The 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria [2024]

Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria are very much better than they were some years back. Most Nigerians prefer imported medicines to Nigerian-made drugs due to the taxes, tough government policies, and many other reasons.

Recently, the situation has changed drastically because pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria have stepped up their games by producing quality drugs. 

This article is a compiled list of pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria and the products they produce. 

The 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria

Top Nigerian Pharmaceutical Companies

This section consists of the top 10 Pharmaceutical companies. Some have been in operation since years back while some listed here are just starting out. Each of these companies has made a difference in their industries. They include:

May and Baker Nigeria Limited

The May and Baker company is one of the most important pharmaceutical industries in  Nigeria. It started in 1944 and since then, it has been a leading company in the pharmaceutical world. This company established its first office at Ikeja in 1967 and it was renamed May and Baker Limited. 

This pharmaceutical company is popular due to the fact that it produces high-quality locally made products. Examples of its high-quality products include M&B paracetamol, M&B Cipro tablet, Oxavid, Diamet, Bromatan among other products.

Emzor Pharmaceutical Industry Limited

This is by far the leading pharmaceutical company in Nigeria. Emzor is a multi-billion Naira company that specializes in producing pharmaceutical products. This company was founded in 1984 by Dr. Stella C Okoli. Emzor boasts over 140 indigenously produced products. 

Emzor Pharmaceutical company produces different varieties of products ranging from anti-malaria, antibiotics, Cardio-protective drugs, and many others. Nigerians have been benefiting from these products since their inception. Their products include Emcilin capsule, Emzor Paracetamol, Omega 3 fish oil e.t.c. 

Swiss Pharma Nigeria Limited

This is another pharmaceutical company that has gained recognition due to the quality products they produce. This company is also widely known as Swipha. This company is leading because it has been around for a very long time. This pharmaceutical company supplies medical products to government officials and the citizens at large. The company has been in operation since 1976. 

Their products come in a variety of forms like Tablets, syrups, and suspensions. Local and international organizations approve their products.

Fidson Healthcare PLC

Fidson started in 1995 as a distributor of pharmaceutical products. Fidson imports Pharmaceutical products before formally producing their own manufacturing facility in 2002. Fidson has been leading because they have produced products marked by the top Pharmaceutical Industry as meeting international standards. 

Some of their products include Motitec, Artimed, Biosulin, Meprasil e.t.c.

Mopson Pharmaceutical Company

Moosin being one of the top Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria has been in operation since 1977. This indigenous Nigerian company produces high-quality medical products. 

Many of the products they produce has received recognition across the country and overseas. Some of their products are Asmalyn Syrup, Liquid Paraffin, Neofylin Cough Syrup.

GlaxoSmithKline PLC

This company was established in 1977 and it’s one of the top leading pharmaceutical companies. Two companies formed GlaxoSmithKline PLC in 2002. These companies were Glaxo Wellcome PLC and SmithKline Beecham PLC. 

Some of their products are Panadol, Horlicks, Sensodyne e.t.c.

Neros Pharmaceutical Company

Neros once started out as an importer and distributor of pharmaceutical products. It was established in1986 and it represents various international organizations. The company has more than 100 pharmaceutical products. 

Some of these products include anti-malaria, multi-vitamin, anti-bacterias, anti-fungal e.t.c.

Zolon Healthcare Limited

Zolom Healthcare is one of the top Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria because it produces high-quality products that meet local and international standards. 

The company is established by an alliance of world-class professionals. The company produces a wide range of Pharmaceutical products. They include Emvite Super and Osteoarthritis. 

Pharmatex Nigeria Limited

Pharmatex Nigeria Limited is another pharmaceutical company in Nigeria that produces high-quality products. The products from this company cater to the general well-being of the populace. 

Their products include: anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes, health supplements/ vitamins e.t.c.

Chemiron Nigeria Limited

Chemiron was formerly called Chemech Laboratories Nigeria Limited. The company has emerged as one of the top Pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria. This company was established in 1987. 

The products from this company have always served as supplements that have helped Nigeria gain good health. One of their fast-growing products is the Chemiron Blood Nourishing Capsules and Tonic. 

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In this article, we’ve provided the top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in Nigeria. Many have been in operation for a very long time while some are just starting out. The bottom line is that these companies mentioned above produce drugs that cater to the health needs of the general populace. 

Do you have a contrary opinion concerning these Pharmaceutical companies or do you know other companies that are among the top companies but aren’t mentioned here? Tell us about it in the comment section. 

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