Best Car Spare Parts Markets In Nigeria: Parts & Accessories

Do you need a fairly used spare part for your car or vehicle? We have listed the best and most trusted auto parts dealers in Nigeria where you can get both new and fairly used car parts at an affordable price.

Of course, most people know Ladipo international auto spare parts market in Mushin area of Lagos state as it is the biggest spare part market in the country but what about other alternatives because you might be closer to some than the other.

In this article, you will know more about spare part markets in Nigeria, how to get and purchase car spare parts online, and also how cars spare parts are gotten?

On our list, you can easily get spare parts for both popular car brands and also the ones that are not so popular so you can always get your car spare parts and car accessories in Nigeria via the listed markets.

You should know as Lagos stands on the top of the commercial cities in Nigeria definitely Lagos state houses most of the car spare part markets in the country, though we have other cities too where you can purchase your car spare parts in no time without stress like Anambra, Port Harcourt and Abuja.

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Auto industries or cooperation usually have a specific thing they produce or group of components that are related, some make their products specifically based on the making of engines, some windscreens, headlamps, fibers and interior design materials and so on, they do come up with the idea, design, manufacturing, marketing and also selling of their produce.

Some have different divisions that produce the batteries, chassis, tires, door and even do full assemblage, and as we have are fully made car rolling into the market day by day they also make some spare parts replacement available for car owners.

We will list and give details about the top best car spare parts markets in Nigeria. These markets sell original Mazda spare parts, Toyota spare parts, Mercedes spare parts, Honda spare parts, Lexus spare parts, Audi spare parts, Volvo spare parts, Hyundai spare parts and their accessories for a cheaper price.

Knowing the closest spare parts market to you is very important but most people do not take this seriously and not until your car breaks down you might not know how important it is to know the spare part dealers that are very close to you.

Without taking much of your time, let us go straight to the topic of the day unveiling the top best auto spare parts market in Nigeria.

Best Car Spare Parts Market in Lagos Nigeria

After so much positive reviews from car owners and the rate of patronage, we are able to come up with a list of the best car spare parts market in Lagos Nigeria.

1. Ladipo International Spare Part Market, Mushin

The largest auto spare parts store in Nigeria is located in Mushin Lagos State. Ladipo auto spare part market surely has a spare of everything for every car brand ranging from the tires, bolts, engines, doors, side mirrors, rims, chairs, windscreens just name it. Original spare part of Toyota, BMW, Honda, Mazda, Volkswagen, and so on.

For those that are lovers of quality then Ladipo market is where you want to head to, you can patronize Promise Land which is a big warehouse in Ladipo market, they are into the importation of original auto spare parts, fairly used cars, partly damaged cars and car accessories for any brand of car you might be using.

With over 300 auto parts shops and 11 standard warehouses that are only for spare parts of both new and old cars, new and used parts and also accessories Ladipo auto market has no contender in this business in the whole of Nigeria.

You can easily find your car brand dealers where they only sell spare parts for that brand alone, funny enough you can assemble a whole car there if time is not taken. Mind you, Ladipo market isn’t ranked only as the biggest spare part market in Nigeria but also the largest spare parts market in West Africa, this feat is yet to be defeated for decades now.

You can find yourself, professional engineers that can also help you install the spare parts and even repair, we have engine retailers, tire retailers of popular brands like Nissan and Toyota close by.

What about getting a second-hand car? Ladipo market is not a place for spare parts only, you can also buy your second-hand cars there, you can also check out our article on the best car dealers in Nigeria below.

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You can buy car tools at cheaper prices, battery chargers, GPS, brakes, airbags, smart car gadgets and every other thing that you might want to buy or replace on your vehicle.

Ladipo market is a market for all as you can also buy clothes, foodstuffs, home appliances, shoes, kitchen utensils, computers, game consoles, mobile phones, laptops, desktops, bicycles, generator sets, cameras and many more.

The majority of the imported auto products do land in Ladipo market before they get distributed all over the country, imported goods from Asia, America, Europe and other top manufacturing countries.

Here is the address to Ladipo Market if you want to know how to get to Ladipo market from anywhere in Lagos state. Regardless of where you reside in Lagos just take a bus to Oshodi, then from Oshodi take a bus to Mushin, alight at Ladipo bus stop or Toyota bus stop from there you should already bee seeing different auto spare part warehouses.

2. Owode Auto Spare Parts Market, Ikorodu

This is another home for spare parts though here you get scraps of every kind, Usually called Owode Onirin where you can see various collected scraps that can be recycled. This market deals in metals that are found within the country borders and you can repair your spare parts here or get them remodeled based on your choice.

Owode auto market has been in existence since the 1980s and has been functioning up till this moment.

Professionals you will meet at the Owode auto market are rare because of their expertise, you can get your vehicle refurbished in no time, wonderful Panel beaters, servicing section, car sale section, and most important of all the rare spare part that you couldn’t find elsewhere are in Owode market all at a cheap cost.

Most smuggled or damaged imported cars can be found here where they get refurbished or renewed with their parts and accessories fixed just as it came from the factory.

Here is the address to Owode Auto market If you want to know how to get to Owode spare part market, just head to Ikorodu road either from Oshodi you board a bus going to Ikorodu or from Island you take a direct bus to Ikorodu then you stop at Owode bus stop or just tell your driver you are going to Iron market or Owode Onirin.

3. Iyana Itire Auto Parts Market, Iyana-Itire

Here you get a great taste of rare cars, you get the chance to buy then and also buy spare parts for your cars. The IyanaiItire spare parts market houses a lot of spare parts of various brands with car accessories. In this spare parts home, you find cars that are imported directly from Japan, Germany and Malaysia with their spare parts.

If you are close to Itire then why bother going to Ladipo market when you are close to the haven of car parts? You will want to pay a visit to the Onitire International Modern Market and the Iyana – Itire Garage Auto Market to confirm this yourself.

One of the best places to find spare parts in Nigeria, you are going to meet different retailers that deal in car batteries, doors, windscreens, mirrors, bummer, chassis of many brands.

Here is the address to Onitire International Modern Market if you have been asking to know how to get to Onitire Auto spare parts market. From anywhere in Lagos, take a bus to Oshodi then another to Apapa then stop at Iyana Itire bus stop or if you reside in Surulere then this market is in your locality.

The Best Place to Buy Car Spare Parts Online 

Most people do prefer getting their stuffs online where they will meet the seller, talk on call and also chat with him/her. We have a lot of online website where you can meet spare part vendors and even meet car dealers to buy whatever you want.

The popular and automotive sparepart website are Amazon, Olx, Flipkart, Jiji, Boodmo and AuctionExport. With these sites we have recorded a huge turn up of buyers and the automotive industry is doing great on net with rapid growth in various top countries and even the most populated countries like India, Nigeria, China and so on.

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How Car Spare Parts Are Gotten?

This is where the word Salvage cars comes from, mostly from Insursance companies that after checking on a car that got an accident or is damaged or malfunctioning and they discovered it isnt fit for repair then those cars instead of being destroyed or recycled got sold out at a very cheap rate.

This means the car is regarded as junk and the parts can be extracted from such car to make other cars function properly since repairing the car can cost much more or cost a lot close to the amount used to purchase the car anew then they place such cars in the market.

Do you have any addition or question concerning the listed spare parts markets in Nigeria? Kindly make use of the comment box below.

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