The 10 Ugliest Cities In Latin America [Latest Ranking]

Care to know the ugliest cities in Latin America? Just as any other city of ​​the world, it has its good side likewise the other side of the coin in which are tourists/visitors classified as unattractive. For this reason, we tell you the 10 cities considered ugliest in Latin America.

Latin America has always been characterized by having dream places with great tourist charm. However, as in any area of ​​the world, there is also another side of the coin, in which there are those sites that own or visitors qualify as unattractive. Therefore, we tell you which are the 10 cities considered ugliest in Latin America.

The 10 Ugliest Cities In Latin America

Poor urban planning, the absence of historical heritage, the high crime rate, pollution and even unremarkable landscapes, are some of the aspects that were taken into account to prepare this list, according to the criteria of natives or tourists in this cities.

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The 10 Ugliest Cities In Latin America

Caracas Venezuela

The capital of the Venezuelan country is considered not very charming due to its lack of urban planning, which makes traveling through it chaotic. Its buildings are not very attractive either. In addition, its visitors think that the landscapes that surround it are a bit gloomy and dull.

Likewise, the increase in insecurity in the city, throws it on this list.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Also called “the cement jungle”. As it is the economic center of the country, the only thing that can be found in it are towers of offices and apartments, which generate a confusion of skyscrapers with insubstantial architecture.

The city remains busy with traffic jams every day. Likewise, in the capital of Brazil it is quite common to suffer from blackouts and floods.

However, despite all these considerations, it is a good place to go shopping or eating.

Mexico City, Mexico

The capital of Mexico is classified as one of the most dangerous in the world, the growing crime throughout the country seems to ratify it. Additionally, its architectural aesthetics is not the most striking and it has few attractions for visitors.

To make it part of this count, we also took into account that it currently holds the title of one of the most polluted places on the planet.

San Jose Costa Rica

Despite the fact that this country is one of the most desired destinations in the Caribbean, its capital offers very few attractions for travelers.

Although it does not have a detestable architecture, it does not have the magic of other Central American cities considered as colonial heritage.

Guatemala City, Guatemala

The capital of the Guatemalan country is known for its high crime rates. It even has many areas that are “discouraged” for visitors.

Pollution and its poor architecture, which includes buildings in poor condition, also earn it a position in this ranking.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

This city has a special label as a commercial icon in Ecuador, especially because of its large airport, which could make it seem quite interesting. However, the reality is that its avenues are a great concentrate of cement and pollution.

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

It could be considered a great surprise that the capital of the Dominican Republic is on this list, as it is undoubtedly a picturesque place. If not because its own inhabitants consider it that way in the face of disorder, pollution, unmaintained monuments, poor urban organization and even streets without asphalt.

Lima Peru

For many in the capital of Peru you can find several things to admire. However, a large number of visitors agree that it is a boring city, with little architectural appeal that does not allow it to be traditional and flashy enough.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The main reason why this town in Honduras has a position in this ranking is because for three consecutive years it was considered the most dangerous city in the world. Although it has dropped in position for the time being, it remains unattractive.

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Tijuana, Mexico

Mexico is a country of many contrasts, we find beautiful and paradisiacal beaches in places like Cancun and Acapulco and emblematic places even with wonders of the world included. However, its current situation also makes it worthy of the title as the Latin American country with the most ugly cities, at least in this ranking.

In this case, Tijuana, being a border city, has a particular characteristic that makes it one of the most dangerous cities in the world, especially because of organized crime, high taxes and even the poor condition of its streets.

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