God is Good Motors Price List 2024 Updated: GIGM Terminals & Contacts

God Is Good Motors popularly known as GIGM Transport is one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria, the company has been in the business of transport for decades and still maintains its standard till date.

There is no doubt the transportation sector in Nigeria has experienced a drastic turnaround unlike how it used to be before.

Nigeria as a country is the largest black nation on earth and this has been a huge opportunity for smart investors in the country, with a population of over 200 million people transportation will definitely be a lucrative business.

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Also, there are good numbers of transport companies that are currently doing absolutely fine in the country the likes of GUO transportPeace Mass Transit, Chisco Transport Company, Young Shall Grow Motors, ABC Transport, Ifesinachi Transport and many other popular transport companies in Nigeria.

There has been a lot of questions about GIGM which is difficult to find an answer to but we have taken our time to make findings from the company and publish it here so in this article we will reveal everything you need to know about GIGM transport ranging from GIGM price list, GIGM online booking, GIGM terminals in Nigeria and many more.

God Is Good Motors(GIGM) has been in the business of transportation for some time now and currently ply all the 36 states and capitals of Nigeria and not stopping there they have also extended their tentacles beyond Nigeria to neighboring West African Countries.

About God Is Good Motors

God Is Good Motors (GIGM) is a Nigerian-owned transport company, established in 1998 by the late Edwin Ajaere who got kidnapped and killed in March 2009.

Chidi Ajaere who is his son had to return to Nigeria to take charge of the company, Chidi Ajaere is currently the CEO of GIGM.

GIGM has its headquarters in Edo State Nigeria and right from it was established in 1998 there have been numerous terminals all over Nigeria and West African Countries.

Currently, GIGM is one of the best road transportation companies in Nigeria and has been at the top of their game with various services they render as a transport company leveraging on the power of technology, the effort of Chidi Ajaere paid off as this placed the company among the best.

Nowadays you see companies in different sectors integrating technology in their service and this has placed GIGM at the top of the most technologically-driven transport companies in Nigeria and also in other West African Countries.

The integration of technology has sped up the services rendered and at the same time helped in aspects of ticket booking, seat reservations, tracking and so on via the GIGM official website, mobile app and driver app.

GIGM Transportation Services

Get to know the transport services offered by God Is Good Motors. GIGM currently has over 12 awards in its name and this is due to the hard works and uniqueness of their services compared to others. The company mostly utilizes Jet Mover and Toyota Hiace in rendering their services. Below are the services rendered by GIGM.

  • GIGM Logistics / Courier Solutions
  • Bus Hire
  • GIGM charter services
  • Haulage services
  • Vehicle and spare parts provision

GIGM Logistics – God Is Good Logistics Service

As stated earlier GIGM is one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria and aside from that GIGM logistics stands out among the rest making it one of the best logistics companies in Nigeria presently.

Technology has really helped in moving things easy and GIGM is taking full advantage of it. The GIGM logistics is a child company of God Is Good Motors Group (GIGM Group) with its office situated at No 1, Wole Ariyo Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos State Nigeria.

With GIGM Logistic service you can easily send a package either in small envelop or a big quantity goods to any part of Nigeria just with the help of GIGM Logistics mobile APplication.

A dispatch rider or staff of GIGM Logistics will visit your pickup address and get the package then ship it to the shipping destination for a token, you also can track your package with a tracking code that let you know where your package is at the moment.

GIGM operated Corporate Courier Services, International Courier Services, eCommerce Logistics Services and also Domestic courier solutions.

In cases where you as an eCommerce owner you can make use of GIGM Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), and multiple channel retailer logistic solutions to speed up your services.

GIGM is a trusted company in Nigeria and well insured so your goods, services or package is safe.

How To Book A Ticket Online With GIGM

After reading all the positive reviews about GIGM you definitely want to try them out and to book a ticket on GIGM online or via a mobile app we have a step-by-step process outlined here.

  • For online booking via GIGM website visit the God is Good Motors official Website (https://gigm.com/), if via mobile application visit your Android or iOS app store to install GIGM app.
  • Once the home page is opened you will be greeted with a form where “Book A Seat” is shown, where you choose either One Way or Round Trip.
  • Select the Pickup address which is “Travel From” and also choose your “Destination”, choose the departure date then the number of people traveling, choose 1 if it’s only you then proceed.
  • A bus selection page will open with the “Bus Availability” displaying your bus, here you can modify some things like add if children will be traveling with you and also you can choose your preferred seat then click “Continue”.
  • On the next page, your details will be required e.g. Name, Email, Phone number e.t.c and an account will be created if it is your first time on the site.
  • Then you can make your payment online with your ATM card after which a ticket number will be generated for your trip, you will also get a mail from GIGM.

Note: Make sure to wake up very early so as to catch up with your assigned bus because failure to do that your ticket may be rendered void.

God Is Good Motors (GIGM) Price List 2024

Here we have listed the official GIGM transport price list which is up to date from GIGm official website.

Lagos To Other Nigerian Cities

  • Lagos (Iyana Ipaja) to Abuja (Utako) – ₦10,050
  • Lagos (Ajah) to Abuja (Utako) – ₦10,150
  • Lagos to Warri – ₦6,150
  • Lagos (Iyana Ipaja) to Asaba – ₦7,150
  • Lagos to Auchi – ₦6,050
  • Lagos to Port Harcourt – ₦7,650
  • Lagos to Umuahia – ₦8,650
  • Lagos to Owerri – ₦8,450
  • Lagos to Aba price – ₦8,850
  • Lagos to Enugu – ₦7,750
  • Lagos to Awka – ₦7,650
  • Lagos to Uyo – ₦8,450
  • Lagos to Kaduna – ₦10,250
  • Lagos to Yenagoa – ₦7,750
  • Lagos to Jos – ₦9, 950

Abuja To Other Nigerian Cities

  • Abuja to Owerri – ₦8,850
  • Abuja to Port Harcourt – ₦8,950
  • Abuja to Enugu – ₦6,000
  • Abuja to Warri – ₦7,250
  • Abuja to Awka – ₦7,250
  • Abuja to Lagos – ₦7,850
  • Abuja to Uyo – ₦8,850
  • Abuja to Benin (Akpakpava) – ₦6,750
  • Abuja to Ekpoma – ₦6,600

In case you are not residing in Lagos State or Abuja, the table below consists of the full price list of God is Good Motors.

DestinationPrice (₦)
From Lagos to
Abuja (Utako)Regular: ₦11,000
First class: ₦13,000
Anambra (Awka)Regular: ₦8,500
First class: ₦9,500
Imo (Owerri)Regular: ₦8,500
First class: ₦9,200
Rivers (Port Harcourt & Tai LGA camp)
Regular: ₦9,500
First class: ₦10,500
Abia (Umuahia, Bende LGA Camp & Aba)Regular: not available
First class: ₦10,100
Bayelsa (Yenegoa)Regular: ₦8,500
First class: not available
Enugu (Enugu & Nsukka)Regular: ₦8,500
First class: ₦9,600
Delta (Warri, Anocha & Asaba)  Regular: ₦7,900
First class: ₦9,000
Edo (Auchi, Akpakpava, Uselu & Ekpoma)Regular: ₦7,000
First class: ₦9,000
Akwa Ibom (Uyo)Regular: ₦9,300
First class: ₦13,000
Kaduna (Kaduna & Abuja Road Camp)Regular: ₦11,300
First class: ₦13,000
From FCT Abuja to
Lagos (Ajah, Akowonjo, Cele/Okota, Festac, Ikotun, Iyana Ipaja, Jibowu, Old Ojo Road, Oyingbo, Volks)Regular: ₦11,300
First class: ₦12,000
Imo (Owerri)Regular: ₦9,300
First class: ₦10,800
Enugu (Enugu & Nsukka)Regular: ₦8,300
First class: ₦10,000
Rivers (Port Harcourt)Regular: ₦10,900
First class: ₦12,300
Delta (Warri & Asaba)Regular: ₦8,500
First class: ₦10,000
Anambra (Awka)Regular: ₦9,300
First class: ₦10,300
Edo (Akpakpava, Uselu & Ekpoma)Regular: ₦8,300
First class: ₦9,700
Abia (Umuahia, & Aba)Regular: ₦10,500
First class: ₦13,000
Edo to
LagosRegular: ₦6,400
First class: ₦7,200
FCT AbujaRegular: ₦8,000
First class: ₦9,100
From Imo to
LagosRegular: ₦7,600
First class: ₦8,700
AbujaRegular: 8,700
First class: ₦11,600
From Anambra to
LagosRegular: 6,800
First class: ₦9,600
AbujaRegular: 6,800
First class: ₦7,800
From Awka Ibom to
LagosRegular: 9,100
First class: ₦11,000
FCT AbujaRegular: 9,400
First class: ₦11,800
From Bayelsa (Yenagoa) to
LagosRegular: 6,800
First class: ₦7,800
FCT AbujaRegular: 7,800
First class: ₦9,500

GIGM Terminals & Contact Details

Below is the complete update of God is Good Terminals Nationwide and their contact details.

#StateTerminal AddressContact details

  • Aba Terminal

  • No 5 Asa Road, Aba.


  • Umuahia Terminal

  • NO. 8 Mission Hill Before Okpara Square, Umuahia, Abia State.


  • Maraba Terminal

  • 132 Giza Plaza, Opp ChrisGold Plaza. Abacha Road.


  • Zuba Terminal

  • GIGMobility 222, Lagos Park By Square Parts Market, Zuba Abuja.

  • Madalla-Zuba

  • GIGMobility, Along Abuja-Kaduna Express Way By Mobil Filling Station


  • Utako Terminal

  • Plot 113, I.V.W Osisidgwu Crescent, beside Utako Police Station, Utako District, FCT, Abuja


  • Kubwa Terminal

  • 132 Gado Nasco Road, By 2/2 Court Kubwa


  • Uyo Terminal

  • No. 3 Mosignor Akpan Avenue, Opposit Itam Timber Market, Uyo


  • Awka Terminal

  • Elite Shopping Complex, Along Enugu - Onitsha Expressway, Unizik Temp. Site, Awka.


  • Bayelsa Terminal

  • Kpansia Opposite Wema Bank By INEC Junction, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State


  • Auchi Terminal

  • Along Auchi Okene Express Road Opp Sport Complex Auchi


  • Benin-Akpakpava Terminal

  • 118 Akpakpava road. Benin city


  • Benin-Head Office Uselu

  • 202 Uselu Lagos Road, Ugbowo Benin City, Edo State


  • Ekpoma Office

  • 55 Benin-Auchi Road Opposite Gray Center, Ekpoma


  • Asaba Office

  • Asaba-Onitsha Expressway, By Head Bridge


  • Warri Office

  • 116 Effurun Sapele Road, Opposite Our Lady's, Warri Delta State


  • Enugu Office

  • 7, Market Road, by Holy Ghost, Opposite Enugu State Library, Enugu State


  • Nsukka Office

  • 64 Owerre-Ani, Enugu Road, Nsukka Enugu State


  • Owerri Office

  • Plot 31C Relief Market Road Off Egbu Road


  • Ajah Office

  • GIGM Terminal close to Ajiwe Police Station, Ajah-Epe express way, Ajah , Lagos


  • Lekki Pick Up/ Booking Center

  • No 1, Wole Ariyo street off Admiralty way beside first bank.


  • Festac Office

  • First Gate Opposite 2nd Avenue Festac Town


  • Ikotun Terminal

  • GIGM Terminal, 29 Ikotun - Idimu Road, Ikotun Lagos


  • Iyana-Ipaja Terminal

  • 164 Lagos/Abokuta Express way Iyana Ipaja Lagos


  • Jibowu Terminal

  • 20 Ikorodu Road, Jibowu


  • Old Ojo Terminal

  • 112, Old Ojo Road by Demorose Bus Stop, Lagos.


  • Volkswagen Terminal

  • Volkswagen Bus Stop.


  • Yaba (Central Park) Terminal

  • Yaba Tejuosho Shopping Complex


  • Akowonjo

  • 39/41 Shasha Road, Dopemu


  • Cele Terminal

  • 103 Okota Road, Cele. Lagos.


  • Kaduna Terminal

  • Lagos garage, Mando, Kaduna.


  • Kaduna south Terminal

  • Nnamdi Azikwe Bye Pass, Gracious Motor Bus Stop, Ungwan Romi New Extension, Kaduna South,


  • Port-Harcourt Terminal

  • Genesis junction, off Aba road by Cocaine estate, Rumuagba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


  • Jos Terminal

  • Angwan Soya, Zaria Bye-Pass, Opposite Bingham Teaching Hospital, Jos

GIGM Customer Support Line & Contacts Details

You might need a quick contact to call or for a reason, you just need to contact God is Good Motors customer care line below is the customer support line.

With this, you shouldn’t encounter any issue and we certainly want to believe every question you have has been answered. Should you have other questions troubling your mind do not hesitate to make use of the comment box below.

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  1. Good day,
    Please how much do I send a package from Lagos to Benin? The package contains soap ( 6 cups).

    Thank you

        1. For waybill you need visit the nearest terminal, the weight and value of the item will be checked before giving you a price.

  2. Please how much is Benin to Uyo
    Please I need reply because sometimes you people don’t always respond,

    1. From Benin to Ibadan is around ₦8,800. You go with buses going to Lagos and make sure you inform your driver that you will be dropping at Ibadan.

      1. Please how much is Benin to Uyo
        Please I need reply because sometimes you people don’t always respond,

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