10 Richest Lawyers In The World [2024 Updated]

Who are the wealthiest legal practitioners in the world? Here’s a quick look at the 10 richest lawyers in the world, ranked from the top to lowest net worth.

Please note that all 10 people on this list are practicing lawyers or judges. There are plenty of other “lawyers” with considerably more net worth, but they just have a law degree and don’t use it anymore.

10 Richest Lawyers In The World

According to a list by The Richest, these are the richest lawyers in the world today and are recognized for founding major law firms or representing prestigious business organizations. They are known in the world of business, politics, music and art. They have consolidated their fortunes by exercising their profession, but also by having great skill in making successful financial investments.

The 10 Richest Lawyers In The World

1. Richard Scruggs – $1.7 Billion

Richard Scruggs maintains the top spot as the richest lawyer in the world, he graduated from the University of Mississippi School of Law in the year 1976 and noted trial attorney, Richard is best known for his love of tobacco and asbestos cases, meaning he finds it easy defending these cases and even won over a billion dollars in lawsuits against several companies. 

Rated as the world’s best lawyer in 2021, he was also heavily involved in the 2000 Ritalin class action lawsuits, and also the 2003 Lehman Brothers case winning a $51 million verdict.

2. Wichai Thongthan – $1.1 Billion 

This 67-year-old Thai lawyer, married with four children, has become an active and flourishing investor. He has represented extremely powerful clients, such as Thailand’s Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, and is a counsel to numerous corporations in Southeast Asia, including Bangkok Dusit Medical. 

He is rated the most expensive lawyer in the world and his generous personal wealth has landed him at number 17 of Thailand’s 50 wealthiest, according to Forbes.

3. Willie E. Gary – $100 Million 

Gary will go down in legal history as the founder of the first all-black law firm. Charismatic and persuasive lawyer and extremely popular in the media, Willie Gary has won lawsuits against large corporations, such as Disneyland. 

He studied law at North Carolina Central University in Durham. He is one of the 50 best lawyers in the United States, according to Forbes magazine. His millionaire’s whims are two private planes called Alas de la Justicia I and Alas de la Justicia II. 

4. John Branca – $60 Million

American and specialized in entertainment law, Branca is considered the lawyer of music stars. His clients include The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, ZzTop or Aerosmith, among others, although he has also represented publications such as Penthouse or Play Boy. Branca always appears in the rankings of the most prestigious and highest quality lawyers in the world. Father of three children, the godfather of his first marriage was the late Michael Jackson.

5. Joel Segal – $35 Million

This legal professional has become one of the most powerful sports managers in the world. He is Chairman of Lagardere Unlimited Football and in 2010 he was named by Business Insider Law Review as the seventh most powerful sports agent in the United States. He is one of the main agents of the National Football League, the main league of American football.

6. Vernon Jordan – $12 Million 

He has established himself in the corporate world and is an activist for the defense of civil rights. During the administration of President Bill Clinton, he held the position of presidential advisor and currently works as an advisor to multinationals such as American Express, Revlon and Xerox.

7. Ana Quincoces – $10.2 Million

Of Cuban origin, this lawyer has lived in Miami since she was a child. She is recognized for being a famous chef and author of the cooking bestseller ¡Sabor! She has been noted for being a successful businesswoman, a partner in her law firm. For Ana, her greatest achievements in her life are her two daughters, Kati, and Beba.

8. José Báez – $8 Million

Despite his fortune, he has not enjoyed an easy life. Raised in the Bronx, he had to drop out of high school after his girlfriend got pregnant and, after marrying her, in the mid-1980s he joined the United States Navy. He finished his degree 15 years ago but only in 2005 did he start working in Florida, where he is considered one of the best lawyers.

9. Vikki Ziegler – $5 Million

Born in New Jersey, she is a television star thanks to her prolific appearances in the audiovisual media, as well as a successful writer thanks to her book on how to plan marriage (The PreMarital Planner). Her mission: avoid disputes in an eventual divorce. She graduated with a law degree from the University of Connecticut and later opened her own law firm specializing in civil litigation and matrimonial issues. 

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10. Stacey Gardner – $3 Million

32, is known in the United States for her modeling career but especially for her participation in the NBC television program Deal or No Deal.  This contest, known worldwide, has been covered in Spain by various channels. The last formula based on him was issued by Cuatro under the name ¡Allá tú! Gardner graduated with a law degree in 2005. She is married to tennis player Mardy Fish. 

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