Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure and Ranks 2024

We will offer you the newest information on the Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure and Ranks, including the most recent changes. It is important for us to know a little bit about the Nigerian Prison Service in order to better comprehend the hierarchical structure of the Nigerian Prison Service.

Our daily lives are filled with hierarchy; therefore, man can never do without hierarchical thinking. This is the reason we have a classed society. In addition to its own ranking system, the Nigerian Prison Service also has its own ranking system.

Most Nigerians know that the Nigeria Prison Service is abbreviated NPS (Nigeria Prison Service). In our nation, all jails are administered by this institution, which has ties to the government. As a result of this piece, you will be made aware of it:

Nigerian Prison Service – What is it?

It is a federal agency that manages prisons. As a result, the main office is located in Abuja and is overseen by Interior Ministry. As of 2014, there were 240 prisons in this country. Prisons in Nigeria include:

  • Yola Prison in Adamawa State.
  • State of Ebonyi: Abakiliki Prison
  • Kuje Medium Prison is located in the Federal Capital Territory.
  • In Lagos State, there are three prisons: Ikoyi Maximum Security Jail, Kirikiri Medium Security Prison, and the sole female prison in the country, Kirikiri Women’s Prison
  • Yobe State: Maximum Prison in Gashua.

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure in Nigeria

The structure of the Nigerian Prisons Service is separated into two parts: the administrative structure and the command structure, according to the Nigerian Prisons Service website.

The Controller-General of the Nigerian Prisons Service is at the head of the prison service’s administrative hierarchy. President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed him as Nigeria’s Chief Executive Officer, tasked with the design and execution of prison policy in Nigeria.

Through the Minister of Interior, he reports to the President through the board that the Minister chairs in prison policy, however, he is directly responsible for policy execution and implementation of policies.

DCGs are responsible for overseeing the six (6) Directorates into which the Service is divided in order to provide effective management.

He is responsible for the Directorates, which report to him. As specialized divisions, the prison directorates are responsible for overseeing and managing certain areas of the prison administration.

First of all, the Nigerian Prisons Service functions under a four-tiered command structure. Under the National Headquarters in Abuja, eight (8) zones are subdivided, with state commands under each zone.

While the state commands are headed by controllers of prisons, the zones are supervised by assistant controller-general prison officers (ACPO).

Nigerian Prison Service Ranks

List of all current Nigeria Prison Service Ranks in the Nigeria Prison Service database. The rankings are presented in order of highest to lowest ranking, starting with the highest.

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The Controller-General of Prisons

If we are going to discuss the Nigeria Prison Service’s grading system, we should start with the top of this government institution. Since 1992, this position has been referred to as the Controller-General of Prisons (CGP).

This is the greatest level a worker may achieve, and Ja’Afaru Ahmed is now in charge of the NPS. The Controller General of Prisons is also the Chief Executive Officer of a prison.

All of this cadre are responsible for making sure that all penal policies are properly developed and executed in the nation. Also, it is responsible for making sure that all criminal laws are appropriately implemented in the country.

The Deputy Controller-General

This is the Nigerian Prisons Service’s second-highest level. This job is abbreviated as DCG, and there are presently 6 DCGs in the organization.

Each is in charge of one of the Nigerian Prisons Service’s six administrative divisions. This position is in charge of jail administration, including supplies, budgets, logistics, and different operations.

The Deputy Controller-General of Prisons

The Assistant Controller-General of Prisons is the next position in the Nigerian Prison Service. They are in charge of the so-called ‘zones.’ Nigeria is organized into eight zones, and the organization as a whole is made up of these zones.

The Controller of Prisons

While the main headquarters of the Nigerian Prisons Service is in Abuja, each territory is divided into 8 zones for the needs to manage different states under it.

Prison Warden

In Nigeria, every jail has a Prison Warden. It is the correctional facility’s superintendent, and the formal title is Superintendent of Prisons (shortly it is abbreviated as SP).

The rank title implies that each SP is in control of the whole prison facility, oversees every operation within the institution, is responsible for security, ensures the inmates’ well-being, and so on.

The rest of the Nigeria Prison Service’s rank structure is as follows: Aside from the Jail Warden, every prison has additional ranks, such as:

  • Assistant Superintendent of Prisons I (the official abbreviation is ASP.I).
  • Prisons Assistant III (it is abbreviated as PAIII).
    Senior Inspector of Prisons (the quick name of this rank is SIP).
  • Inspector of Prisons (the simple abbreviation is IP).
  • Deputy Superintendent of Prisons (shortly called DSP).
  • Assistant Inspector of Prisons (the quick rank abbreviation is AIP).
  • Prisons Assistant I (shortly this rank is called PAI).
  • Assistant Superintendent of Prisons II (the official abbreviation is ASP.II)
  • The Prisons Assistant II (the rank’s simple abbreviation is PAII).

Nigerian Prison Service Salary Structure and Ranks

The Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) hires new employees whenever there is nationwide job recruitment, and candidates who wish to work for the NPS are always inquisitive and keen to learn more about the government organization.

Nigeria’s New Salary Structure for Paramilitary Personnel

The Consolidated Para-Military Wage Structure (CONPASS), which increases salary and allowances for Nigerian jail officials and all paramilitary groups.

The average compensation for Nigerian prison service personnel is between N800,000 and N1,000,000 per year (or N50,000 per month).

The Controller-General of Prison Service receives the highest income, followed by the Deputy Controller Generals and Assistant Generals.

It was reported that salary grade level 07 is automatically changed to salary grade level 08, implying that salaries for Nigerian jail personnel are rising.

Nigeria Prison Service Pay Slip

Many questions are being raised every day in the run-up to the closing of the Nigerian Prison Recruitment. As a result, in order to avoid individuals from going far and wide without knowing the planned payment option, we have chosen to keep you updated.

The pay stubs for different grades in the Nigeria Prison Service are not the same. It varies depending on the qualities with which each applicant gets hired.

However, we have compiled a list of the various wages for the Nigerian Prisons Service. As a result, we urge you to exercise caution when reviewing the facts and to only examine the areas that are relevant to you.

Nigerian Prisons Recruitment Categories and Salary Structure/Pay Slip

The following list covers all of the categories for the Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment, their prerequisites, who is qualified to apply, the new application page, and the wage structure (i.e. how much does Nigerian Prison pay?).


Pay Slip for Superintendent Cadre:

  • CONMESS 02 is for the Superintendent of Prisons (SP) Medical. This post is open to candidates with M.B.B.S., M.D., M.D.S., or similar degrees from a recognized university. Furthermore, their compensation is based on the CONMESS 02 salary structure, which is mentioned below.’
  • Veterinary Superintendent of Prisons (SP) CONMESS 02. This is for D.V.M. holders from accredited colleges.
  • CONHESS 09 Deputy Superintendent of Prisons (DSP): candidates for this post must hold a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from a recognized university.
  • Assistant Superintendent of Prisons. I (ASP.I) CONPASS 09. Humanities, Social Sciences, Lab. Sciences, Architecture, Engineering, Radiology, etc. are all acceptable areas of study. You must be a master holder in these areas before application.
  • Assistant Superintendent of Prisons II (ASP.II), CONPASS 08. First-degree holders in the humanities, social sciences, psychology, estate/town planning, public health, and food science are eligible to apply.


Pay Slip for Inspectorate Cadre:

  • Senior Inspector of Prisons (SIP), CONPASS 08. Humanities, Social Sciences, Psychology, Estate/Town Planning, Public Health, Food Sciences, and Social Work are among of the disciplines in which applicants must hold HND credentials from approved polytechnics/colleges.
  • Inspector of Prisons (IP) Nursing, CONHESS 06. A registered nurse (RN), a midwife (RM), or a nurse/midwife (RNM) from a recognized institution is required.
  • Assistant Inspector of Prisons (AIP), General Duty, CONPASS 06. Interested candidates must hold an OND/NCE from a recognized university in order to apply.


Pay Slip for Assistant Cadre:

  • Prisons Assistant I (PAI) CONPASS 05. If you’re looking for low-level employment with NPS, this is it. You need SSCE/NECO or GCE Ordinary Level scores with at least 5 credits in less than two sittings. It must include English Language and Mathematics as part of the credit passes.

Prisons Assistant I (PAI) CONPASS 05

If you are interested in applying for this post, you must have GCE Ordinary Level, SSCE/NECO, or its equivalents, with at least five (5) credits in not more than two (2) sittings, as well as trade test Grade 1.

Prisons Assistant II (PAII) CONPASS 04

A minimum of five (5) credits in the GCE Ordinary Level, SSCE or its equivalent in not more than two (2) sittings, including English or Trade Test Grade II, is required. Artisans (automotive mechanics, mechanics, auto electricians, plumbers, masons, etc.):

Prison Assistant III (PA.III) CONPASS 03

A minimum of five (5) credits in the GCE Ordinary Level, SSCE or its equivalent in not more than two (2) sittings, including English or Trade Test Grade II, is required. Artisans (automotive mechanics, mechanics, auto electricians, plumbers, masons, etc.):

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