Tribes With The Strongest Juju In Nigeria: BlackMagic

Which tribe has the strongest juju in Nigeria? This article is centered on the tribe with the mystical supernatural black magic prowess amongst the whole tribe in the country.

Nigeria has 300 ethnic tribes with over 585 native languages and a population of over 197 million people, each tribe has its own juju to exhibit and rely on during hard times and seeking of good luck and so on.

We have decided to bring to your notice that Nigeria as an African nation is filled with people of diverse traditions and beliefs and this has been the beauty of the people of the country.

What Is Juju?

Juju is another name for black magic, it is a form of power that is made from supernatural or spiritual concoctions to make things happen in the physical realm, as in abnormal things or a type of witchcraft.

These forms of witchcraft are popularly practiced in West African countries, they are common in Togo, Nigeria, Benin Republic and other West African countries.

Juju is based on power and for you to triumph, it has to do with how potent your juju is, and there is this saying that where yours ended is where someone else starts from which simply implies that you do not over-rely on the potency of your own juju as other persons own might be greater than yours.

It is all about how far you can go to add more to your powers, how fetish you can be. This makes you much more spiritually bold and fortified which is viewed in the scientific world as abnormal.

We have juju in different forms used for spells, amulets and so on. Juju is also used for luck attraction, enchantment and even to ward off danger, illness or evil of any kind. Could be used positively and in a negative way which can cause death or even illness to those it is used against.

This seems to be argued upon by some atheist or religious people but juju is real, that is the reason why we have taken our time to explain extensively the tribes that has the strongest Juju In Nigeria.

Babalawo Fetish

The history of juju can be told by the kings in West Africa as they are the ones that utilize this the most, they use it to fortify themselves and as they are kings they also practice as priests of their beliefs.

According to Sir James Frazer, a powerful Scottish folklorist in his book Folk-Lore about Elele, “A Priest-King in Nigeria”, Elele is a town in River state, Degema district to be precise. He wrote about The Priest-King which was seen as a conveyor of success, luck and good things, this made the land fruitful, fertile and prosper, with a strong warning of his falling would translate to evil in the land, famine, death and so on.

Don’t get it twisted, juju is a two-sided thing, it has either a negative or positive effect on the person in possession of it, we have the good juju likewise the bad ones, the one you obtain depends on the type of person you are in the normal world.

The most popular type of juju we have been hearing about in this part of the world is the bad juju, as it seems we are naturally bad so we prefer harming others and this has been a very difficult thing for the growth of people in the region, always backward.

Some popular ones are the ones used to cast spells, misfortunes on people, the charm works faster even than the good ones as you see the result almost immediately after the spell has been cast.

Nevertheless, with all the evil ones, we have some people that go for the good ones, the good ones are for prayers, good luck, favor, fertility, prosperity and so on to the person it is used for.

We also have professionals in the practice of juju, they are called the Juju men, they are well vast in the rudiment of juju, they study it, teach people and make money by helping people to make the juju of their choice.

Which tribe has the strongest juju in Nigeria?

Almost all the tribes in Nigeria practice their own form of juju, they have the backings of their traditional spiritual leaders and idols or gods. In this present century, we still have some that practice the beliefs and are very much devoted. You might be asking to know the tribe that has the most potent juju in Nigeria, just read on.

1. Ijebu Tribe (Ogun State)

When talking about the most powerful juju tribe in Nigeria the first name that comes to mind is Ijebus, they are ranked as the tribe with the most potent juju, they worked for it and much has been seen about them. Ijebu has the most powerful black magic in Nigeria, they are part of the most grounded ethnic groups of Ogun state, a Yoruba state.

The Ijebu people are the master practitioner of juju, they are called the Ijebu people or in full Ijeun Inu Ibu meaning “Eating from the deepest ocean”. The Ijebu people are extraordinary, at the hearing of the name it strikes into your heart and all this are based on what everyone has heard about the Ijebu people, the history of the Ijebu people when it comes to waging war.

With rich culture, values and tradition, the Ijebu people are not to be joked with, you do not want to offend them, they are good people but you must be careful when dealing with them because if you get strucked you might not find a cure elsewhere.

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It is needed to know that most of the richest people in Nigeria are from Ijebu land and also most of the rulers of Nigeria and the South-Western region of Nigeria are Ijebus, they are well endowed with dignitaries and well educated.

With their level of education or exposure to other people and religion, that doesn’t deter them from practicing their traditional heritage and they are good at it, they preserved their culture and tradition well.

The Ijebus are the ones to be first exposed to civilization in Nigeria, the first to start western education, first to use a western gun and they are the only ones that were traced to have tribe from the Biblical Jebusites before they were conquered by King David.

2. Esan Tribe (Edo State)

You do not need to be told about the Esan people, they are known to possess potent black magic from the onset. Esan people speak the Esan language and they are a tribe in Edo state.

They are well into trado-medical clinics, hunting and also they are warriors before civilization and up till today, they are the major clan that rules in Edo state in the South Southern region of Nigeria.

Esan people are professional farmers, into fishing and also practice their traditional belief which gives them the possibility of making potent juju.

Other Tribes

As it is the Ijebus and Esan people are the leading force when it comes to juju in Nigeria but we also have other tribes that are trying their best too, we cannot have this kind of topic without mentioning the Ijaw people, the Andoni, Oron, Efik, Igbos, Annang and the Yorubas in general.

Now that you know the tribes with the strongest Juju In Nigeria do us a favor by sharing this with others via the share button. Do you have any addition or objection to this list? Do you feel your tribe should be included? let us knw via the comment box below.

“Which tribe has the strongest juju in Nigeria? Ijebu tribe – When talking about the most powerful juju tribe in Nigeria the first name that comes to mind is Ijebus, they are ranked as the tribe with the most potent juju, they worked for it and much has been seen about them.

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  1. Well every tribe in Nigeria has one form of power or the other. Christianity and Islam have adulterated and weaken those powers.
    The egbiras for instance and the Nupes of the middle belt on Nigeria have their own powers as well. The Hausas can not be left out too. But the advent of the Fulanis seem to have taken the upper hand. Yet in all of this Christ is the supreme power that has given us a new hope.

  2. Egbas are the most powerful tribe in Yoruba land make another researches all the wars they fought during during inter tribal wars they win all,they conquered alaafin of Oyo and fought with idahomens ,ijebus remo and many wars in those days, they are the first civilization and independent nation in Nigeria confirmed by the British colonial masters,they owes the political powers in all spheres, hmmm don’t deer egba peoples ( Abeokuta) , saying ‘ don’t deer to block or cross egbas because 200 of flies can’t block or Cross broom’s path they will all die , Broom as the father of flies. 200 of animals can’t block or cross lion’s path,lion is the king of animals

    1. According to history the Egbas are always running away from war, read about how the Olumo rock served as a place of refuge. Whenever the enemies are coming the Egba ppl do run into the rock to hide.

      1. So later after how them take defeated ajele of alaafin Oyo , they killed all the ajele in all egba land with the help of lisabi agbongbo Akala with his aro farmers peoples,asks Oyo mesin now,go and ask ijebu if they are powerful than egbas. In the whole Yoruba history egbas fought many wars and they win. Quote me wrong sub tribe they fought and not win them

        1. Where is Lisabi Agbongbo Akala originally from, and how did he die? Are you aware he was betrayed by those he fought for?

          History has it that even till date Egba people still fear the Ijebus, reason why they don’t marry each other. Mind you, the topic is about those with the strongest juju not those who fought wars, all tribes fought and won to secure their territory.

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