Sir Shina Peters Biography & Net Worth: Career, Songs and Contact

Sir Shina Peters is no doubt one of the living legends of our time, an icon worthy to be appreciated, his energetic Afro-Juju music style makes him unique among his peers, we have extensively written the full biography and net worth of Sir Shina Peters the Afro-Juju master.

When talking about the most successful musicians in Nigeria, we cannot miss mentioning the Afro Juju boss, his beat, rhythm, rhymes, song flows is exceptional have so far earned him so much of recognition, multiple awards, contracts and endorsement deals.

In today’s post, we will be revealing a lot about Sir Shina Peters biography and net worth, you will know how he started, his salary, cars, family and every other detailed information about Shina Peters.


Real Name/Full Name: Akanbi Oluwashina Peters
Popular Name: Sir Shina Peters
Date of Birth: May 30, 1958
Nationality: Nigerian
Wife/Spouse (Name): Sammie Ayoka Peters
Children: Clarence Peters, Clinton Peters, Seyi Peters
Profession: Musician
Net Worth: $1.4 million


Akanbi Oluwashina Peters a.k.a. Sir Shina Peters was born on the 30th of May 1958 in Ogun State Nigeria to Emmanuel Adakun Peters and Victoria Asake Peters. Shina Peters is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and performing artist known to be the “Oba of Nigerian Music”.

Shina Peters music career began at a young age and he came into limelight almost immediately when he started singing and performing, the journey started when he will gather his friends under a tree where he performs in his local dialect entertaining everyone listening and at the same time attracting passersby.

Shina Peters

He and his friend created a group called “Olushina and His Twelve Fantastic Brothers” and that has really contributed to his success in music as he never relents, he further his musical career by learning to play musical instruments, he learned how to play guitar, drum set and the piano.

At the age of 19, Shina Peters joined the Ebenezer Obey Music Band as his boss Ebenezer Obey groomed him for the journey yet to come, he had a good time with the band and he started making history right from there.

He left the Ebenezer Obey Band and joined the General Prince Adekunle Band being the lead guitar player, General Adekunle during that time was one of the top artists, he was well known then and very successful.

Back in the days, almost every celebration or elite society group in Lagos makes the General Adekunle Band their first choice, likewise the hotels like Executive Hotel, Western Hotel, Palm Beach Hotel and many more do have a filled day with the performance of this band.

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What actually gave Shina Peters the courage to quickly excel in his career was that he usually takes the lead role and oftentimes he comes in to be the lead performer whenever his boss General Adekunle gets ill or just couldn’t perform for one reason or the other. This really propelled him as most people now know him and love his music style.

After gaining a lot of recognition, he is well known then what next? Shina Peters left General Adekunle Band to create his own band which he started with his brother Segun Adewale, the band name is “Sir Shina Peters and his International Stars”, they stormed the country with their unique voices and music style.

The band got a lot of fans then as almost everybody are strong fans of Sir Shina Peters, The band made an album with good songs then and the album was rated as one of the best selling albums in the country.

Their first album titled “Afro-Juju Series 1” was released in 1975 under the CBS Records of Nigeria and gained double platinum within a year, what a huge success!

A song called ACE  which was produced by Laolu Akins out of the tracks was the finest and favorite of most music lovers then as it incorporates Fuji, Juju and Afrobeat which took people by surprise, it was a perfect track and it blends well.

In our previous post we talked about Juju in Africa, do not mistake this for Juju Music, one is a West African black magic while the other is a Traditional African Music Genre.

You either call it Juju music or Afro-Juju, Afro Juju is a type of song genre that is being sung in the Yoruba local dialect with instruments like keyboard, guitar, saxophone and drums adding percussions to it. Mind you, we also have Afrobeat which is the Hip-Hop version though much more local lyrics are being used.

After the Afro-Juju series albums Sir Shina Peters released then, he gained more recognition both home and abroad, he became the first choice of Nigerians in the diaspora. With this, Sir Shina Peters gained international recognition and clinched the “Artist of the Year”, an award by the Nigerian Musical Awards and also he was crowned the Juju musician of the year, this is a great feat.

Not long after that, Shina Peters started dropping hit singles Ace, Shinamania, Omo Bo, Oluwa Yo Pese and many more, the success was massive as he has a lot of live performances with his energetic dance he became the top Juju musician till date.

And again, immediately Shinamania was released it was massively sold, it was the biggest song of 1989 rated one of the best selling music, not long after that he released another album which was also a success.

Though his album got a lot of backlashes which also affected Shinamania and made it lose its glory, Shina Peters has a quick comeback and since then there has been stability and an increase in his progress.

Currently, Sir Shina Peters boasts of having 16 studio albums and all his songs are evergreen, all generation loves it and seems he will still be respected in years to come.

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Shina Peters aside from singing has been starred in some Nollywood movies, a popular one then titled “Money Power” in 1982 and during the little time he spent there he met Clarion Chukwura and he proposed to her, not long they got married and she bore a son called Clarence Peters.

In January 2021, Sir Shina Peters got ordained as a bishop of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, now you can call him Bishop Shina Peters (lol).


Shina Peters biography wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the projects that brought him to fame, the first one that really shook the country was “Ace” in 1989 as it was one of the best selling songs, never forget Shinamania too.

Check out some of the popular Shina Peters songs below:

  • Way to freedom (1980)
  • Freedom (1981)
  • Money power (1982)
  • Ko temi fun mi (1984)
  • Sewele (1986)
  • Ace (1989)
  • Shinamania (1990)
  • Dancing time (1991)
  • Experience (1992)
  • Mr. President (1993)
  • My child (1994)
  • Kilode (1995)
  • Love (1996)
  • Reunion (1997)
  • Playmate (1999)
  • Happy hour (2001)
  • Payback time (2005)
  • Splendour (2006)
  • D one 4 me (2012)
  • Oluwa Yo Pese
  • Omo Bo


Sir Shina Peters net worth is estimated to be about $1.4 million with a lot of assets. This wealth is a result of consistency and hard work, attributed to his live performances, album sales in Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, Europe, United States, United Kingdom, Italy and worldwide.

He was very famous and unique for his music style which is most suitable with partying, he is currently signed to Orbit Entertainment and still performs.

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[sc_fs_faq html=”false” headline=”h2″ img=”” question=”What is Sir Shina Peters Net Worth?” img_alt=”” css_class=””] Sir Shina Peters net worth is estimated to be about $1.4 million with a lot of assets. This wealth is a result of consistency and hard work, attributed to his live performances, album sales in Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, Europe, United States, United Kingdom, Italy and worldwide. [/sc_fs_faq]

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