Mike Tyson Net Worth And Biography 2024 [Wife, Age, Fights]

Today we will be taking into consideration Mike Tyson Net Worth and his biography as well as other information about the famous American former boxer. Mike Tyson whose age is currently 56 years old, was born on June 30th in the year 1966.

Tyson is a former professional boxer who reigned as the undisputed world heavyweight champion and holds the record as the youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title.

Mike Tyson Net Worth And Biography [Wife, Age, Fights]

I bet you know him because of his fame as an athlete but I assure you that reading this article to the end will give you more in-depth information including Mike Tyson Net Worth, personal information height, age among other information that will interest you about this boxing legend.

Mike Tyson Profile

Real Name: Michael Gerard Tyson
Date of Birth:30th June 1966
Age: 57 years
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, United States 
Nationality: American
Occupation: Former Professional Boxer 
Marital Status: Lakhia Spicer
Children: Yes (8)
Height: 5 ft 10 in
Religion: Muslim
Net Worth: $10 million

Mike Tyson Biography

Mike Tyson Net Worth and Biography begin as we unfold to you that the former American professional boxer’s real name is Michael Gerard Tyson born on the 30th of June 1966 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York to parent Purcell Tyson (biological father) but the father he grew up to know is Jimmy Kirkpatrick.

His mother’s name is Lorna Smith Tyson. He has two siblings, his elder brother Denise Tyson and Denise Tyson his sister while his half-brothers were Jimmie Lee Kirkpatrick.

Tysons’s family lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant but moved to Brownsville when Tyson was 10 years old due to their financial burden. Eventually, Tyson lost his mother at age 16 and was left in the care of Cus D’Amato who was a boxing manager, he ultimately became his legal guardian.

Tyson’s childhood was rough and challenging growing up in and around a neighbourhood flooded with high crime rates. He has been arrested 38 times for fighting and knocking out men older than him, and he was just 13 years old then.

Due to his fierce behaviour, he was thrown in the Tryon School for Boys located in Johnstown, New York. There he met with Bob Stewart, an amateur boxing champion and a juvenile detention counsellor. He discovered Mike Tyson after noticing his boxing skills.

He reluctantly agreed to teach Tyson how to fight on the condition that he would be serious with schooling and stay out of trouble.

Tyson was introduced to Cus D’Amato by Bob Stewart after teaching him a few tips and helped Tyson improve his fighting skills. Tyson continued to train under Amato who exposed him to sets of rigorous training. During this period, he was attending the Catskill High School but did not drop out at mid-school.

Mike Tyson Wealth and Bankruptcy Issues 

As we continue our study on Mike Tyson Net Worth and Biography, we will be focusing on Mike Tyson Net Worth. With an estimated $685 million in earnings over his career, Tyson ranked as the ninth highest-paid athlete in history. Tyson, on the other hand, lost a lot of money. After deducting his expenses, his net worth was calculated at $300 million.

However, Tyson was unable to keep this much cash and one of the shockers in this article on Mike Tyson Net Worth and Biography is Tyson’s bankruptcy in 2003. This comes as a shocker despite having received over $30 million for several of his fights and made over $300 million during his career.

The media at that time reported that Tyson had approximately $23 million of debt. The legendary boxer blamed his bankruptcy issue on his lavish lifestyle and mismanagement of his earnings.

Mike Tyson’s Boxing Career

Mike Tyson’s fighting career began when he was 18 years old, and he immediately became a household name in the boxing world. Tyson became the world’s youngest heavyweight champion in just over two years when he defeated the 28th best boxer in the world in just over two years time. He was a little above 20 years when he achieved this fit.

Tyson continued his unequivocal victory, winning his first 19 professional fights by knockout, and 12 of them in the first round. By 1987, he won the WBC title. In 1988, he defended his belt by knocking out Michael Spinks in 91 seconds of the first round. He successfully defended his titles nine times.

However, Tyson continued his winning streak up until he lost his title to Buster Douglas who beat him after ten rounds. He was sentenced to prison for 6 years due to rape charges.

He was bailed on parole after serving three years. He returned and once again unleash the beast in him winning the WBC and WBA titles in 1996, after defeating Frank Bruno and Bruce Seldon.

Once again, he was defeated back to back by the defeat of Bruno, Tyson joined Floyd Patterson, Muhammad Ali, Tim Witherspoon, Evander Holyfield, and George Foreman. He was stripped of both the WBC title and also the WBA title to Evander Holyfield.

A rematch between both of them was scheduled and again Tyson was disqualified for biting Holyfield. Thus, fans started losing interest in him and his fights never sold as it used to after those defeats.

In 2021/2022 at age 35, Tyson was scheduled for what was his last big fight against the heavyweight champion, Lennox Lewis. This fight sold well, just his rematch against Evander Holyfield. When Tyson was knocked out a second time during a lucrative match, it signaled the end of his global popularity as a fighter.

Mike Tyson’s Businesses

Tyson ventured into several businesses which some more successfully than others after his retirement.

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson Net Worth is reported to be $10 million and he is not ready to run bankrupt anymore. As such, Tyson was featured in a small but powerful role in The Hangover series of movies. Also, he has his cartoon show premiered in 2014 known as “Mike Tyson Mysteries”.

Besides, Tyson owns a podcast called “Hotboxin With Mike Tyson”, where he can easily talk with his friends and to his fans while making some money. Lastly, Tyson owns a weed farm known as “Tyson Ranch”. He sells over $500,000 worth of weed a month.

Mike Tyson Wife and Relationship Affairs

Mike Tyson has tied the knot thrice all of which he has 8 children. This relationship ended in divorce in 1989. His first marriage was to the actress Robin Givens. He later married Monica Turner in 1997 and again divorced in 2003. However, the couple had two children; son Amir, and daughter Rayna.

Finally, he is married to Lakisha Spicer in 2009 and the couple is still together. The couple has two children Milan Tyson, and Morocco Tyson.

Mike Tyson Height and Weight

Mike Tyson is an athlete and a former professional boxer whose height is 1.78 m (5ft 10inches), his body weight is 109 kg.

Mike Tyson Awards and Achievements

Tyson’s recognition in the Boxing arena attracted lots of accolades and awards for his undisputed and ferocious performance. Tyson awards and honours include Ring Magazine Prospect of the Year (1985); two times winner of Ring magazine Fighter of the Year (1986, 1988); two times winner of the Sugar Ray Robinson Award winner (1987, 1989); BBC Sports Personality of the Year Overseas Personality (1989); International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee (Class of 2011); and the “Guirlande d’Honneur” by the FICTS (Milan, 2010).

Also, in 1989, Tyson was awarded an honorary doctorate in humane letters by the Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio, USA. This is because of Tysons’s dedication, hard work, determination and perseverance to overcome any obstacles.

More so, he was named in the WWE Hall of Fame (Class of 2012).

Mike Tyson Lifestyle

In addition to his strong and ruthless fighting style, Mike Tyson is well-known for his controversial behaviour both inside and beyond the ring. Tyson, on the other hand, is regarded as one of the greatest heavyweights in history.

Tyson holds some of the amazing boxing records with some yet to be broken. That is the much we can take provide you about this hall of fame American former professional boxer and we know that you have learnt something new about Mike Tyson especially Mike Tyson Net Worth currently.

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones

On Saturday in Los Angeles, Tyson and Jones Jr. battled it out in eight two-minute rounds. Nobody knew what would happen in the ring when Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. squared off in an exhibition bout on Saturday.

Having a total age of 105 years and not knowing the rules before the event made an already unpredictable situation even more difficult to figure out. They fought fiercely for eight rounds, each lasting two minutes, and ended in a split draw on the WBC judges’ scorecards.

As a result, neither fighter threw a lot of punches. Referee Ray Corona had to break up the clinch when neither fighter could deliver more than one or two punches at a time. Occasionally, Tyson landed his trademark left hook from a distance, while Jones displayed his old self with no-look punches and showboating.

During the early rounds, Tyson seemed to dominate, hitting the cleaner blows and muscling Jones in the close. After each round, Jones appeared to be more wary, but he continued to fight, increasing his volume in the final rounds. That’s despite the fact that Tyson is no longer a professional boxer, and has been for many years.

He won on one scorecard, and he drew on the other, thanks to his late-round heroics. As a result of Tyson’s victory on the third scorecard, the bout ended in a tie that was less than satisfactory.

“I wear draws, I don’t do draws,” Jones stated after the bout, while Tyson seemed pleased with the outcome.

In an interview with Jim Gray after the bout, Tyson said he planned to fight more exhibitions in the future and that he was even considering fighting Jones again.

I’m used to fighting for three minutes at a time, Tyson explained. “It felt like the two minutes went on for a long time. So glad to get this under my belt so I can move further with this.”

“It’s hard to say,” Jones said when asked if he will fight again.

Tyson, on the other hand, ruled out a return to the ring as a professional.

‘This is more important than fighting and winning the championship,’ Tyson remarked of participating in charity exhibitions. Our mission is to help people as human beings.

But what spectators heard during the broadcast may have been just as good as Tyson and Jones’ fight. As part of the final two fights and the entire show, rap legend Snoop Dogg joined the squad and offered some excellent one-liners while also openly pulling for Jones in the main event.

In the post-fight interviews with Jones and Tyson, Snoop’s levity carried over, with the formerly feared warriors joking around while basking in the brilliant lights of boxing’s grandest stage decades after they were two of the biggest stars of their time.

Former NBA great Nate Robinson was knocked out in the second round by Jake Paul in the co-main event. Robinson was knocked down twice by Paul before he was knocked out cold with a vicious right hook. He’s currently 2-0 as a pro, with two knockouts, thanks to his YouTube fame.

Boxing schedule & results

Unofficial draw between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

KO in the second round for Jake Paul over Nate Robinson

Badou Blake McKernan is defeated by Jack in a unanimous decision (80-72, 80-72, 80-72)

Sulaiman Segawa is beaten by Jamaine Ortiz in the seventh round by TKO.

Mike Tyson Past Fights Records

Debut as a professional

Tyson made his professional debut against Hector Mercedes in Albany, New York, on March 6, 1985. Mercedes was knocked out in the first round by the 18-year-old. Tyson terrified his opponents with his power, quick fists, and defensive talents. Tyson became known as “Iron Mike” because of his amazing ability to knock out his opponents in one round.

While Tyson’s year was filled with achievement, it was also marred by tragedy: Cus D’Amato, his trainer and surrogate father, passed away from pneumonia on November 4, 1985. Kevin Rooney took over for D’Amato, and Tyson continued his ascent up the heavyweight rankings less than two weeks later.

In Houston, Texas, he scored his thirteenth knockout and dedicated the fight to the guy who had helped him become a professional boxer in the first place. D’Amato’s death, according to those close to Tyson, left him unable to fully recover.

Heavyweight Champion

By 1986, Tyson had a 22-0 record, with 21 knockout victories. Tyson’s dream came true on November 22, 1986, when he faced Trevor Berbick for the World Boxing Council heavyweight belt. This year’s champion, Mike Tyson, won by knockout in Round 2. Floyd Patterson’s record for the youngest heavyweight champion in history was eclipsed when he became the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

Tyson’s boxing success didn’t end there. It was against James Smith that he defended his title on March 7, 1987. His victory over Tony Tucker on August 1 made him the first heavyweight to hold all three major boxing belts.

Frank Bruno, a British boxer, fought Tyson on February 25, 1989, in an attempt to maintain his world heavyweight championship. Bruno was knocked out in the fifth round by Tyson. Carl “The Truth” Williams was knocked out in one round by Tyson on July 21, 1989.

Buster Douglas wins the game

Boxer Buster Douglas defeated Tyson for the title belt on February 11, 1990, in Tokyo, Japan. Even though Tyson started off as the obvious favorite, he was knocked on the canvas in the 8th round by Douglas. However, Douglas fought back and knocked Tyson out of his first fight.

As a result of his defeat, Tyson went on to defeat Olympic gold champion and former amateur boxing rival Henry Tillman in the next year. Alex Stewart was knocked out in the first round in another fight.

Re-entry to the ring after prison

A Miss Black American contestant, Desiree Washington, was accused of rape by Tyson in July 1991. When Tyson was found guilty of rape on March 26, 1992, he was found guilty of deviant sexual conduct. Tyson was sentenced to six years in jail for violating Indiana state laws, and his sentence took effect immediately after he was sentenced.

In the beginning, Tyson’s time in prison was a miserable experience. He was found guilty of threatening a prison guard, which resulted in an additional 15 days on his sentence. Tyson’s father passed away in the same year. In order to attend the funeral, the boxer did not ask for leave. Tyson turned to Islam while incarcerated and assumed the Muslim name Malik Abdul Aziz.

As of March 25, 1995, Tyson had served three years of his sentence in the Indiana Youth Center outside of Plainfield, Indiana and was released. Peter McNeeley, Tyson’s next opponent, was scheduled for Las Vegas, Nevada. Tyson defeated McNeeley in 89 seconds on August 19, 1995. In December 1995, Tyson defeated Buster Mathis Jr. in the third round to win his next fight.

Holyfield Fights

Tyson faced Evander Holyfield for the first time after a string of successful fights. Holyfield had been offered a title opportunity against Tyson in 1990, but Douglas overcame Tyson in the finals of that year’s fight. Heavyweight champion Holyfield faced Douglas instead of Tyson. Douglas fell to the undisputed heavyweight champion Holyfield in a knockout on October 25, 1990.

Heavyweight champion Tyson met Holyfield on November 9, 1996. Tyson lost to Holyfield in the 11th round by knockout. By winning three heavyweight championship belts instead of Tyson, Holyfield made history as only the second guy to do it. “I’ll avenge my loss,” Tyson said, claiming Holyfield had repeatedly illegally headbutted him.

A second fight between Tyson and Holyfield took place on June 28, 1997. Nearly 2 million homes watched the fight on pay-per-view, setting a record for the most paid television viewers at the time. A record purse was also paid to both boxers for the match, making them the highest-paid professional boxers in history up to that point.

During the first and second rounds, both champions wowed the fans with the usual thrills and spills. In the third round, though, the fight took a surprising turn. A chunk of Holyfield’s right ear was entirely removed by Tyson when he grabbed Holyfield by the ears and bit both of them. As Tyson alleged, Holyfield’s illegal headbutts were payback for Tyson’s actions in their prior fight. But the judges disagreed with Tyson’s rationale and disqualified him from the fight.

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To punish Tyson for biting Holyfield, the Nevada State Athletic Commission withdrew his boxing license in a majority voice vote on July 9, 1997. He was no longer able to fight and had no direction. When Tyson was compelled to pay fighter Mitch Green $45,000 for a street fight in 1988, he was given another blow, this time a fine of $50,000. While riding through Connecticut, Tyson’s motorcycle spun out of control, leaving him with broken ribs and a punctured lung in the hospital.

Lewis’s Fight and Resignation

The WBC, IBF, and IBO champion Lennox Lewis would be his next high-profile opponent in 2002. This was Tyson’s third battle for the heavyweight title, and this one was a highly personal one for him. “Eat his children,” Tyson said to Lewis before the fight.

However, the bout was eventually set for June of that year after both fighters got into an altercation during a press conference in January. Tyson was knocked out in the first round, signalling the end of the former heavyweight champion’s career.

Tyrone Tyson stated he was retiring after defeats against Danny Williams (July 2004) and Kevin McBride (June 2005). A year later, in June 2011, he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Mike Tyson Boxing Record

Tyson fought in 58 professional bouts. Forty-four of them were knockouts. Six of the fights he did not win were classified as losses, while the other two were classified as no contests.

Tyson marriage with Robin Givens and Arrests

His climb from juvenile delinquent to boxing champion put him in the spotlight. Tyson’s unexpected prominence led him to start drinking heavily and hanging around with Hollywood celebrities. Robin Givens was Tyson’s first love in the 1980s. He and Givens began dating and were married in New York on February 7, 1988.

As a result of multiple close calls in the ring, it became evident that Tyson’s game was slipping away. However, he seemed to rely heavily on his one-punch knockout technique, which was formerly famed for its complex offensive and defensive movements, in order to win matches. He blamed his long-time trainer Rooney for his troubles in the ring and sacked him in mid-1988 as a direct result.

Also in disarray was Tyson’s relationship with Givens. According to media reports from June 1988, Givens and her mother sought Tyson’s money for a down payment on a $3 million New Jersey property. Givens and her mother were driven from Tyson’s home in the same year after he began hurling furniture out of the window.

During that summer, Tyson and his manager Bill Cayton were also in court, attempting to breach their contract. He agreed to lower his stake from one-third to twenty per cent of Tyson’s earnings by the end of July 1988.

It wasn’t long after that that Tyson began working with boxing promoter Don King. Despite the fact that the boxer’s life was spiralling out of control in and out of the ring, the move appeared to be a step in the right direction.

Tim’s behaviour got increasingly violent and unstable during this period of his life. The bone in his right hand was broken in a street battle with Green at 4 in the morning in August 1988. After hitting a tree with his BMW at D’Amato’s house, Tyson was knocked out.

Later, tabloids reported that the accident was the result of a suicide attempt spurred on by drug abuse. As a result of his speeding, he was fined $200 and ordered to perform community service.

In an interview with Barbara Walters in September, Givens described her marriage to Tyson as “absolute horror.” She filed for divorce a few days later. Tyson counter-sued for divorce and annulment, commencing a months-long judicial process that was unpleasant and humiliating.

Tyson’s battles with women were just beginning. End of the ’80s, Tyson was sued for inappropriate behaviour toward Sandra Miller and Lori Davis, two nightclub goers. While out dancing, the women claim Tyson grabbed, groped, and insulted them with force.

On February 14, 1989, Tyson and Givens officially ended their relationship.

Don King Lawsuit In 1998

Don King Lawsuit In 1998, Tyson appeared in court as a plaintiff. King was sued by the boxer for $100 million in U.S. District Court in New York on March 5, 1998. According to him, King’s exclusive promoter was formed without his knowledge by his old managers Rory Holloway and John Horne. To avoid going to court, King and Tyson reached a deal for $14 million. During the process, Tyson is said to have lost millions of dollars.

Several more cases followed, including a sexual harassment trial and a $22 million wrongful termination suit filed by Rooney. Tyson battled to get his boxing license reinstated in the wake of this litigation. After reapplying for his boxing license in New Jersey, the fighter withdrew his application before the board could meet to discuss his case. Then, a few weeks later, Tyson beat two motorists after his Mercedes was dented in a Maryland accident.

Tyson’s boxing license was reinstated in October 1998. Tyson had only been back in the ring for a few months when he entered a no-contest plea for his assault on the Maryland motorists. However, Tyson was only sentenced to one year in jail, a $5,000 fine, and 200 hours of community service. When he was released from prison after serving nine months, he returned to the ring without any hesitation.

Many additional allegations of physical abuse, sexual harassment, and public encounters followed. One of Tyson’s random drug tests in the year 2000 revealed that he had used marijuana. To punish Tyson for the results, the boxing authorities declared that his October 20 victory over Andrew Golota had been an unconvincing one.

Bankruptcy, divorce, and a later marriage

Monica Turner, the second wife, filed for divorce in 2003, citing adultery as the reason for the split. Seine excessive expenditures, several trials and disastrous investments came up with him in the same year, prompting him to file for Chapter 7. Tyrone Tyson returned to boxing for a series of exhibition matches as part of his debt repayment plan.

50 Cent bought the boxer’s Farmington, Connecticut mansion from him for a little more than $4 million. He stayed on friends’ couches and in shelters until he made it to Phoenix, Arizona, where he was reunited with his family. A year later, he spent $2.1 million on a property in Paradise Valley, which he paid for by promoting items, appearing on television, and participating in boxing exhibitions across the world.

By the end of 2006, Tyson’s hard-partying antics had caught up with him again. During a near-crash with a Scottsdale police SUV, Tyson was taken into custody in Arizona.

Tyson was pulled over by the police and his car was searched because he was suspected of driving under the influence. Cocaine and drug paraphernalia were found in the vehicle during the search. Tyson pleaded guilty to drugs possession and driving under the influence on September 24, 2007. Three years probation and 24 hours of jail time were imposed on him, as well as 360 hours in community service.

Mike Tyson Children

Genevieve Tyson is the father of seven children with several women — some of whom remain unidentified to the media — namely Gena and Exodus. He has also fathered Amir and D’Amato Kilrain.

Mike Tyson Daughter’s Death

There were signs of improvement in Tyson’s life over time. He began attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous sessions to help him get sober.

However, Tyson was struck another blow in 2009 when his four-year-old daughter, Exodus, accidentally hanged herself on a treadmill cable at her mother’s Phoenix home. Another sad chapter in Tyson’s tumultuous life came to a close with the tragedy.

Lakiha “Kiki” Spicer was Tyson’s bride for his third marriage, which took place in 2009. Milan and Morocco, the couple’s two children, were born to the pair.

Mike Tyson Substance Abuse, Book Appearances, and Film Appearances

As a cameo in the smash comedy The Hangover starring Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms in 2009, Tyson returned to the spotlight for the first time in his career. After his performance on Entourage, How I Met Your Mother and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, he was offered further acting possibilities.

He made his Broadway debut in 2012 with his one-man show directed by Spike Lee, Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth.

But Tyson admitted that he was struggling with substance misuse again the next year. It was disclosed in an August 2013 interview with Today’s Matt Lauer “When I drink and relapse, I imagine myself dead.

Whenever I’m feeling down, I see myself dying. My presence is no longer wanted. Without aid, I’m going to die.” In order to become a boxing promoter, Tyson had to redefine himself as a boxing fighter. As well, he told Lauer that he’d been sober for only 12 days when the interview took place.

Undisputed Truth, Tyson’s autobiography, was published in 2013 and became a New York Times best-seller. In 2017, a second book, Iron Ambition, looked back at D’Amato’s training days.

On Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim in October 2014, Tyson’s animated crime-fighting satire, Mike Tyson Mysteries, launched. Tyson, who is always looking for ways to promote his brand, started a YouTube channel in 2017 that parodies music videos and comedy sketches. In January of this year, he launched his podcast, Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.

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Mike Tyson Cannabis Business

When Tyson Holistic Holdings was launched in 2016, it was a huge success. Ex-champ plans to turn the 407-acre Tyson Ranch in California into a booming marijuana resort, according to reports.

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