4 Countries With the Best Ceramic Production

Around the world, there are various countries specialized in producing products composed of different materials and produced in different ways. Such is the case of ceramic production, which is the art of manufacturing porcelain, clay or earthenware objects with the technique of which millions of products are developed each year that are exported to the entire world.

This type of merchandise has a large number of uses, since in different industries, such as construction, they are used to manufacture materials such as flooring, tiles, as well as coatings.

4 Countries With the Best Ceramic Production

On the other hand, ceramics are widely used in the pottery industry (which is a synonym for “ceramics”), since it is also used to create a large number of kitchen utensils, such as plates, casseroles, vessels, among others. things. Likewise, artistic works are also created with ceramics.

Additionally, this type of raw material is widely used in engineering, since it is also used in applications with high temperatures, refractories, electrical and electronic applications as an insulating material.

Ceramic production is gigantic and is used for different industries, having a large number of applications, so it is a very important raw material that is practically present in everyday life, although it is not possible to observe it with the naked eye.

The 4 Best Countries With Ceramic Production

Although ceramic-based goods are produced in various nations of the world (as is the case of some Latin countries such as Mexico, for example), the truth is that there are territories that not only specialize in the production of this raw material, but also They offer great quality, and in some cases, it is cheap to import the material.

Some of the best countries to import ceramics in the world are:

  • China

China is the territory that produces and exports the most merchandise worldwide, and at the same time, it is specialized in a large number of industries in which it has managed to develop quality products, being the number one supplier on the planet at a general level.

One of the sectors in which the Asian nation has specialized the most is ceramic production, which includes a large quantity of goods made with this technique and that are of high quality, and even cheap (in relation to most other countries that also specialize) if you plan to import.

And the country of the Ming dynasty has a thousand-year history with ceramics, which over the years has made its industry the most competitive and largest in the world.

According to reports from Ceramic World Review, China is the main producer of ceramics on the planet, with approximately 52% of the total world production, which makes this territory the main and best option to import ceramic-based goods. material.

  • India

Another territory with a thousand-year history that has managed to make ceramics a star raw material for manufacturing and export.

Although India’s numbers are far removed from what China does in terms of ceramics, this country is ranked as the second largest specialist in the world. 

With an approximate ceramic production of 1,400 million square meters, India manufactures just over 8% of this material globally, which is vastly different from the Chinese country’s 52%, but together with this they are two great options for import ceramics.

  • Brazil

Brazil is the country on the American continent most specialized in the production of ceramics, being the third in the world.

The South American nation contributes with the manufacturing of 5.2% of goods made from ceramics, equivalent to 840 million square meters of this raw material.

However, despite its production levels and unlike China and India, Brazil is not the third country that exports the most ceramics (that place is occupied by Spain), since a good part of this product is used for its own consumption, However, it is a good option to import this merchandise.

  • Vietnam

Vietnam is not a country that is among the top ceramic exporters, however, it is the fourth largest producer worldwide.

With a production of 540 million square meters and 3.3% of the total global manufacturing, the Vietnamese country is a great option to import goods made from ceramics due to the low cost with which they can be purchased, unlike others. countries that export more such as Spain, Italy, Turkey or Iran.

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To import ceramics, the best options in terms of quality-price ratio are found in Asia, since countries such as China, India or Vietnam offer these attributes to importers.

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