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Rebecca Romney Profile

Rebecca Romney Profile

Full Name:Rebecca Angeline Engeat
Nickname:Rebecca Romney
Date of Birth:1985
Age:39 Years Old
Birth Place:United States of America
Height:5 feet 5 inches
Weight:62 KG
Marital Status:Married
Spouse:J.P. Romney
Occupation:Writer, Author, Rare Book Expert and Social Media Personality.
Net Worth:$1 million

Who Is Rebecca Romney? (Biography)

Rebecca Angeline Engeat popularly known as Rebecca Romney was born in the year 1985, in the United States of America. As a child, she was raised in the luxurious state of Las Vegas, where she received her early education and began her aspirations for book writing and publishing.

Her love for reading helped her gather the needed knowledge which propelled her success in life and also at the cause of delivering her professional career.

She wrote her first book titled Printer’s Error which fetched her fame and also wealth, with this, she got the encouragement to continue what she knows how to do best and over the years we all can attest to this that it pays.

As a popular celebrity little is known about her true upbringing, her family, education, her love life, husband, kids, and worth.


As a smart lady from her kid days Rebecca took her studies with seriousness, this started when she had her elementary (Basic School) then proceeded to High School.

After completing her high school education at a local school, she furthered to the University to earn a minor degree in Philosophy. But interestingly, Rebecca Romney didn’t allow her education to cease at this point. She furthered her studies and went on to bag a major degree in Classics and Linguistics.

As someone who had been enthusiastic about reading and writing, Rebecca Romney decided to pursue a career in writing. Her main objective was to publish her first book before she turned 30.


Rebecca Romney career started before she started experiencing any success as an author or writer, she worked in some bookshops and book publishing companies, where she was even more inspired to create and publish her first book.

Rebecca Romney’s first book titled, Printer’s Error, became a successful literary piece, introducing her and launching her career as an American author. Fortunately, her husband has been very supportive of her career as an author. He helped her through the whole process of writing and publishing her first book. Another factor that helped promote her book was the fact that she had starred in the “Pawn Stars” reality TV show.

As of today, Rebecca is a successful author and writer. She is also recognized as a Rare Book expert in the United States. Aside from Rebecca’s career in book writing and publishing, Rebecca is also a media personality. She got involved in the media after participating in the popular TV show “Pawn Stars” that aired on History Channel.

Moreover, Rebecca Romney now owns a company named “Honey and Wax Books” that deals with the sales of rare books.

Rebecca Romney’s Age

Rebecca Romney age is 39 years old as she was born in 1985, she is still a young woman doing pretty well for herself. Age hasn’t been a hindrance to her literary success. Unlike most authors and writers, Rebecca didn’t publish her first book at a young age. Although she was an ardent reader and writer, all she focused on was studying other books and observing different styles of writing.

As a teenager, all she wrote were simple articles and essays just to express herself as a writer. It was until she became a much older adult that she successfully wrote and publish her first book with support from her husband.

Rebecca Romney Family

Rebecca Romney parents are White-Caucasian by ethnicity, they gave birth to Rebecca in Las Vegas, though there is not much information about Rebecca Romney father, mother, or even her siblings we do know she is from a good and educated background.

J.P. Romney wife is well educated and can speak fluently these languages; French, Japanese, English, Ancient Greek and Latin America.

Rebecca Romney’s Husband

Rebecca Romney is a lucky woman, as her husband happens to be just the right person she needs to thrive as an author. Her husband who’s well known as J.P. Romney is a profound researcher and successful young adult novelist. He had always been passionate about writing even as a young child. While in High school, J.P. Romney tried writing short stories and novels. However, he decided he wasn’t going to publish any of those works. At the time, they were basically experimental.

At the time J.P. Romney met his wife, Rebecca, he had already started thriving as a literary writer. As someone who’s more experienced in the field of writing and publishing, he was able to support his wife’s ambition to become an author, J.P. Romney wife is a lucky woman as her husband is always there for her.

One of the interesting books written and published by J.P. Romney is titled “The Monster On The Road Is Me”. He is an introverted individual who prefers to keep most aspects of his life private. You’d barely find much information about Rebecca’s husband online. The public knows little or nothing about Rebecca Romney’s husband.

If you have been asking the question; who is Rebecca Romney dating? who is Rebecca Romney boyfriend? Is Rebecca Romney married? Sure you have your answers already.

Rebecca Romney Net Worth

Rebecca Romney’s Net Worth is currently estimated to be at least 1$ million. Her career as an author and rare book expert has been profitable and enjoyable for her. Although isn’t making as much money as J.K. Rowling who’s one of the wealthiest literary writers in the world today, Rebecca still generates significant income from her literary venture. Her company is thriving and her personal brand is still respected as well.

But if she and her husband are to combine their wealth, the couple would be worth much more than a million dollars. Rebecca hopes to increase this number soon, as she works hard to grow her company and improve her personal brand.

Facts About Rebecca Romney

Rebecca Romney biography and net worth will not be complete without talking about some facts about her. There are some interesting facts about Rebecca Romney that will intrigue you and make you know more about her personality. To begin with, let’s delve into her interest in the movie scene. Rebecca Romney has been approached by film producers a couple of times to appear in their films since she’s already a media personality. However, she isn’t interested in building a career in the film industry. But in as much as she doesn’t intend to act, Rebecca admires many Hollywood actors.

As a matter of fact, speculations have it that her favorite actor is Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp is one of America’s most successful and highest-paid actors, mainly famous for his lead role in the blockbusting film, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Another fascinating fact about Rebecca Romney is her height. In pictures and TV, Rebecca seems like a tall lady. But interestingly, she’s not a tall individual. She’s about 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Lastly, Rebecca’s success is born out of hard work and passion. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that her husband is a major contributor to her success. When interviewed sometimes, she often talks about the support she gets from her husband.


How many books has Rebecca Romney written and published?

Although Rebecca Romney is regarded as a successful writer and author in the United States, she hasn’t published many books yet. Perhaps the reason for this could be that she is more occupied running and managing her company that sells rare books. She has only written a few books and the most popular among them, is “Printer’s Error” which is her first book.

Is Rebecca Romney’s husband an American?

Rebecca Romney is married to J.P. Romney who is an American. Her husband, J.P. Romney is was born and raised in the United States of America. He schooled in America and began his career as an author in the country.

Has Rebecca Romney been featured in a movie?

Rebecca Romney seems like someone who would make a great actor but she is not involved in the movie industry.


Rebecca Romney is a beautiful young woman of passion, skill, and hard work. Although might not be able to measure up with some of the biggest literary writers in the United States yet, her achievements are quite noticeable. Also, she hasn’t published so many books but her audience keeps anticipating more works from her. Hopefully, she would get to write and publish more literary books that will skyrocket her success across the world.

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