10 Richest Kings in Nigeria & Their Net Worth 2024

Out of curiosity or for educational purposes, you might have been pondering on knowing about the richest kings in Nigeria and their net worth. You can as well scroll down to see how Nigeria kings fared in Africa based on their influence and net worth.

As you read on, you will become acquainted with the list of the wealthiest kings in Nigeria. Certainly, these kings on our list don’t hold any political position, yet they are all around regarded and influential.

10 Richest Kings in Nigeria & Their Net Worth

According to Forbes ranking, HRM Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan, “The Olugbo of Ugbo,” is the richest king in Nigeria. You might be shocked and disagree with us, but this is just a fact. 

However, most people expect the Sultan of Sokoto, Alaafin of Oyo, or the Ooni of Ife to be the richest mainly because of the value of their throne or how developed their kingdom or states are.

Let us carefully take a look at the list of the 10 wealthiest kings in Nigeria and their total assets and net worth.

List Of the Richest Kings in Nigeria and Their Net Worth

We’ve provided below a table consisting of the top 10 richest kings in Nigeria, it is necessary to know about Nigeria’s richest kings, the ranking depends on Forbes positioning and other legitimate sources. See below the richest king in Nigeria 2024 list.

RankKing TitleNet Worth
#1.Olugbo of Ugbo Kingdom$300 million
#2.Sultan of Sokoto$100 million
#3.Emir of Kano$80 million
#4.Ooni of Ife$70 million
#5.Oba of Benin$60 million
#6.Obi of Onitsha$50 million
#7.Alaafin of Oyo$40 million
#8.Oba of Lagos$40 million
#9.Olu of Warri$30 million
#10.Dein of Agbor$10 million

#1. Oba Akinruntan – $300 Million ~ ₦443.8 Billion

Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan, born in 1950, is a Nigerian king, the standard leader of the Ugbo Kingdom, a town in the Ilaje community, Ondo State, southwestern Nigeria. He’s an oil financier and owner of Obat Oil, one in all Nigeria’s biggest and driving secretly held oil organizations. He is no doubt the richest Oba in Nigeria. 

In March 2014, Forbes assessed his total assets to be around $300 million(US) which hasn’t been updated.

The Forbes magazine revealed him as the second richest King in Africa after Mohammed VI, who is the King of Morocco.

Obateru is no doubt the wealthiest monarch in Nigeria. He has an exceptionally customized 2012 Rolls Royce like that of Queen Elizabeth. He did not stop showing the world his high taste for sophisticated automobiles when he became the first African king to get the 2014 model of Bentley.

Being the richest king in Nigeria isn’t a day job for him; Oba Fredrick Obateru net worth has spoken for him, his riches was as a result of hard work and a business-oriented mind. Obateru founded Obat Oil in 1981. Today, the organization has in way over 50 service stations over the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria and therefore, the organization claims one amongst the most important tank cultivates in Africa, a sophisticated storeroom able to store 65 million liters of oil-based goods.

In July 2013, in a meeting with The Sun, Obateru stated: “The first occasion when I saw a vehicle was 1961 in Sapele. Around then, Sir Festus Okotie-Eboh had a lodging in Sapele, Waterside Hotel. It was the first occasion when I saw an inn in my life. We used to portray inns as bars. That was the first time when I knew the contrast between an inn and a bar.”

#2. Sultan of Sokoto – $100 Million ~ ₦147.9 Billion

Sultan Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar, born on the 24th of August, 1956 in Sokoto is the twentieth Sultan of Sokoto, the main leader of Sokoto in the Northern Region of Nigeria, head of Jama’atu Nasril Islam, and he is also the president-general of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA).

As Sultan of Sokoto, he is viewed as the otherworldly pioneer of Nigeria’s 85.5 million Muslims, who represent about 50 percent of the country’s populace. His Academic background begins when he went to the renowned Barewa College, Zaria and continued to the Nigerian Defense Academy in 1975, where he was an individual from the eighteenth Regular Course.

Abubakar was authorized a Second Lieutenant in 1977 and served in the world-class Armored Corps. He was enthroned as the Sultan of Sokoto after the death of his brother, Sultan Maccido in 2006. The Sultan of Sokoto net worth is reported to be around $100 million, and he is noted as one of the richest kings in Nigeria.

In 2015, Amirul Mumineen Sultan Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar IV was recorded among the ten beneficiaries of the woman release of the world Seal of Integrity (GSOI). A yearly rundown which is assembled and wrote by two youthful Nigerians; Emmanuel Josh Omeiza and Godspower Oshodin (under the world Youth Coalition for Integrity) for advancing uprightness among the individuals and thus advancing the prosperity of the Universe.

On Thursday, the 22nd of August, 2019, Sultan Appointed as Co-Moderator of the Gathering of Religion for Peace (CRP).

#3. Emir of Kano – $80 Million ~ ₦118.3 Billion

Presently, who wouldn’t know the Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi Lamido? The list of the richest kings in Nigeria will never be completed if he is not mentioned. The Emir was at one time the legislative leader of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

His early career started at King’s College, Lagos, where he finished in 1977. He at that point continued to Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, where he got a four-year tertiary education in Economics in 1981.

He later got a masters degree in the same course two years after he finished from the university and was appointed as a lecturer in the same department of economics. Emir of Kano net worth is reported to be around $80 million with different fleets of cars, including the recent Vintage Rolls Royce. He has different resources and ventures that made him one of the richest kings in Nigeria.

#4. Ooni of Ife $70 Million ~ ₦103.5 Billion

Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, is a Nigerian king from the South Western part (Yoruba Land). He is the Ooni, the Yoruba realm of Ile-Ife. He has held his title since 2015. 

He is an Accountant, Real Estate Developer and king. He started his career from the well known Loyola College in Ibadan also, later went to St. Peters Secondary School, Ile-Ife, where he got his Senior Secondary Certifications (SSCE). He graduated from the department of accounting at The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

He holds various privileged doctorate degrees: one in Public Administration from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and added another in Law from Igbinedion University.

Oba Ogunwusi is the Chancellor at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is regarded as one of the wealthiest kings in Nigeria, Ooni of Ife with a net worth reported to be around $70 million.

He has a very high taste for sophisticated cars; he added Rolls Royce Phantom model year 2011 to his garage. He additionally claims two Bentleys and a Mercedes Benz S550. These assets pronounced him as one of the richest kings in Nigeria.

#5. Oba of Benin $60 Million ~ ₦88.7 Billion

Eheneden Erediauwa, as he was known before turning out to be Oba of Benin, went to Edo College in Benin. He got his A-Level Certificate from the South Thames College, London. He graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Wales, UK and held a Masters of Public Administration degree from Rutgers University Graduate School, New Jersey, USA.  

He worked at the United Nations somewhere in the range of 1981 and 1982. He additionally filled in as Nigeria’s Ambassador to Angola and Sweden, with accreditation to Norway, Denmark and the Republic of Finland.

He is noted as one of the richest kings in Nigeria, Oba of Benin net worth of about $60 million. He also has a great taste for nice cars, which is well proven when he got the 2016 model Rolls Royce Phantom. He is one of the most respected and powerful traditional rulers in Nigeria.

#6. Obi Of Onitsha – $50 Million ~ ₦73.9 Billion

Nnaemeka Alfred Achebe CFR, mni was born on the 14th of May, 1941, he is a conventional ruler and the 21st Obi of Onitsha, in Anambra State, South-Eastern region of Nigeria. Just After he finished from the university due to his intellectual ability, Achebe worked quickly in the United States before he returned to Nigeria in 1972 after the Nigerian civil war and started work with Shell Petroleum Company.

He additionally filled in as a representative for Shell Nigeria in London. He retained his job as an ambassador before he was crowned as the Obi of Onitsha in May 2002. He is currently the chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University and it should be noted that Alfred Achebe is one of the first-class Obas in Nigeria. Obi of Onitsha is one of the richest kings in Nigeria, Obi of Onitsha net worth is about $50 million.

Achebe additionally fills in as the administrator of the governing body of Unilever Nigeria, and the Chairman of International Breweries (ABInBev) Nigeria. Before rising as the Obi of Onitsha, in 2002, he had a long and recognized profession in the Imperial Dutch Shell Group, filling in as Director in different organizations in the gathering.

#7. Late Alaafin of Oyo – $40 Million ~ ₦59.1 Billion

Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III was born on the 15th of October 1938; he is the Alaafin of the Yoruba town of Oyo.

He is an admirer of boxing, as he was a fighter before mounting the honored position of his Fathers. He is nominated as the second most powerful king in Yoruba Land. Just before he became the king, he was a prolific businessman.

He also filled in as a protection agent for a major firm in Nigeria. Now before his coronation, he succeeded the previous Alaafin Gbadegesin in 1970, during the governorship of Colonel Robert Adeyinka Adebayo, after the end of the civil war. In 1975 the top of state General Murtala Ramat Mohammed included Oba Adeyemi in his company to the hajj.

He was the chancellor of the University in Sokoto from 1980 to 1992. He has a lot of assets and investments which makes him one of the richest kings in Nigeria. Alaafin of Oyo net worth is reported to be around $40 million. He was a very influential individual in the Yoruba speaking communities.

#8. Oba of Lagos – $40 Million ~ ₦59.1 Billion

The Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Osuolale Akiolu is one of the richest kings in Nigeria we can’t disregard. Having got his LL.B. degree from the University of Lagos and he served for a long time in the Nigeria Police Force, entering the power in 1970. He served in different limits, was elevated to assist the inspector-general of Police in 1999, and was dynamic until his retirement in 2002. 

On the 23rd of May, 2003, Akiolu was chosen by the kingmakers of the Lagos customary realm and affirmed by the Lagos State government as the 21st Oba of Lagos; he was enthroned the following day and was delegated on the 9th of August, 2003. ‘

Oba Rilwan Akiolu net worth are evaluated at around $40 million. Not just that, his royal residence is worth over 2 billion Naira. What’s more, that in any event, referencing different resources he has to his title or half of the different properties in his ownership.

#9. Olu of Warri – Net Worth $30 Million ~ ₦44.3 Billion

Godwin Toju Emiko is the Olu of Warri Kingdom and he is rated among the richest kings in Nigeria, Olu of Warri net worth is around $30 million. He is a legal counselor by profession and the very first subsequent university graduate to climb the incredible position of authority as the Olu of the Warri Kingdom.

He is not a fan of expensive cars which is not necessarily needed to show that he is one of the wealthiest monarchs in Nigeria.

The royal residence fills in as a private home for the Ogiame who is the traditional leader of the Warri Kingdom and pioneer of the Itsekiris around the world. The Olu, as per students of history, is a child of the Oba of Bini who was a ruler and was sent away from Benin City over a supposed plot to slaughter him. “Ogiamen,” signifies ‘lord of the waters.

Godwin Toju Emiko is now late though he still remains one of the richest kings in Nigeria according to history.

#10. Dein of Agbor – Net Worth $10 Million ~ ₦14.7 Billion

His Royal Majesty Benjamin Ikechukwu Kiagborekuzi is the customary leader of Agbor. The town is within the oil-rich Delta State in southern Nigeria. It’s a populace of around 67,000. He is regarded as the youngest king in the world history according to the Guinness book to ever rule at the age of two.

He drives a 2015 model of Mercedes Benz Maybach that worth #65 million. He is listed among the richest kings in Nigeria. The Dein of Agbor net worth is around $10 million. He is the last on the list of the richest king in Nigeria. He is the youngest among the wealthiest monarchs in Nigeria.


Being among the wealthiest kings in Nigeria and Africa at large is a very competitive position. One has to be physically, financially, mentally and spiritually prepared. It is always a battle between crown competitors because it is a jackpot of wealth. Nigeria kings are duly respected all over the world because of their wealth and influence.

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Who is the richest king in Nigeria?

Fredrick Obateru Akinruntan, born in 1950, is a Nigerian king, the standard leader of the Ugbo Kingdom, a town in the Ilaje community, Ondo State, southwestern Nigeria. He’s an oil financier and owner of Obat Oil, one in all Nigeria’s biggest and driving secretly held oil organizations.

I hope you have gained one or two things about our list of top 10 richest kings in Nigeria, kindly hit the share button to educate others and encourage us.

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