2014)
  • Thy Will Be Done (2015)
  • Light Will Come (2016)
  • 16th Anniversary (2017)
  • Seven & A Half Dates (2018)
  • Mmasi: The Arrogant Preacher (2019)

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