The 15 Most Mountainous Countries in Europe

Despite the fact that Europe is one of the flattest continents in the world with an average altitude of close to 300 meters, it is home to some of the most mountainous countries on the planet. This low altitude of the continent is due, among other factors, to its large number of gulfs and coasts. In fact, countries like Denmark or the Netherlands do not even exceed 50 meters of average altitude.

However, Europe also has important mountain ranges and mountain systems such as the Alps, the Balkans, the Carpathians or the Pyrenees. Precisely in this last mountain range, the Pyrenees is the country in Europe with the highest average altitude; Andorra.

The Principality of Andorra, as it is officially known, has an average altitude of 1,996 meters. Located on the Pyrenees, between the border of France and Spain, it is also one of the six European microstates and one of the smallest countries on the continent.

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Of the 50 countries that make up Europe, only 15 — less than half — exceed 500 meters of average altitude.

15 Most Mountainous Countries in Europe

S/NCountryMedium altitude
1.Andorra1996 meters
2.Armenia1792 meters
3.Georgia1432 meters
4.Switzerland1350 meters
5.Turkey1141 meters
6.Montenegro1086 meters
7.Austria910 meters
8.Kosovo800 meters
9.North Macedonia741 meters
10.Albanian708 meters
11.Spain660 meters
12.Russia600 meters
13.Iceland557 meters
14.Italy538 meters
15.Bosnia and Herzegovina500 meters

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